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by jhwygirl

Republicans are going to roll out former President Ron Reagan’s famous “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago,” meme.

Bring it on – it was only 4 years ago on September 26th that Republican President George W. Bush’s Treasure Secretary got down on bended knee and begged Nancy Pelosi for a $700 billion bank bailout.

I couldn’t find a picture of that, but I did find this one in the New York Times which documents current House Speaker (and GOP leader) John Boehner’s role in the $.7 trillion bailout.

So a reminder to folks – 4 years ago we were in the throes of what was the precipice of a world-wide economic collapse.

World wide.

Stuff like that doesn’t get fixed over night. Or in 4 years. Maybe if the body politik would quit lying and get to discussion real solutions instead of ideological platitudes, our economy would be healthy for everyone.

Facts, of course, are a rare things these days. Memory, it seems, is even more rare.

Addendum: For all government bailouts, check this. Under George W. Bush, in 2008, $1.615 trillion was approved for bailouts.

Right-Wing Terrorism

by lizard

It seems to me that the very real threat of right-wing terrorism continues to be downplayed by mainstream corporate media, despite claims by the right of its supposed “liberal” bias.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would assume a plot by US soldiers to bomb a park in Georgia, blow up a dam in Washington State, and assassinate the president would be getting a little more attention. From the link:

A group of four United States Army soldiers who stand accused of killing a former brother-in-arms and his girlfriend committed the crime to keep their secret militia group under wraps, prosecutors in a Georgia court said on Monday. The soldiers, who are all stationed at Georgia’s Fort Stewart, are all members of FEAR—Forever Enduring Always Ready—an armed group with ambitions that plotted domestic terror attacks and stockpiled weapons as part of an elaborate scheme to overthrow the government, prosecutors said.

And yet these guys are only being charged with murder, not terrorism-related charges, or treason. I guess they don’t have the right skin color or political ideology to be real terrorists.

Remember back in 2009, when the Department of Homeland Security distributed a threat assessment about the rise of right-wing extremism? Reactionaries on the right declared it a move by Obama’s Gestapo to intimidate his political adversaries. Yeah.

Turns out, there is a threat from right-wing extremists, and unlike scary eco-terrorists like Daniel McGowan, who did face charges of domestic terrorism for arson (and received a “terrorism enhancement” in his sentencing), right-wing terrorists actually kill people.

What is the Army doing about this particular plot to overthrow the government? This from the first link (which really should be read in full):

A military spokesman said that the Army mounted its own investigation into the killings of Roark and York, filing charges in March of this year that it then never acted on. “Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield does not have a gang or a militia problem,” Kevin Larson, a spokesman for the military base, said in a statement. He said that an Army investigation into the case does remain open, however. The four defendants stand charged in Georgia with murder, felony murder, criminal gang activity, using a firearm while committing a felony, and aggravated assault. The district attorney said that charges have not been filed so far in federal court.

Maybe we’ll be hearing more about this case. Or maybe the media is too obsessed with the dog and pony show to pay any attention to psychopaths in the Army allegedly recruiting and killing their fellow soldiers to conceal a plot to kill the president and overthrow the government.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

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