“Most Extreme on Record” – Warmest U.S. Year Evah…


And to complete my Friday Trifecta:

I suppose god wants it that way. So let’s keep exporting and burning that coal… must have jobs up till the rapture!


  1. I’ve posted several blogs recently on http://www.geopostings.com that might be of interest to those concerned about climate change.

  2. Big Swede

    Bill Nye your guy?

  3. Craig Moore

    Sorry to interfere, but did you check the UK Met Office? http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/

    October 2012

    The month brought a typical autumnal mix of showers and rain for much of the time, but with a couple of short settled spells. It was rather cool overall, with the first few widespread frosts of the season, and the north east experienced some significant snow accumulations towards the end of the month mainly across higher ground. There were a few days of heavy rainfall in certain areas, notably the 5th, 11th and 31st.

    The UK mean temperature was 1.3 °C below the 1981–2010 average, and it was provisionally the coldest October since 2003; Northern Scotland had its 5th coldest October in a series since 1910.

    As to the 2012-13 UK winter forecast http://www.exactaweather.com/UK_Long_Range_Forecast.html

    Very cold & exceptionally snowy 2012-13 UK & Ireland Winter – with the possibility of some of the snowiest & coldest conditions in at least a century at times!

    • JC

      Beginner’s mistake to confuse weather with climate.

      • Craig Moore

        I agree, one year does not a climate make. How about 16? http://judithcurry.com/2012/10/16/pause-discussion-thread-part-ii/

        Nothing in the Met Office’s statement or in Nuticelli’s argument effectively refutes Rose’s argument that there has been no increase in the global average surface temperature for the past 16 years.

        Use this as an opportunity to communicate honestly with the public about what we know and what we don’t know about climate change. Take a lesson from these other scientists that acknowledge the ‘pause’, mentioned in my previous post Candid comments from global warming scientists

        • JC

          Having an argument with yourself again, Craig? You have something to say about the graph I presented? I don’t see how anything you’ve posted here is relevant to data points about recent U.S. weather.

          I for one don’t think that converting stored carbon to cycling carbon is the best strategy for energy production in the 21st century, hence the comment about coal.

          Others disagree, obviously. But creating a centuries-long science experiment with uncertain outcomes is about as stupid of path as any that the human species could take.

          • Craig Moore

            JC, I was responding to your comment, “So let’s keep exporting and burning that coal… must have jobs up till the rapture!” Not sure what your graph had to do with your comment unless you were trying to indirectly state that what was happening in the US over the 1 year period is somehow linked to burning coal. I brought up the UK October info to point out that US specific data does not a global condition make. In fact it’s hard to draw any conclusions from a particular continent experience when others are having the opposite experience. Just how does one identify the size of the anthro signature when there has been 16 years of steady global temperatures as Dr. Curry reiterates above? All see: http://judithcurry.com/2011/10/27/candid-comments-from-global-warming-scientists/

            When it comes to any kind of a “new normal” for strong storms Dr. Pielke has this: http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2012/12/global-tropical-cyclone-landfalls-2012.html

            Anyone who’d like to argue that the world is experiencing a “new normal” with respect to tropical cyclones is simply mistaken. Over the past 4 years, the world is actually in the midst of a very low period in tropical cyclone landfalls — at least as measured over the past 43 years.

            There is even evidence in our paper (see our Figure 2) that the period before 1970 saw more intense hurricane landfalls than the period since. Older data from the North Atlantic and Western North Pacific (which together represents 64% of all global intense landfalling hurricanes 1970-2010 and 69% of all hurricanes) indicates that landfalling intense hurricanes in these two basins occurred at a 40% higher rate from 1950-1969 than 1970-2010. There were 9 intense landfalls in 1964 and 1965 in just these two basins, which equals the global record for all basins post-1970.

            What we can glean from this data is that in terms of US and global damage, things will get much worse when the statistics return to the “old normal” (and this is independent of whether you think such a return is due to natural variability, human-caused climate change or the prophesies of Nostradamus). It will happen — and you can take that to the bank.

            • JC

              Again, Craig, was I talking about hurricanes? And if I was, I’d quickly find sources to debunk him as just part of the skeptic industry.

              As to this novice query from you:

              “how does one identify the size of the anthro signature…?”

              If you understood the difference between stored and cycling carbon, you’d know the answer to your own question.

              • Craig Moore

                JC, it would be hard to debunk Dr. Pielke as a skeptic since he is NOT one of the those and has advocated for a carbon tax.

                Have you noticed the arctic ice: http://home.comcast.net/~ewerme/wuwt/cryo_compare.jpg

                Last year the Russians sent an ice breaker to open passage to Nome because they were running out of supplies. Looks like a repeat this year with the ENSO moving towards La Nina once again.

              • JC

                Why do you keep avoiding the question, and going tangential? Don’t like thinking about the quantity of cycling carbon on the planet, and how our burning coal and oil contributes to it?

                I’m not here to argue against a AGW denier.

              • Craig Moore

                JC, the US carbon emmission levels have dropped to early 1990 levels. Trying to assert that I am a denier leads to nothing as I firmly believe humankind affects all sorts of things climate and weather wise. For example, chopping down a rain forest to grow palm trees for oil. Did you know that humans have totally changed the humidity level in Phoenix?

                BTW, do you know who Richard Muller is? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/blackberry/p.html?id=2278509

                You might be surprised to learn three things about Dr. Muller:
                1. He says Hurricane Sandy cannot be attributed to climate change.
                2. He suggests individually reducing our carbon footprint is pointless — we need to “think globally and act globally,” by encouraging the switch from coal to gas power in China and developing nations. He’s a fan of “clean fracking.”
                3. He says climate skeptics deserve our respect, not our ridicule.

              • Craig Moore

                And here is the link on US carbon emissions: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/17/a-20-year-low-in-u-s-carbon-emissions/

                Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States from January through March were the lowest of any recorded for the first quarter of the year since 1992, the federal Energy Information Administration reports.

                The agency attributed the decline to a combination of three factors: a mild winter, reduced demand for gasoline and, most significant, a drop in coal-fired electricity generation because of historically low natural gas prices.

              • JC

                Go fracking…

                And do I detect you getting on the anti coal export bandwagon, Craig?

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