Rabid Dog Barks Loudly, But Cowgirl’s Silence Much Louder

by lizard

This weekend, Montana Democrats are meeting up in Lewistown. The new executive director, Andrea Marcoccio, will have a tough job now that Schweitzer’s inevitability has suddenly morphed into a liability. Keep in mind these quotes from Marcoccio were taken before Brian’s big announcement yesterday:

Andrea Marcoccio, who took over three months ago as the party’s executive director, will give delegates her assessment of the state of party.

Asked for a preview Wednesday, Marcoccio said, “Coming off 2012, it’s a great place to be. We have work to do, but we’re really confident that 2014 will be another stellar year for Democrats.”

Democrats won the top two state races in 2012. Tester defeated then-U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., in a tough race, and Bullock, then attorney general, narrowly edged former U.S. Rep. Rick Hill to capture the governor’s seat.

Democrats also held onto most other statewide offices, as Auditor Monica Lindeen, Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Juneau all were re-elected.

In 2014, the big races will be for the open Senate seat that Baucus has held since 1978 and the House seat won in 2012 by first-term Republican Rep. Steve Daines. At present, Daines is mulling over whether to jump into the Senate race or seek re-election.

“We’ve got a deep bench of folks,” Marcoccio said. “I think there’s great opportunity for us. Daines is vulnerable.”

It’s now time to explore what depth exists, sans Brian. In just a cursory exploration of the cyber-terrain this morning, the Schweitzer mesa run by the Cowgirl offered the rabid musings (as usual) of Larry Kralj in the comments. Larry isn’t afforded a platform to spew over here, so he expressed his delightful opinions over there about myself, Missoula, and the candidate I’m keen on, Denise Juneau:

And right on cue, the greeny, weeny, whiny, ferny, fruity, drum thumpin’ lumpen from Zoola rejoice that Schweitzer is out so that they can find the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate that they can FIND to run a heroic losing race to make another statement! It’s what they do! Think of it as hanging off that bridge politically! You see, SURE it is pointless and means nothing, and you still lose, but by GOD they made a statement!

Sorry, fellas, but stick to what you do best. Losing and pontificating!

Craig Moore seized on the depiction, and asked Larry this:

The candidate I saw Lizard name was Denise Juneau. So you are saying she is “the lamest, limpest, wimpiest, most apologetic pathetic dinkwad of a dildonic candidate…” So I take it you will not support her if she runs.

And Larry responded with this:

Lizzard’s an idiot. They want a virgin, someone who passes their imaginary purity test! Well, it ain’t happenin’! Oh sure, I like Denise, but I don’t think that she can pull it off. But I DO get a leetle concerned that every candidate that is mentioned as passing the purity test is a woman. Are there REALLY no REAL men in this state other than Schweitzer and Bullock?? The one that ran against Daines was a joke. Depressing, isn’t it? Charisma STILL counts when you’re outgunned in the money department a million to one!

I didn’t realize charisma was a gendered characteristic, but that is the least troubling aspect of Larry’s ravings. The most troubling aspect is the lack of moderation on the part of the Cowgirl. I guess misogyny, emasculation, and attacking an entire town is not something worthy of intervention, or at the very least, a slight rebuke.

Larry does make a good point about money, though, and when we talk about money, there is no room for Mizzoola virgin purity tests. There is room, however, for dark money ties and double standards for candidates with a BIG D next to their name.

That link is to another important article by John Adams, and it further describes what I suspect is the issue that’s keeping Brian from running.

Larry’s response to this emerging story?

I am VERY tired of the anonymous slanderous assholes out there who CLAIM to be Dems! Jesus, the asshole from Wisconsin, jonny adams, has POISONED the well here in Montana! Time for Wisconsin to reclaim their village idiot! This is pura CACA to attack a man anonymously! That is why I have ALWAYS used my name! I want no truck with cowards!

This beer-swilling Schweitzer loyalist should be called out by his peers, otherwise folks might start thinking that those on the other end of this rabid dog’s leash condone his barking.

  1. Now we’re calling out blogs for comments they don’t moderate over the weekend? Because nothing like “misogyny, emasculation, and attacking an entire town” has ever happened over here.

    Come on.

    • lizard19

      no, Don, “we” aren’t, “I” am.

      do you think it’s good for Democrats to let Larry’s comments go unchallenged?

      • You’re absolutely right. The Montana Democratic Party should probably issue a press release today responding to every half-baked online comment from people unaffiliated with the Party.

        Spot on analysis.

        • lizard19

          read the title of the post, Don. this isn’t just about the commenter, but the venue that provides the platform. would you describe the Cowgirl blog as “unaffiliated with the Party”?

          • Just to be clear, if someone posts hateful comments on this blog and one of you doesn’t moderate it, I am to assume that all of you endorse it? Or at least give it your unofficial approval?

            Be upset about the Democratic Party. That’s awesome–and terribly productive. Premising a post on someone not censoring a comment is absurd and you have to know that.

            Sometimes, I leave especially idiotic and hateful comments up precisely because they illustrate an attitude I want people to see. Leaving a comment online isn’t an endorsement of any kind.

