40 Days Left

by lizard

It was this post from Pogie that inspired me to finally come out and say, explicitly, what I’ve been hesitant to say, up to this point.

I’m voting, and I will be voting for (mostly) Montana Democrats.

The short-term reality of crazy people littering the Republican landscape in this state means I’m voting for Steve Bullock and Pam Bucy. I’m voting for Kim Gillan and Jon Tester.

If I lived in Ohio or Florida, I may even be convinced to vote for Barack Obama.

Because Mitt.

But since I live in Montana, well, it will be either Jill or Gary.

I don’t expect some anonymous blogger saying this to matter all that much, but I felt compelled to say it anyway.

The GOP has totally lost it. I realize this has been evident for years now, but when those assholes in DC killed the jobs bill for Vets they initially supported, for some reason that really drove it home for me.

I wish like hell we had a better political system, because part of me feels like I’m validating a totally rigged political structure that is only responsive to money.

But I honestly shudder to think what could have happened in Montana if Brian Schweitzer hadn’t used his veto power to stop extremely self-destructive legislation.

That said, I’ll be watching wearily and writing critically when issues that concern me are being debated and decided (and hopefully my fellow bloggers will start writing more as well).

As I write this, it is 40 days, 5 hours, and 31 minutes until election day. Time is ticking. And though votes are already being cast, still, anything could happen in that amount of time.

  1. Can you vote for Jill here? I didn’t think she and Sheri were on the ballot. So then my alternative choice would be Gary. Then mostly Ds down ballot although not sure about the national races just yet.
    Having said that I don’t spend any time on electoral politics anymore. Check out OWS’s strikedebt.org.

  2. Big Johansson


  3. Chuck

    It was over a long time ago. The Republican’s have nothing to offer secular moderates.

    • Big Johansson

      Chuck, did you do an interview yesterday?

      • Steve W

        Romney, haa ha hahahahah. I see you don’t put Romney in your campaign ads, BJ. That probably is a wise electoral move.

        The more people see of Romney the worse his polling. Have you noticed?

      • Chuck

        Swede. I’m a self made job creator, a 10 percenter. I have known the Romney family for almost 50 years.
        Mitt is a loser Swede, but you knew that didn’t you?

  4. steve kelly

    There will be very few winners in 2012. Status quo is preserved. A vote for big money is a vote against state and county. None-of-the-above will again win by a landslide, but will go unreported.

    • Chuck

      I just wanted to give a shout out to Steve. He has loved and worked to protect his valley for decades. I don’t agree with all of the actions but I respect the guy. Enjoy the turning of the Larch Steve.

  5. Predictions ?

    I predict there’ll be elections, and I predict it’ll be a good GOP year again, just like in 2010, Thank You Obama.

    Pogie thought 2010 would be a good year for Dems if you go through his archives.

    • Steve W

      Yeah Eric, but Pogie says every year will be a good one for Dems. I can see why you cite him, though; You both are apparatchik and say things through a party lens.

      I’m glad you like waking up and remembering Obama is President of the US. It seems to have grown on you. And you can look forward to another 4 years.

      Thanks to Obama, yes, but don’t be so modest Eric. After all, it was your party, The Republicans, who so brilliantly arraigned to nominate Romney and insure another 4 years of Obama that the Republicans can benefit from, as you point out.

      Well played sir!

    • One thing I’ve always noted about you, Eric. You’re never right about anything.

  6. lizard19

    though Dan T. at Montana Cowgirl is responding to someone calling themselves Mizzula Democrap like it’s me, it is not.

    I don’t comment at that site. if I wanted to “go bash Dems” I would do it right here. here’s Dan’s full comment:

    shame on you lizard. go bash dems somewhere else. go Juneau!

    I find that comment especially annoying, considering my personal opinion of Juneau is that she’s awesome.

  7. FMF

    He’s been president for 4 years. Try to spell his name right…

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