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Why Mitt’s My Guy

by Wizard

Want to know why Mitt’s my guy? Because he has what it takes to get those of us who matter through these difficult times.

What finally sealed the deal for me was the story of how Mitt made the tough call to take El Salvadorian cash from the good, rich Latinos who funded death squads to kill those bad, commie Latinos. If you watch the kind of tv I watch (Fox), then you know fighting commies never ended (which is totally not contradicted by all the crap I have in my house made in China).

Some people, like liberals, think Mitt’s governance of liberal land (Massachusetts) makes him some kind of socialized health care loving liberal lover or something. I think Mitt was doing deep reconnaissance, almost like a sleeper cell, and now he’s activated to do America the way she needs to be done, if you catch my drift.

Is Mitt an outsourcing, tax avoiding, gaffe factory of ineptitude? Hardly. He just doesn’t give a fuck what you think. Personally, I think being associated with death squads is bad ass, and making a shit ton of money in every exploitive way possible makes a shit ton of sense.

True power is not having to care what others think of you. With Mitt, like with George, not knowing the names or titles of foreign people, like leaders of countries, is a sign of strength. And it makes liberal elitists howl, which, I admit, is sort of fun to watch.

Now, with the boy wonder Paul Ryan selected, it’s on. Obamageddon is coming, America, and instead of getting loaded with booze and ammo, liberals are too busy fighting over why Obama isn’t Socialist enough to satisfy their delicate social justice fairy tales and Marxist utopias.

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