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by lizard

Glenn Greenwald has provided some scathing criticism of MSNBC’s Foxesque fealty to the Obama administration. He covered the canning of Cenk Uygur (replaced by Al Sharpton in July of 2011), issued this somewhat tempered comparison of MSNBC to Fox News last August, and just yesterday reported how MSNBC boldly moved to plug its one remaining hole.

Despite all that, a few glimmers remain, and tonight’s Maddow opener examining the sustained chaos in the Republican party is worth watching (no link yet).

Part of what makes it a great piece is the guest the show was able to attract—the chief strategist of the Santorum campaign. This is pure conjecture, but I’m going to speculate the reason this guest felt comfortable going on the Maddow show is because they work hard to create what I’m going to call AN ADULT SPACE, a space where actual discussion happens (as opposed to the loud grunting and snorting Rush popularized to the detriment of western civilization).

What’s happening nationally is the Tea Party’s sustained insurgency is being directed at the wizard himself, Karl Rove, which is hilarious. Apparently not everyone is thrilled about Rove building a corporate cash cannon to destroy primary embarrassments before they happen.

What’s happening in Montana is the Tea Party’s out-of-control extremism continues getting us national headlines, like the embarrassingly difficult legislative task of decriminalizing men and women having sex with each other.

Another example is this screen-shot and nicely blogged post by montanafesto, which then got picked up here by Daily Kos.

Thanks to the good work of montanafesto, I’m now very excited to follow Jennifer Olsen @oilpatchkid on twitter, because in this crazy world, it’s nice to know there are things I can still depend on, like the reckless use of social media by MT’s strain of Tea Party.

Today, for example, James Knox @jknox65 (former anti-cannabis crusader sucking on a fat cigar called hypocrisy) tweeted this:

Alex Newman will be on the show tonight speaking the truth about Agenda 21

Though I asked James about the truth, I have yet to receive a response. Shucks.

Jennifer Olsen’s casual niggerizing of the president has received no pushback that I am aware of from Yellowstone County Republicans. That says a lot.

And poor Karl Rove, trying desperately to build cash barricades against the tide of the surge he helped create?

Great entertainment, if you want to ignore what Democrats are up to.

I did tonight, and it was fantastic.

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