Why Did Petraeus Really Resign?

by lizard

When Petraeus resigned last Friday, allegedly because of an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, I knew there was more to the story.

Since Friday, the scandal has spiraled into a soap opera, with feuding mistresses, feuding intelligence agencies, and a baffled press corps struggling to sift through the drama for context. Why did Petraeus really resign?

For those capable of resisting the cover story of juicy infidelity, there is something more significant going on here, and the first clue came from Paula Broadwell herself. Here’s the video (and although she’s being accused of spilling secrets, this sensitive info can also be found in this Foxnews report):

The important takeaway from this video is that the CIA annex (which is a separate facility from the consulate) was holding captured Libyan militia members, and that the attack may have been an attempt to get them back.

Why is this important?

For the answer, we have to go back to January, 2009, when President Obama issued Executive Order 13491, effectively banning the CIA from the business of running prisons.

If the CIA is still involved in the business of imprisonment, in defiance of an executive order, and that business blew up in their face in Benghazi, leading to an Obama administration coverup to keep this from coming out before the election, then a congressional investigation may turn up more stuff.

Petraeus seems to be trying to use his resignation to avoid testifying before congress about what he knew about the events leading up to the consulate attack in Benghazi. That won’t work, and more information about this story may eventually come out.

Personally, I don’t need any more information to come to the conclusion that the CIA is still out of control, and operating in ways that certainly doesn’t make us, in this country, any safer.

Whether it’s black hole prisons or directing drone strikes, I hope we learn more, and I hope it’s bad enough to pressure Obama to do something significant to stop the sadistic sociopaths in the CIA from acting like a paramilitary death squad abroad.


  1. Big Johansson

    Another Fox News vid?

    You’re losing cred.

    • lizard19

      you’re assuming I had cred to begin with.

      • Steve W

        I think what BJ is saying is that he thinks you have cred with him, since he also often likes to absorb his information from FOX. It’s like a Fox Friends thing i think.

        I don’t see how anyone who voted for Mitt (lol) can be talking about “cred” though. Wasn’t Mitt the inventor of Obama care?

        Thanks for your Petraeus analysis, Liz. i wasn’t really paying attention beyond wondering wtf?

        But it is strange, and over Veterans Day weekend too?

        I wonder if Jon’s planning on holding anyone accountable for anything any time or if he will play an enabler role. And I wonder if Petraeus will pull a Rove and get away with not testifying.

  2. Buzz Feedback

    I find that the best intelligence generally comes from adulterers who have been accused of sending internet nasty-grams to other alleged adulterers.

    What does the astronaut who drove for 16 hours wearing a diaper have to say about all this? I wanna know!

    • lizard19

      I find that the best blog comments come from commenters who are just trying to be clever and offer nothing but snark in response to legitimate speculation about matters of grave concern.

      • Big Johansson

        You want something a little more serious?

        Lets take your last sentence, ” I hope it’s bad enough to pressure Obama to do something significant to stop the sadistic sociopaths in the CIA from acting like a paramilitary death squad abroad.”

        To me there’s nothing more sadistic than sociopaths sitting in the WH “situation room” viewing 4 men being murdered while calling for help.

      • Buzz Feedback

        I think the militarization of the CIA is a big problem, too. I just don’t think it has anything to do with a general who can’t keep his pants zipped up.

        • lizard19

          so you think Petraeus resigned only because he got caught having an affair?

          • Buzz Feedback

            I don’t know if that’s the only reason he resigned (or was told to resign by the Dir of Natl Intelligence.) But it seems to me if there was some conspiracy and the Administration wanted to cover it’s ass on Libya, they’d let Petraeus twist in the wind and take the blame for a bit, and not cut him loose immediately under the pretense of him schtupping somebody who wasn’t his wife.

  3. lizard19

    Petraeus’ fall represents an opportunity to assess his entire tenure, the carefully crafted myth, the fawning of his media lapdogs, and the actual reality behind what has really happened in Iraq (now aligned with Iran) in Afghanistan (total failure), and within the paramilitary death squad known as the CIA.

    here’s something that should be widely read from Col. Douglas MacGregor, titled Epitaph for a Four Star General.

    it’s a great article, and should be read in full, but I thought I’d pull out this paragraph for Buzz Feedback.