            • lizard19

              if there are hateful comments, it would certainly be fair to inquire what I thought about them if they were in the comment thread of a post I wrote. there was a recent comment thread where I did say something, for example.

              anyway, you didn’t answer my question: would you describe the Cowgirl blog as “unaffiliated with the Party”?

              • I have no idea who writes the MT Cowgirl blog. It seems you do. Perhaps you can leave a comment over there and ask.

                Your deflection doesn’t change the absurdity of this post. To hold anyone who runs a blog accountable for the comments on a post is an absurd standard.

                Did you report the comment to the writers at Cowgirl? That seems like a fair response for someone truly interested in stopping hate speech.

              • lizard19

                no, I don’t know, and I don’t comment over there for reasons I’m not going to get into.

          • So your feelings were hurt? and you want us to muzzle one dog while the republicans have a Kennel of mutts the size of New Jersey to deal with. And then there is the issue of calling Larry a mutt in the first place????

            A commenter at a blog on the left says he doesn’t like you, spouts stuff you can’t comprehend and you equate it to the republican officials on the Right.

            Man Lizard you have some serious issues dude.

            First of all the Commenter Larry has the right to free speech. He has even called me delusional at times himself.

            Your article had nothing to do with Cowgirl, yet you brought her into the mix and pummel her, because of Larry, like the words came from her mouth???? Now thats a Made up Story, a lie as far as I am concerned.

            As for Larry there are days we get along and days we don’t.
            But, there are bigger folk to fry for their Pubie corporate endeavors….Larry isn’t even on that radar for me and he shouldn’t be with you.

            You as a Fellow left blogger owe cowgirl an apology, and learn to ignore Larry, He isn’t helping in the passing of asinine law in our state. he represents just himself. not the public at large.

            and really I find nothing wrong with that.

            You already banned him in your sphere of ownership here, just don’t expect others to bow to your wishes because you say so!

            • lizard19

              there are some things I have trouble comprehending, and this comment is a good example.

              • Kinda figured you would say something like that. God forbid, you look in the Mirror before you speak.

              • lizard19

                Norma, just imagine Larry is a Republican saying the exact same thing, and then tell me if you would say something or just let it slide.

              • larry kurtz

                liz you know i love you like a son and love LK like my snow plow: curious whether your own art, which often contains inartful references, strays into the absurd periodically.

              • lizard19

                larry, art is art is art, and authors, when they think they’re making art, have all sorts of fancy justifications to explain why they choose to employ certain kinds of language, if their art is fiction or poetry. I have a poem now that I’ve asked for some feedback from poet friends because I’m afraid the effect I’m going for could be interpreted as “blackface”. if it ever gets published, I’m sure I’ll get even more feedback.

  2. Sorry Nah! I don’t mind taking criticism, even unfruitful at times. it proves you’re listening which republican won’t do and apparently your’s is selective hearing at best.

    I might not want to hear what trash some of our left folk people think at times, but by doing so I know when to walk out when to duck, when to shake hands and make friends and when to agree in practical context….. Democrats can’t afford selective hearing right now, nor should we selectively fix only what we want to fix, but also wherever we can get a consensus with the other side of moderates or whats left of GOP with a brain, that brave the elements of Right wing Ideology, and help us cut a better deal

    Larry is on our side, almost all the time, he isn’t against us. There is no purity test for Democrats because we have a big tent, and all are welcome who agree with most of our principles.

    Stop following the Right wing, Pat Buchanan style, republican Mold for such witch hunts.

    Its pathetic, out of touch, unrealistic 1950’s Politics in this world that curbs diversity, and ingenuity. Democrats today don’t do that.

    Brush that chip off your shoulder Lizard, Laugh it off,,,,Larry is the least of your troubles.

  3. And by the way I still think you owe Cowgirl that Apology!

    Just saying! What you wrote here was a personal hate letter to Larry not Cowgirl!

    • lizard19

      I don’t owe Cowgirl an apology, nor would I want or expect one from Larry, because I realize that’s just the way he is, which is why we muzzle him here.

      I do think it’s a pretty sad start to the search for an alternative to have a person I mentioned in a post get indirectly disparaged from a partisan platform like the Cowgirl.

      • And that is what I figured you would say too…. never hurts to ask I say.

        As for you Psyche being bruised from Larry…. and that 25 pound chip on your shoulder??? Lightning up that load will make you live longer…. Possibly make you more Mature?

        Just saying!

  4. NamelessRange

    It seems like you may be jumping the gun Lizard. But I kind of agree with you.

    Don says he sometimes leaves comments up at his blog to reveal points of view that exist, irrespective of whether he agrees with them or not, which is good. This certainly isn’t the case with Cowgirl, who always let’s Larry spew endlessly without censorship. Even when it’s sorely needed.

    That said, it’s the weekend. I was in the Missions from Thursday til this evening with no service. This isn’t unique to a Montanan during the summer. If you are basing your judgement on the lack of moderation, it would be more fair to wait until the week starts.

