Jan Brewer Brawled for Medicaid Expansion, and Won

by lizard

Jan Brewer rolled up her sleeves and shoved through medicaid expansion for her Arizona constituents. Instead of wagging that bony finger in disrespect of the president, she saw the critical need of her state and directed her hand to the more honest work of expanding access to health care for around 300,000 Arizonans.

Montana, unfortunately, does not have a comparable force willing to battle its own party to do the right thing. And with people like Jennifer Fielder getting voted into the vice chair position within Montana’s GOP hierarchy, well, the political landscape of ascendent right-wing extremism is fertile for more ideological fuckery deployed in callous disregard for the desperate need of tens of thousands of Montanans.

If one is politically invested in how this trend could benefit Montana Democrats, the worse they get, the better, as illustrated by this tweet from Don Pogreba:

I, for one, am THRILLED that the MT GOP is embracing its reactionary fringe. That tent’s getting smaller and smaller. #mtpol

In terms of voter turn out, both tents are small. If Montana Democrats only focus on what’s good for Montana Democrats, and celebrate how a significant movement on the extreme right is continually becoming more politically successful, then those celebrated trends will continue.

I know there is broad, bipartisan disgust in this state about our legislature’s failure to expand Medicaid to 70,000 Montanans. How could there not be? There is no sane, fiscally conservative argument for doing so. It really is, as Krugman puts it, a product of spite.

I believe there are conservatives without spite in their hearts; conservatives who don’t see denying health care to their neighbors as a political victory.

Jan Brewer saw the light—who cares if it was only for the shine of her political legacy as she terms out. She clearly saw the public benefit to her constituents, and did the right thing.

Is that really an impossibility for conservatives here in Montana?

  1. JC

    I think we should float a Citizen’s Initiative pegging Montana legislators’ health insurance benefits to going along with O’Care’s minimum Medicaid provisions. If they follow the minimum federal guidelines, then they can get their bennies…

  2. Eric

    Lizard, FYI the citizen of Montana do not support the Medicaid expansion (Obamacare) –

    Didn’t you vote last November ?

    A resolution on the ballot was on there to PROTECT Montanans from Obamacare and it passed in a landslide.

    • lizard19

      denying Medicaid access to 70,000 Montanans and denying money that would create 12,000 jobs DOES NOT PROTECT Montanans.

  3. Eric

    I’m just pointing out, that implementing Obamacare is NOT popular with the general public. That was proven by the vote.

    As a political blogger, I was sure that you voted last November, and understood the issues.

    • lizard19

      you are right, I don’t understand what voters think they accomplished by voting for this:

      The Montana Health Care Amendment was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of Montana as a legislatively-referred state statute, where it was approved. The measure allowed residents in the state the choice to decide if they wanted health insurance or not, and which health insurance to buy if they chose to do so. The measure was in response to federal health care mandates that have been passed nationally by President Barack Obama.

      health care is not a matter of “want” it’s a matter of “need”. at some point in life, EVERYONE will NEED health care. people with no health care still get treated in emergency rooms, and the cost is passed to all of us.

      I did vote, Eric, and I voted against this idiocy. then I watched ideological morons and hypocrites who pocket ag subsidies deny medicaid expansion, something even a REPUBLICAN Governor like Jan Brewer couldn’t muster enough cruelty to do.

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