    None of the generals’ peccadillos is newsworthy, but for its commentary on the generals. The affairs are genuinely irrelevant. But the events demonstrate that the readiness of four stars like David Petraeus and John Allen to enthusiastically push utterly foolish and self-defeating policies conceived in Washington, DC is not the result of individual failures, but the crisis of an entire institution.

  4. Turner

    To me, an obvious takeaway from this incident is that upper- class Republican white people socialize way too freely with top military brass.

    The Republican defense seems to be: So what if confidential military documents end up on a married mistress’s computer? Just look at the wonderful house her doctor husband provided for her. Just look at her great car and her wonderful breast enhancement surgery.

    She’s one of ours. Our Kind of Person. So she and her sexual rival Mrs. Kelley should be above suspicion, right?

    Like the upper crust Cambridge Spies that infiltrated the British security system after WW 2 were above suspicion.

  5. I’ve been suspicious of timing, ever since Bill Clinton bombed an aspirin factory on the day Monica Lewinsky testified, but I think the General resigned because he got caught with his pants down – I don’t see a conspiracy here.

    As far as the CIA goes, the administration knows everything they do, and now that the election is over, they won’t give a wet rats ass who knows what they’re doing –

    • Goobs I was wondering when you would pop up again. Dont worry noone here is going to call you out on your election predictions.

      As for Petrauees, something is definitely up but we are never going to know what it was. Somebody was already blackmailing him but who what why I doubt we or anyone in the media has a clue.

      • Well ‘Jack Ruby’ (anonymous Lib) I never claim to be 100% correct, do I – LOL.

        I correctly predicted that the GOP would keep both houses of the legislature, and that Steve Daines would stomp Kim Gillan, and that Tim Fox would take the open AG seat. I called all the ballot initiatives but one, and said the Dems would lose at least one of the PSC seats too.

        On the presidential race, I mistakenly thought the election would be about the economy, and in Montana it was, The Praised One lost badly. As far as Tester/Rehberg, I’m still surprised that Montanans would reelect such a buffoon as Jon Tester, but every S*** happens, right? If you take out the Libertarian votes (that the Dems funded ads for)Rehberg wins.

        I’m predicting that the Dems (the party of the rich) will never invest $35,000,000 in a Senate Race again.

        So what did the election change in Montana? Little.

        The Dems have the Governors seat, and two Senators, and in January they’ll still have them.

        The GOP runs the legislature, and our lone Representative seat. Same in January.

        The only changes are the Dems losing the AG seat, and losing two PSC seats.

        • Nope, take out the Libertarians and Tester gets a majority. Take the Libertarians, and give them to Rehberg, and he wins. Perhaps next time you all will be more careful about giving more power to the federal government or voting for the PATRIOT act.

          • JC

            Not all libertarian votes would have been republican votes, taking away that choice. I know a lot of people who chose libertarian over democrat, and given no libertarian choice may have voted dem. This is Montana after all, which has a unique blend of libertarianism, progressivism and conservatism.

            • Well JC – the Dems believed that the Libertarian votes would come from Denny, or they wouldn’t have spent $500k supporting Cox.

              • Steve W

                Eric, your post makes little sense. Are you saying that if the Libertarian votes split 70/30 Repo/Dem that the Dems wouldn’t have kicked in the dough?

                why wouldn’t they?

                Sure, it’s likely some Repos who saw that Rehberg was pro big- government and pro-running up big deficits during the bush years might rather vote their conscience instead of the party line. Not you, but real conservatives, who actually hold conservative values and prefer to vote that way.

                But there was no shortage of Dems pissed off at Tester. And some of them probably voted for Cox as well.

                I would guess Cox netted more Repos than Dems. But he netted both. The Dems believed more of the Libertarian vote would come from Rehberg than from Tester. But not all of the votes.

                Your analysis seems to only operate using Republican Math, and I think it’s hurting the validity of your conclusions. You guys are just fooling yourselves though. I guess reality is too painful to face, eh?

  6. I tried to bring this up with Mark, but he assumed I was just making fun of him. I usually don’t buy too deeply into conspiracy theories, but you might do well to note that on in the same week, the chief of Lockheed Martin and the Russian defense minister also resigned. Like I said, Mark thought i was making fun of him but I do think three very powerful men in the world of global security resigning in such quick succession is a little suspect.

    • Long HPQ @13

      The CEO of Waffle House was also reported to be boinking a slut mom this week. Obviously, there is a huge conspiracy here: American tabloid media is inventing this stuff in an effort to compete with British tabloid media.

      — Max Bucks

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