The Rehberg Boat Crash Papers

by jhwygirl

Released a half hour ago by citizens for responsible ethics in washington the entire court file on the Barkus/Rehberg drunken boating accident in August 2009 has been placed online for everyone to see.

HERE are the papers, and HERE is the report from CREW’s Anne Weismann.

I’m off to reading…….

  1. Big Johansson

    Could you imagine the cat calls if in ’69 they called it the Kennedy/Kopechne drunken car accident.

  2. Pete Talbot

    It was called Chappaquiddick, Big J, and the press was all over it. The story was damaging and kept Kennedy out of 70s presidential campaigns as a real contender.

    We can only hope that this Rehberg/Barkus report keeps Denny out of the Senate, as well it should.

    Thanks for posting this jhwgirl. I’ll be doing some reading tonight, too.

    By the way, Happy Halloween, y’all.

    • Big Johansson

      In Chappy no inference was made into the sobriety of Mary Jo.

      And has this dead issue kept Denny from winning with large margins?

      A perfect storm of coattails and voter enthusiasm. Two things your candidate lacks.

  3. The DWI driver of the boat got punished – and as far as Denny goes it turns out to be much ado about nothing, doesn’t it ?

    The Dems have been attacking Denny for 20 years, why would this junk stick to him any better than all the collective mud they’ve thrown at him ?

    Tester is going down – I only hope none of you libs commit suicide when it happens – LOL

    • Much ado about nothing? Really Eric? Coming from a member of the party of “responsibility”? That’s pretty rich.

      Rehberg is a drunk. You’ll recall he wouldn’t admit to drinking at all prior to the crash but his BAC told quite differently

      He took out his staffer – this is in that report – to enjoy Montana. Let me translate that plainer for you: Rehberg was Dustin Frost's employer. He brought the guy to Montana and, in Denny's famously repeated drunken misjudgment, placed his employee Dustin Frost in Barkus' boat.

      Denny the Drunk has fallen off a horse in Khazikstan on an international congressional junket boondoggle…and he’s billed the U.S. taxpapers for his bar tab in some dive Washington D.C. bar where he slept on the basement couch because he apparently was too drunk to get in a cab.

      Dustin Frost – this is in that report – was the only one to make a victim’s statement for sentencing. That part was all struck out, so you may not have noticed.

      Frost was an employee. Did he collect unemployment? Or disability? For all his time off? Because that cost taxpayers.

      What about the hospital bills? They had to be pretty astronomical, considering life flight and being in a coma. Taxpayers may have picked up the tab for that since it was “work related.”

      Rehberg’s refused to answer those questions.

      Frost still – according to the report – has neurological damage. You just don’t “recover” from that.

      Denny’s lies about being drunk…and his drunken misjudgment putting Dustin into that boat are pretty despicable. Rehberg is irresponsible and the most partisan player of the Montana delegation.

      Tuesday should tell whether we’ve elected the lying drunk and irresponsible Denny Rehberg.

      I’m hoping not.

      (addendum: We’ve literally done hundreds of posts here about Denny Rehberg. Hell – a search of “rehberg drunk” brings up about a dozen.)

  4. Pogo Possum

    Inspite of your wishful thinking, the internals show this issue gets almost zero traction amoung voters. Yes, Democrats who have never liked Rehberg are throwing hissy fits but Independents and swing voters see this for what it is: Representative Rehberg and his staff were “passengers” in a boating accident – end of story. All the spin in the world on this issue hasn’t moved any poll numbers.

    • Steve W

      Pogo, are you claiming to already have polling done on the effects on voters of a story which just broke about 24 hours ago?

      Or are you talking about the effects on voters of the original story from a few years ago?

      Because if you fail to recognize that this is a new story separate from the event which occurred a few years back you may be caught with your pants down.

      Who did a poll in 24 hours from story to completed poll? That sounds rather unbelievable, even from you.

      • Pogo Possum

        Internal poll Steve. Doubt you have seen one from either party.

        • Steve W

          I haven’t. How do you make the interviews and tally the data before people have had a chance to read or hear about the story? Or are your pollsters and your sample group all psychics?

  5. Pogo Possum

    Jon has some very talented people running his campaign. If the boating accident it had any traction at all, Tester’s campaign or the Democratic Senatorial Committee would be leading with it. They aren’t.

    • Steve W

      If they were as perfect and omnipotent as you claim they’d be killing the clown. Seriously.

      • Pogo Possum

        Give them a call Steve. I am certain they will be glad to hear what they are doing wrong.

        • Steve W

          Oh, I thought you knew what you were talking about and you were the person to contact. I didn’t realize you are just repeating what you are told.

          Remember Watergate? I do. Nixon won in 1972. In 1974 he resigned the presidency, the first person to do so.

          Rehberg is your clown. You own him. Good luck!

  6. Pogo Possum

    Sounds like a concession speech to me Steve. Thanks.

    And you shouldn’t be negative about Jon’s campaign staff. I am sincere when I say they are a very talented and respected group of people. They are just working with a difficult hand that has been dealt to them this election cycle.

    • Steve W

      As a citizen observer and a voter i wouldn’t presume to make a concession speech for either Rehberg or Tester.

      I still doubt that one day into a story you can predict it’s effects, Pogo. Nothing you have provided shakes that doubt one bit.

  7. If there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no Republicans during floods or droughts.

    Tester wins by 6.

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