Pants On Fire

by lizard

Congressional kabuki for partisan political points. What else could motivate the almost universally despised congressional slugs from slithering out of a perfectly nice recess to explore the Libyan consulate attack?

In their clamor to hold this hearing, who cares what kind of sensitive information they may broadcast, right? It’s election season, so gotta hit the president while it can hurt.

And if that works, maybe there’s a way to include a recent attack at a US embassy in Yemen that killed an embassy employee. That’s good stuff right there, for the GOP.

Republicans are acting their part as disgusting political creatures pimping death even before those deaths are confirmed, like in Mitt’s lie-loaded run at the presidency, where exploiting the Libyan “consulate” attack is no big thing.

It took the mother of a dead Navy SEAL publicly shaming Romney to finally get that slick-haired asshole to stop using her son’s death for political gain.

Unfortunately the congressional inquiry—despite the political opportunism that motivated it—is significant, because once again the Obama administration has been caught spinning out false information as it manages international embarrassments.

That’s a nice way of saying it looks like they were lying.

In February of 2011, I wrote a post about Raymond Davis. Obama went in front of the cameras and lied about Davis being a diplomat. He wasn’t.

But lies on both sides are so pervasive, it hardly moves the needle on the American speedometer to point it out (to get that thing going, compromising the integrity of football is the way to go).

It will be interesting to see how foreign policy gets treated in upcoming presidential debates. Romney will try to out-hawk Obama on Syria, and Obama will continue to spin the forced exit of combat troop from Iraq as his idea.

Here’s something true: both presidential candidates are skilled liars. It’s like a prerequisite for office.

  1. Swede Johannson

    And yet who resigned in disgrace over coverups (lies)?

    Maybe if the Watergate Hotel had contained a dead border agent, an Ambassador, 3 Navy Seals, and 300+ dead Mexicans Nixon would’ve gotten off.

  2. lowered expectations have trained us to applaud mediocrity….

  3. Swede Johannson

    Here’s a plan.

    Leave our Ambassador in a worn torn backwater with people who hate us with any protection (no guns, bullets) and just hope nothing happens.

    Polly’s got your song.

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