Eric Winston Tells Kansas City Chiefs Fans What He Thinks Of Their Awful Behavior

by lizard

Kansas City Chiefs fans are serious about their football. I spent 5th grade through high school growing up in Kansas City, so I know. I took football much more seriously back then.

Well, Chiefs fans got put in their place by Eric Winston—an offensive lineman who plays for the Chiefs—after a truly disgraceful display by Chiefs fans at Arrowhead stadium last Sunday. I can’t say it any better than Eric does, so please watch the clip below.

  1. Rob Kailey

    This is possibly the first post you’ve made that you and I agree on 100%.

    • Rob Kailey

      ~sigh~ When jhwygirl first instituted a rating system for comments here, I warned her that it was consequence free and open to blatant manipulation. I even exhibited exactly how and told her that I had done so, just so that she knew the truth. I guess I was just too damned trusting, but I never expected that it would be such a useless tool for the posters at this website to speak their righteousness. Good job, guys.

      • lizard19

        I don’t really like it much myself, though it was fun to call out Adam for immediately 5-starring his own comment.

        for what it’s worth, I have cast zero starry votes on this comment thread, though it would make sense for me to do so. I also wouldn’t put it past you to vote against yourself to justify a bit of petty belly aching.

        because, as you correctly point out, it can be manipulated.

        • Rob Kailey

          I don’t care about your distrust of me, Liz. I will point this out, however: If you had half the control of your website you think you do, then you would know I’ve never played you without stating that clearly. Honesty apparently completely escapes you.

  2. Jack Ruby

    Well in their defense cassell is pretty terrible.

  3. lizard19

    one of the most striking aspects of this response is Eric’s acknowledgment that his job as a football player is probably shortening his life span.

    the more information that comes out about head trauma the worse it gets. bad enough that suicide seems like a good option.

    what I am less certain about is Eric’s claim that “we are not gladiators…this isn’t the Roman colosseum

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