President Zoloft?

by lizard

Way to go, President Obama. Last night, your supporters across the country got to see the passion that those in Wisconsin saw when it came to their fight against the Koch-funded assault against organized labor: nada.

The MSNBC lineup went apoplectic after the debate. Why didn’t Obama use the firepower of the 47% video? Why didn’t Obama stand up for women? Why did he spend so much time looking down, jotting notes? Why did he let a candidate, who had a truly despicable showing in September, get back in the race? WTF?

The best explanation I’ve heard is the bubble of the presidency insulates America’s CEO from anything resembling direct dissent. Simply put, in the last four years, no one has talked to the president like that. And it showed.

The more important take away from this debate is how narrow the range of politically acceptable topics is, as defined by the blue neckties.


There might be another reason the President appeared so detached. For years, there have been whispers that Obama is clinically depressed, necessitating either Zoloft or Wellbutrin. The link is to a Gawker article put up in September, 2011:

We’re told by a source inside the Times that the paper is preparing a story arguing that Obama no longer finds joy in the political back-and-forth, has seemed increasingly listless to associates, and is generally exhibiting the litany of signs that late-night cable commercials will tell you add up to depression. Or maybe Low T.

Either way, the investigation was described to us as taking seriously the notion that Obama may be suffering from a depressive episode. Of course, absent a telltale Wellbutrin prescription or testimony from the man himself, it’s really impossible to achieve a reliable diagnosis. And a story like “Obama Appears to Suffer From Depression” can be easily downgraded to “Political Travails Begin to Take Personal Toll on Obama.” So the story in question, if it ever comes out, may not end up supporting the depression thesis. But rest assured: There are people at the Times who, based on the paper’s reporting, believe Obama is depressed—the kind of depression where, if he weren’t the president of the United States, he wouldn’t be getting out of bed in the morning.

Though the above article is just speculation, it highlights a growing need to find some reason why President Obama hasn’t met the unrealistically high expectations set before him four years ago.

In the wake of last night’s terrible performance, those whispers about the President’s mental health may start up again.

Regardless, last night was not a good night for Democrats working to keep their party’s leader in power.

If you want to keep your job, Mr. President, you need to act like you want it.

  1. Perhaps he should have had a teleprompter ?

  2. Steve W

    I agree that Obama should have called Mitt out on his lies. It was a mistake not to, IMHO.

    • lizard19

      the problem is both sides lie, spin, and misrepresent their positions, so calling out Mitt on his lies would be an opening for Mitt to do the same to Obama, like that BS about Obama ending the Iraq war.

  3. I admit that I didn’t watch much of the debate last night – but from what I saw of Romney, my first thought was:

    “Where did this likeable guy come from?”

    After all, he’s been portrayed as an evil, money-grubbing man, who only cares about the rich.

    I’ll have tpo watch some of the replay I guess.

  4. Michele

    Romney nailed him to the wall when he reminded the President that he has spent $90Billion on alternative energy that has been mostly wasted and then told the President that he could have hired 2 million new teachers, which is far more than the 100,000 the President said he wants to hire.

    After that, the wind pretty much left the Presidents sails.

  5. Swede Johannson

    “The Mile High Massacre”

    The best description ever.

    • Steve W

      You call that a massacre? I call it chicken shit Mitt. Mitt is too chicken to debate Jill Stein ’cause he knows she would kick his ass to the curb!

  6. Rob Kailey

    Thanks for the concern trolling, Lizard. But, for good or ill, this election has already been decided. If anything changed, yestereve, it was how toxic Romney’s coattails are. His performance last night probabaly lessened the impacvt to down-ticket races. That is a point of concern well beyond the wingnut narrative of Obama’s use of pharmaceuticals.

    • lizard19

      an instructive comment

      initial goading in hopes of flame, then hollow confidence masking damage control. as cherry on top, association with wingnutism.


    • Election has been decided? Before the absentee ballots have gone out ? Great – let’s call the campaigns and have the ad blitz called off –

      Toxic coattails ?

      I thought Rob learned his lesson in 2010, when after the election he was practically bawling, and throwing fits – LOL –

      I have a news flash for you Rob – it won’t be any better for the Dems this year than it was in 2010, it’ll be worse for you if you count The Great Leader getting tossed out on his ear, and Tester sent back to Big Sandy.

      Please come back and call me a pissant Rob – make my day – LOL

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