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by lizard

So, tonight Congress gave up.

More specifically, House Republicans have successfully driven negotiations to resolve the fiscal trap into total chaos.

Is everything totally fucked?

No, but it’s a hard sentiment to escape these days.

I tried writing a post the other day about Syria, but as that nation descends deeper into real chaos, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the nest of lies, atrocities, contradictions, and propaganda ripping that nation apart.

The latest story is the dramatic kidnapping and subsequent release of Richard Engel and crew, and while there is legitimate skepticism and serious questions about exactly what happened, it’s nearly impossible to get one’s bearings in order to evaluate these stories as they emerge, stories like the movement of chemical weapons and the Assad regime firing Scud missiles.

One of the worst stories out of Syria involves a child participating in a beheading (graphic); a gruesome reminder that some of the forces being used to impose the US policy of regime change are now becoming too notorious in their tactics of terrorism to ignore, which is why the Al Nusra Front are now officially considered a terrorist group by its former cheerleader, the US of A.

Not surprisingly, the terrorist label is not appreciated by those Syrians who support the rebels.

Things are bad. I doubt I’m alone in not being able to shake the shooting at Sandy Hook from my thoughts. It’s awful trying to put words to it, and it’s awful to watch all sides kick the issue around.

But probably the most awful thing is not even 20 children shot multiple times in a safe, affluent, idyllic American town will be enough to rattle us from our collective stupor as our social environment, along with our physical one, grows more and more toxic.

Instead, in our increasing desperation, many will place their hopes in false signals, like the significance of planets lined up over Giza, a branch off the Mayan limb some people are hanging their hopes on.

Here’s something a little more tangible: tomorrow night is the longest night of the year, and after tomorrow tonight, we slowly get a little more light back.

And remember, if you’re at an END OF THE WORLD PARTY!, please, don’t be an asshole and drink and drive.


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