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Where’s Johnny Gosch

by lizard

Johnny Gosch was 12 years old when he was presumably kidnapped in Des Moines, Iowa on September 5th, 1982, while working his paper route.

Johnny Gosch’s kidnapping is a rabbit hole his mother, Noreen, has been going down for thirty years.

MSNBC recently aired a documentary about Johnny’s disappearance. It barely scratches the surface, which is good, because things like sex trafficking and ritual abuse aren’t topics most people want to delve into.

The car that may have been involved in the kidnapping, according to an eye witness, had Nebraska plates. Years later, in Omaha, Nebraska, an investigation into financial impropriety of a rising Republican star, Larry King, and his Franklin Credit Union, would produce direct witness accounts of Johnny’s abduction.

For an overview of the Franklin coverup, I’ll keep it to the shallow end with wikipedia:

Allegations of sexual abuse first emerged in November 1988 during a National Credit Union Administration investigation of unrelated financial irregularities at the FCFCU, at which King had worked for 18 years.[2] In December, the State Foster Care Review Board submitted the results of a two year investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of foster children to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature who were investigating reports of child sexual abuse linked to the credit union. Authorities launched a probe, interviewing a number of claimed abuse victims who said that children in foster care were flown to the U.S. East Coast and were abused at “bad parties.”[3] Subsequently, John DeCamp, a former Nebraska state Senator, publicly identified five prominent individuals as being involved in a prostitution ring that transported minors across state lines.

That is an extreme summation of a very complicated case that ultimately collapsed when the lead investigator, Gary Caradori, crashed and died in his small plane (I know. And for those keeping score on the crazy scoreboard, the plane crashed in Aurora, Illinois).

Back in April I wrote this post about Goldman Sachs getting shamed into divesting from a lucrative online sex-trafficking website because, you know, money. If you check out that post, you will find the documentary A Conspiracy of Silence about the Franklin Coverup.

I don’t think it takes any stretch of the imagination to speculate that the dark underbelly of power includes indulging in all kinds of depravity. As an added benefit, people with those kind of proclivities are prone to things like blackmail, which is convenient if you’re trying to, let’s say, control how they employ their political power.

The Franklin scandal went as far as implicating George Bush Sr., who will probably be dying soon, and good riddance.

As for Johnny, maybe things worked out ok for him.

Like maybe he became a guy who goes by the name Jeff Gannon, a male escort who gained access to the White House as a soft-balling fake journalist under Bush junior:

LOBBING softball questions at White House press conferences is hardly a new phenomenon, but having them thrown by a pseudo-journalist with a sleazy background who mysteriously cleared security checks is. Add in the fact that reporter Jeff Gannon used a false name and his employer was a Web site called Talon News staffed almost exclusively by Republican activists and you have the whiff of a scandal.

Whether Gannon, whose real name is James D. Guckert, was a White House “plant” may never be known because officials in the Bush administration have taken great pains to distance themselves from the controversy. But passive denials only increase the lack of credibility to explanations of how the White House credentialed Guckert, even though he was representing a pseudo-news operation, using an alias and was linked to X-rated Web sites.

Is Jeff Gannon the long lost 12 year old Johnny? Who knows.

What I do know is that those in lofty positions of power are virtually never held accountable, no matter what depraved criminal acts they may be involved in.

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