Political Postmortem

by lizard

There wasn’t much of a battle in the battle ground states last night, leading Obama to an early, decisive victory over Mitt Romney.

The highlight of the night for me was watching Karl Rove throw a tantrum over Fox’s decision to call Ohio for Obama, bullying Megyn Kelly to march down to the numbers room where she talked to the numbers guys.

Was he hoping the machines would still deliver his desired results?

Now the postmortem is on, and the big question is whether or not the GOP will be capable of adapting to the demographic trends that make this election cycle the last one where a 50 state Southern strategy is even feasible.

I don’t think all the angry conservative xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, and nullifying nutjobs will figure out how irrelevant they are making the GOP until they get a few more lessons in the demographic realities of politics in America.

Here’s the first lesson they should be wrapping their heads around today: lies, unlimited cash, hate, and suppression was not enough to oust the Kenyan Socialist from the White House. Their GOP playbook is broken. Good riddance.

  1. Turner

    Now that Obama has won and won’t have to run again, it’s time to begin leaning on him to become more progressive. That means working toward less colonialism, better environmental and energy policies, and ending the War on Drugs.

    And probably ten other things that slipped my mind.

    If Romney had won, we’d all be screwed.

  2. Steve W

    Turner, I already started leaning on Obama last week. I voted for one of the other 3 losers in the contest for Montana’s 3 electoral college votes. Romney did win, Montana. Fortunately, that wasn’t enough :)

    And even better, we don’t have to watch Denny on TV for the next 6 years, and that’s definitely a big win in the quality of life department. If only we could get Tester to be a little more transparent and less hostile on his lands bill, and if we could get him behind smart and liberal immigration policy.

    And Bullock winning means we have a critical stopgap to keep crazy from being the soup de jour exported from the capital this session.

    All in all, I’d say Pogo, BJ, and Eric all should make public posts where they confess their naivety and wrongness when it comes to politics in general and Montana specifically. It could be their contribution to battle global warming, resulting perhaps in Hell freezing over. :)

  3. Steve W

    Here’s former Missoula New Party member (and Obama 2012 campaign director) Jim Messina introducing Obama a couple of days ago in Chicago to a group of campaign volunteers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBK2rfZt32g

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