Where Were We Four Years Ago?

by jhwygirl

Republicans are going to roll out former President Ron Reagan’s famous “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago,” meme.

Bring it on – it was only 4 years ago on September 26th that Republican President George W. Bush’s Treasure Secretary got down on bended knee and begged Nancy Pelosi for a $700 billion bank bailout.

I couldn’t find a picture of that, but I did find this one in the New York Times which documents current House Speaker (and GOP leader) John Boehner’s role in the $.7 trillion bailout.

So a reminder to folks – 4 years ago we were in the throes of what was the precipice of a world-wide economic collapse.

World wide.

Stuff like that doesn’t get fixed over night. Or in 4 years. Maybe if the body politik would quit lying and get to discussion real solutions instead of ideological platitudes, our economy would be healthy for everyone.

Facts, of course, are a rare things these days. Memory, it seems, is even more rare.

Addendum: For all government bailouts, check this. Under George W. Bush, in 2008, $1.615 trillion was approved for bailouts.

  1. Not to mention Mc Cain suspending his campaign( because it was going so badly), because he thought it important to run back to DC and do what? Nothing, The move was an obvious attempt by McCain and his campaign to paint the Arizona senator as above politics, willing to put aside his campaign for the good of the country.

    What it really was is that two new national polls at that time — including one conducted by the Washington Post — showed McCain slipping in the head-to-head matchup against Barack Obama due in large part to voters’ inclination to trust the Illinois senator to solve the financial problems of the country, not the Arizona one.

    Even while the county was hemorrhaging money because of republicans allowing wall street to run wild, he was making a political calculation to win the presidency. I found it pretty shocking to be sure, and a sure sign at the time that the GOP was reckless with our tax money in times of war, and the country’s saving account to wreak it for future generations as well.
    I also know it was the beginning of the moderate republicans demise, and the uplifting of the stupid in GOP Politics. the corporations used it as their Shock doctrine to get even richer.

    I bet you will see that Doctrine working at Bain Capital, and Romney making money hand over fist if we had his Tax returns.

    • You must think Mitt Romney is the second coming of Christ.

      Clearly you don’t understand how we got here out there scope of the problem that existed in 2008.


      • Big Johansson

        Obama knew full well our economic problems. He stated he’d make some hard choices to fix them.

        4 years down the road they’re not even close to being fixed.

        He doesn’t care about the budget, he doesn’t care ’bout the deficit.

        More people suffering and on unemployment/food stamps are he’s “get out and vote” drives.

  2. Big Johansson

    You got a big mountain to climb. From “The Hill” this am.

    “A majority of voters believe the country is worse off today than it was four years ago and that President Obama does not deserve reelection, according to a new poll for The Hill.

    Fifty-two percent of likely voters say the nation is in “worse condition” now than in September 2008, while 54 percent say Obama does not deserve reelection based solely on his job performance.”

  3. Pronghorn

    Jon Stewart on the same theme, as only he can do it. It’s the beginning segment:

  4. Steve W

    I’m sure that when the voters get to see Obama and Mittens standing side by side there won’t be any contest.

    You and I both know that Mittens is a joke. I expect most everyone else will too, don’t you?

    Sure, the partisan people like yourself will hold their nose and numb their brain and vote for the clown because he isn’t Obama.

    The rest, the truly independent, not so much.

    So, while I happen to believe that it’s true that somewhere near half of the people asked say “Obama does not deserve reelection based solely on his job performance,” i believe it’s also true that when Obama is compared to Mittens, Mittens will be found lacking.

    I’d rather have a beer with Obama than with Mittens, that’s for sure. How about you? Who would you rather have a beer with?

    Rasmussen should ask that.

  5. Steve W

    OK, but you get my drift. :)

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