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by jhwygirl

Sen. Debby Barrett’s bill to repeal last session’s eminent domain debacle had it’s hearing in Senate Energy and Telecommunications yesterday. A roomful of people, with overflow out into the hall, testified overwhelmingly in support of SB180

Northwestern Energy’s attorney Mr. Fitzpatrick spent a significant amount of time – after great theatrical preparation for his opposition testimony – continuing to blur the lines between merchant lines and distribution lines.

Distribution lines being lines which actually serve public uses here in Montana. Public uses that are regulated by the PSC. Public uses that have an elected official answering for the public uses that have, at times, been reason for an eminent domain taking of private property.

2011’s eminent domain bill handed handed the power of eminent domain to private corporations for the purposes of economic development. That, my friends, is the equivalent of the famously decried Kelo v. City of New London, which held that a private property could be condemned by developers in the name of economic gain and tax revenue.

Below the fold is Sen. Debby Barrett’s proponent statement and Missoula Sen. David Wanzenried’s comments submitted to the public record for SB180.

Before I do that, though, I’m going to provide the email addresses of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee and ask you all to write these guys and tell them that keeping eminent domain power in the hands of private corporations in the name of jobs or economic gain or the guise of some sort of public beneficial review during the Large Facilities Siting Act review is wrong. Tell them eminent domain is a necessary component of government, but that the power belongs with the government and not in the hands of a private corporation. Here are the emails:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Barrett and Wanz’s testimony below…. Continue Reading »


by lizard

I don’t blame Brandon Bryant for carrying out orders. As a civilian who hasn’t directly experienced the conflict between unaccountable leadership and a binding oath to the constitution, I can’t imagine what existing in that kind of murky environment does to the psyche.

Brandon Bryant’s job was operating drones, something Obama is now getting “serious” heat for officially sanctioning with—gasp—A MEMO!!!.

Apparently, because it’s impossible to deny the frankenstein unitary executive created by Obushma, there can finally be a bit of pressure-valving from the duplicitous Democrat stronghold. From MSNBC, it seems there’s a shocking realization going on that their commander-in-chief resolved his predecessor’s problem with torture by just deciding to kill them instead, citizenship be damned!

Of course not everyone at MSNBC is feigning shock for the cameras for a few news cycles. In fact, Touré, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, has been popping off some Foxilicious bullshit via twitter:

He’s the Commander in Chief. RT @kirstenpowers10: You are fine w the White House deciding who is guilty and who should die?

There is no contradiction in opposing the drone killings of innocent civilians and supporting the drone killings of Al Qaeda leaders.

Obama as Commander in Chief is tasked with leading our war against Al Qaeda. He can & should kill AQ leaders whenever possible.

No. RT @mchastain81: Dear @Toure. A US citizen is allowed due process no matter what they have done, even an AQ leader.

Amazing. Also, disgusting.

I’d like to gracefully pivot from the drone memos to the 2nd amendment standoff emerging between sheriffs and the feds. Our very own Sally Mauk did a phenomenal interview with Lake County’s Sheriff Doyle on MPR (listen here).

Here’s the setup for the interview:

Five Montana sheriffs so far have publicly stated they will not enforce new executive orders or laws that seek to confiscate or control guns. The sheriffs from Sanders, Ravalli, Powell, Wibaux and Mussellshell counties believe such laws are a violation of the Second Amendment. Lake County Sheriff Jay Doyle has also sent out a press release saying law-abiding citizens have the right to own firearms, whether it be “one or one hundred.” He also vows to stop any federal effort to take guns away.

All of this is in reaction to proposed new legislation to once again ban so-called assault weapons, and tighten federal gun control laws. In tonight’s interview, Sheriff Doyle of Lake County talks with Montana Public Radio News Director Sally Mauk about his concerns, first outlined in his recent press release.

I share the sentiment, from the dejected left, that our constitutional crisis is the president’s justification for executing US citizens without due process based on “imminent threat” legal speak.

And, as I understand it, the constitutional crisis most consuming the right is the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.

Between those two positions, I think we can find lots of common ground if we try.

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