Will the Montana GOP Continue to Criminalize Gay?

by jhwygirl

Legislative Day 70 House Judiciary, chaired by Krazy Krayton Kerns, saw the tabling on a party line 12 to 8 vote of SB107 which would have removed from state law an unconstitutional and archaic law which criminalizes gay in Montana.

In the past, we’ve piled on the Montana GOP for its continued stance on criminalizing gay (read here and here for just two examples.

June of last year saw some changes – I thought – in the Montana GOP when they dropped the criminalization of gays from their platform.

But here we are back full circle – Groundhog Day for Gays, legislative day 2,593. Rolling out the Montana Taliban, religious deviants, bible distortionists and ignorants who confuse pedophilia with two grown adults acting as adults and twist the bible into a hate-filled text of paranoia.

Why DOES the Montana GOP Hate the State and the Federal Constitution?

Within minutes of tabling SB107 calls went out for blasting this bill onto the floor. This will be a one-shot deal. Some brave and articulate House representative will make a motion on the floor to bring the bill out of committee and on to second reading. The call will be for a full floor debate – the second reading. If a majority vote for that, then it would immediately go to second reading (and a third if passed without amendments, and then to the Governor for signature.)

Please contact your House legislators and tell them to blast and support SB107. I don’t think Republican legislators should be immune from calls, either. The front desk at the legislature can be reached at 406-444-4800.

I wonder: Will even ONE single Republic legislator in the House stand up for the Montana GOP platform? There are 61 of them there on the floor. Will all of them remain silent? And allow Krayton Kerns and his 11 other Republicans in the House Judiciary to once again label Montana Republicans as ignorant backwards xenophobes?

If no one on the GOP side takes a stand on this issue at this critical moment, Montana will know that the selection of that committee was made precisely to kill bills just like this.

I also hope when this is blasted, someone asks Rep. Krayton Kerns – on the floor – to explain the constitutional basis for his no vote in committee on SB107. I’d really love to hear him explain to Montana the constitutionality of criminalizing humanity.

  1. James

    They just denied Pat Williams a seat on the BOR.

  2. “Yet, totalitarian rule confronts us with a totally different kind of government. It defies, it is true, all positive laws, even to the extreme of defying those which it has itself established (as in the case of the Soviet Constitution of 1936, to quote only the most
    outstanding example) or which it did not care to abolish (as in the case of the Weimar Constitution which the Nazi government never revoked). But it operates neither without guidance of law nor is it arbitrary, for it claims to obey strictly and unequivocally those laws of Nature or of History from which all positive laws always have been supposed to spring.” -Hannah Arendt

  3. Eric

    You don’t think they have more important issues, like the budget, fixing the State pension fund, revising the tax code, workmans comp, etc ? Chasing down antiquated laws is kind of a waste of time, don’t you think? Especially since nobody was ever prosecuted under the law, and the courts deemed it invalid ?

  4. Eric

    JC – where do you see Government overreaching in the case of this terms legislature NOT wasting time on something?

  5. Billy Sunday

    After the Senate D’s united the R caucus, “yes”. I now think the blast will fail.

    Will it’s failure result in more Ds getting elected? I doubt it.
    Drawing districts that emphasize “safe” districts for each party, which they’re only too happy to oblige, won’t lead to progress.

    And no, Eric, I know of no more important business than protecting individual rights. It’s why governments exist.

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