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This weekend, Montana Democrats are meeting up in Lewistown. The new executive director, Andrea Marcoccio, will have a tough job now that Schweitzer’s inevitability has suddenly morphed into a liability. Keep in mind these quotes from Marcoccio were taken before Brian’s big announcement yesterday:

Andrea Marcoccio, who took over three months ago as the party’s executive director, will give delegates her assessment of the state of party.

Asked for a preview Wednesday, Marcoccio said, “Coming off 2012, it’s a great place to be. We have work to do, but we’re really confident that 2014 will be another stellar year for Democrats.”

Democrats won the top two state races in 2012. Tester defeated then-U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., in a tough race, and Bullock, then attorney general, narrowly edged former U.S. Rep. Rick Hill to capture the governor’s seat.

Democrats also held onto most other statewide offices, as Auditor Monica Lindeen, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Juneau all were re-elected.

In 2014, the big races will be for the open Senate seat that Baucus has held since 1978 and the House seat won in 2012 by first-term Republican Rep. Steve Daines. At present, Daines is mulling over whether to jump into the Senate race or seek re-election.

“We’ve got a deep bench of folks,” Marcoccio said. “I think there’s great opportunity for us. Daines is vulnerable.”

It’s now time to explore what depth exists, sans Brian. In just a cursory exploration of the cyber-terrain this morning, the Schweitzer mesa run by the Cowgirl offered the rabid musings (as usual) of Larry Kralj in the comments. Larry isn’t afforded a platform to spew over here, so he expressed his delightful opinions over there about myself, Missoula, and the candidate I’m keen on, Denise Juneau:

And right on cue, the greeny, weeny, whiny, ferny, fruity, drum thumpin’ lumpen from Zoola rejoice that Schweitzer is out so that they can find the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate that they can FIND to run a heroic losing race to make another statement! It’s what they do! Think of it as hanging off that bridge politically! You see, SURE it is pointless and means nothing, and you still lose, but by GOD they made a statement!

Sorry, fellas, but stick to what you do best. Losing and pontificating!

Craig Moore seized on the depiction, and asked Larry this:

The candidate I saw Lizard name was Denise Juneau. So you are saying she is “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” So I take it you will not support her if she runs.

And Larry responded with this:

Lizzard’s an idiot. They want a virgin, someone who passes their imaginary purity test! Well, it ain’t happenin’! Oh sure, I like Denise, but I don’t think that she can pull it off. But I DO get a leetle concerned that every candidate that is mentioned as passing the purity test is a woman. Are there REALLY no REAL men in this state other than Schweitzer and Bullock?? The one that ran against Daines was a joke. Depressing, isn’t it? Charisma STILL counts when you’re outgunned in the money department a million to one!

I didn’t realize charisma was a gendered characteristic, but that is the least troubling aspect of Larry’s ravings. The most troubling aspect is the lack of moderation on the part of the Cowgirl. I guess misogyny, emasculation, and attacking an entire town is not something worthy of intervention, or at the very least, a slight rebuke.

Larry does make a good point about money, though, and when we talk about money, there is no room for Mizzoola virgin purity tests. There is room, however, for dark money ties and double standards for candidates with a BIG D next to their name.

That link is to another important article by John Adams, and it further describes what I suspect is the issue that’s keeping Brian from running.

Larry’s response to this emerging story?

I am VERY tired of the anonymous slanderous assholes out there who CLAIM to be Dems! Jesus, the asshole from Wisconsin, jonny adams, has POISONED the well here in Montana! Time for Wisconsin to reclaim their village idiot! This is pura CACA to attack a man anonymously! That is why I have ALWAYS used my name! I want no truck with cowards!

This beer-swilling Schweitzer loyalist should be called out by his peers, otherwise folks might start thinking that those on the other end of this rabid dog’s leash condone his barking.

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