Shameless Republican Hypocrites Kill Medicaid Expansion With The Help Of A Democrat Who Doesn’t Know How To Vote

by lizard

Today was not a bad day to be out cleaning up the Clark Fork with my family and nearly 1,000 other Missoulians. To visually see the trash on just our little section of river pile up was impressive.

Getting people together to do something positive for our environment, what a strange idea. Like no more hurting people, it’s a type of simple kid-logic that’s apparently incomprehensible to some people (I’m looking at you, Eric).

Comprehension of simple kid-logic also appears difficult for the vast majority of MT Republicans in Helena, because they have been busy putting the last few nails in the coffin where Medicaid expansion has gone to die:

HELENA – A contentious Medicaid proposal to fund private health insurance for thousands of low-income Montanans appears dead at the 2013 Legislature, after House Republicans Friday successfully bottled up the bill in committee.

I’m going to let Republicans in on a little secret: just because you killed an opportunity for 70,000 Montanans to get access to health insurance, that doesn’t mean those people—OUR NEIGHBORS—won’t have medical needs that get treated. You cruel, stupid ideologues have won nothing by doing this except to increase the cost and suffering of your constituents.

And you shameless ideologues do this while taking the health insurance WE PAY FOR for yourselves!

Unfortunately comprehension was not just a Republican problem with this particular piece of legislation. Apparently Rep. Tom Jacobson of Great Falls just simply doesn’t know how to cast votes. Whoopsies!

A move by Democrats to bring the measure to the floor failed by a single vote, with one Democrat later admitting he voted the wrong way. A later effort to undo the first vote failed by three votes.

House Minority Leader Chuck Hunter, D-Helena, said Democrats haven’t given up on passing the Medicaid-expansion bill. But he conceded it would be “very difficult to accomplish” at this point, with just seven working days left in the 2013 session.

For now, House Bill 623 resides in the House Human Services Committee – a panel controlled by Republicans who have consistently voted to kill all Medicaid-expansion proposals this session.

It would take 60 votes in the House to bring the measure to the floor for debate and possible passage. Republicans, most of whom oppose the bill, have a 61-39 majority in the House.

There are seven days left in this legislative session. When it’s over, who goes back to farm subsidies? Who goes back with health insurance? Who goes back with dark money falling out of their pockets?

The ideological reasoning for killing this legislation is crap because it’s coming from hypocrites.

Shame on you.

  1. Ryan Morton

    Yup. Shows how the leaders of our state are incapable of properly planning for our state’s needs. Health care will create the largest stress on our tax and insurance dollars if we don’t take major steps to curb problems like the lack of coverage. Sad, stupid, and myopic. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    Thanks for this post.

  2. mtstargazer

    I feel you! Thanks for the post!

  3. mztootay

    They also just screwed rural hospitals who were partly funded with fed dollars so they can’t turn them away at the ER. The most expensive place to get healthcare.

  4. Eric

    Fear not Lizard – The Great Leader promised that EVERYBODY would be covered, that costs would drop $2500 per family per year, and that health care would be FREE for those who cannot afford it. He wouldn’t lie, would he ?

    Obamacare belongs to the Dems, all of it. They passed it behind closed doors, without a single Republican vote, and even had payoffs to special Dem legislators to pass it.

    Even it’s author (Your hero Max) calls the implementation a forthcoming train wreck.

    This is a textbook example of ‘Dems gone Wild’ – LOL

    I cannot wait for the 2014 elections, when a whole class of people will not be able to afford health care, and will then be fined (taxed) for not having it !

    • JC

      You can blame it on Obama, but the GOP dominated legislature just took on the role of death panel.

      Many people will die unneedlessly because of right wing politics, and their turning their backs on people who have been and will continue to be denied access to meaningful health care

      If I had my druthers, I’d take away federal tax breaks away from everybody until health care became equally accessible to all.

    • lizard19

      wow Eric, so you’re excited “a whole class of people will not be able to afford health care” because you think that it’s advantageous to your political party.

      I’m glad not all Republicans are heartless pieces of shit like you appear to be. thanks for commenting.

      P.S. if you think Max is my hero, that is just further evidence you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

      • Eric

        But Max has a D behind his name, and he’s been re-elected over & over, meaning ‘Hero’ status among Montana Dems – LOL

        I’m not heartless – I’m pointing out that the ACA is and was a bad idea, that won’t work, and that there are no GOP fingerprints on it.

        • JC

          Voting to not implement provisions of the ACA is having “GOP fingerprints” on it. Refusing hundreds of millions of dollars that would have saved poor people’s lives is having “GOP fingerprints” on it.

          Spin it however you want, Coobs. You and fellow GOP’ers now have blood on your hands. Every time a poor person dies from lack of access to health care, it is the fault of you and your GOP death panels (aka House Human Services Committee).

          • Eric

            repeat after me JC – not a SINGLE Republican vote…….

            • JC

              Do you care if poor people live or die?

              WHen you are in the majority, you either take positive action, or suffer the results of your inaction, Coobs. Republicans’ inaction will result in innocent people dying from lack of access to health care.

  5. I hate ACA too. should have been Universal Health Care all along or bust. now the dems have to contend with defending their unpopular bill written by insurance parasites. it would have been better for those idiots to fight the tea party to a stand off win or lose on real health care reform. 70 % of America was in favor of just that.

    nobody likes insurance companies, much less being told they HAVE TO BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM.

    Baucus and those idiots who pushed for compromise now own this train wreck because the Republicans who pushed them into this position have bailed a long time ago.

    Until Universal Health Care is available to everyone in America just like every other civilized decent nation in the world, the 70% who want it are still not being heard.

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