    I wouldn’t homd your breath though, and your take on the isdue seems likely to be justified based on the background evidence. One of the things that really takes away from Cowgirl are Larry’s irrational, incessant, rude rantings. Which rarely do anything to address the issue.

    I think Juneau would be an excellent candidate. Do you think though that if she were the chosen one, that when the dust settled, there would be no Dark Money ties to her?

    • lizard19

      I regularly read Cowgirl and appreciate their tracking of the extreme right, but the comments are mostly a waste of time, thanks in large part to Larry, although in my more tolerant moments I see him as a sort of lost Hayduke figure, spittle on screen as he abuses his keyboard.

      I’ve also been reading that blog long enough to see where the double standards hint at affiliation. the attacks allowed on the women in David Gallik’s office, for example, were nasty.

      but politics is nasty, and the process leaves no candidate unblemished. how much money one can raise is the best measure of viability, which makes a low wage, sparsely populated rural state like Montana very susceptible to outside money.

      • I still dont think you get it Lizard! Peoples conversations are like fingerprints no two are the same.

        Now your equating comments from others as Tainted because Larry is there also? Really?

        Man you’re sinking down the poop hole faster than anyone could throw a rope to save you at this point. Best to delete this post altogether and start a new one called I’m Sorry Larry is making my day Harder than I wish it.”

        • lizard19

          I’m not equating comments from others, I’m saying just what I said, the comment threads at Cowgirl are mostly a waste of time. but don’t worry, that’s just one person’s opinion. lots folks seem to enjoy the constant partisan circle jerking.

          I do find it fascinating how partisans are quick to come after me for pointing out how a commenter at a partisan site can openly wonder why most of the prospective candidates for Max’s seat are—gasp!—women, and then openly laments about the lack of REAL MEN like Schweitzer and Bullock, without anyone saying anything about it.

          and checking in this morning, I see I’m being told to increase my male vigor with Viagra. nice.

          I also see folks aren’t giving up on Schweitzer. that’s pathetic. if the bench of candidates was deep, like Andrea said, then there wouldn’t be this sad desperation to draft Brian.

          there’s a movie title that comes to mind: he’s just not that into you. Brian is not going to run, so it’s time to move on people.

      • Roy

        Lizard, I agree with your sentiment, I use to enjoy the comments on cowgirl, but Larry has made it nearly unbearable, his comments are unreadable and I just skip over em. But generally more then 85% of all the comments are his (and the remaining 15% are Norma’s), so it has made the comment section a waste of time. But I do not advocate censoring, it ruins a blog. I appreciate cowgirl for letting people post what they want, even if it is offensive. Once a blog starts moderating all the posts it becomes pointless. That is why I never bother posting on Pogie’s site because you have to wait for moderation. It completely hinders the conversation, and in-turn you get less repeat visitors. I enjoy the posts on all of the aforementioned sites, but I really visit them to check out the comments, once moderation gets in the way, I rarely return.

        P.S. Starting a whole thread about Larry encourages him and will only make the situation worse.

        P.S.S it seems pretty obvious to me that Cowgirl has changed hands. The writing has gone downhill, and they no longer have an “…an uncanny knack for sharp insider information…”

        • Roy

          The only real fault of Cowgirl is that their actions, and the actions of Strategies 360, helped Tim Fox become AG.

        • lizard19

          thank you for the feedback Roy. the non-Montana blogs I enjoy most have really good comment threads, where I learn as much, and often more, than from the post itself.

          the Montana blogs seem to have experienced a decline in participation and, I would suspect, readership—something we’ve discussed here recently. it will be interesting to see if this medium can persist. tossing up the Big Tombstone is a bit premature, but there is a big graveyard of former bloggers who no longer produce content.

          censoring and moderating comments is tricky. a foreign policy blog I frequent gets all kinds of disruptive trolls, and the sole blogger/moderator does a good job moderating the action. that doesn’t mean, though, that comments have to “await moderation”. that is a platform/process issue, and when it comes to the technical stuff, I’m pretty clueless.

          I’ve had comments deleted, or altered, but the folks doing it usually have a pretty good reason for doing so.

          there are also liability issues. if a commenter is making comments that incite violence, there is some responsibility of those running the blog to address it.

          one good example of a commentary cesspool that has improved significantly is the Missoulian’s website. I have noticed a huge improvement in the decline of vile, hateful crap, so I applaud those efforts. it helps to have a commenting policy displayed prominently so people know what to expect.

  5. lizard19

    a Daily Kos post about Denise Juneau from September of last year (h/t Lynn)

  6. larry kurtz

    Great Falls v. Missoula: nuff said.

  7. Eric


    Reading this whole post & comments, I would think you guiys just started blogging yesterday.

    First, LK is LK – he’s been getting banned from blogs since the blogosphere started – it’s what he does. He & I have never agreed on much, but I do have some grudging respect for the man – after all – he used to JOG from Red Lodge to Cooke City – how many people do that ? Plus, he’s consistent – a consistent wacko ! – LOL

    As far as Cowgirl goes, they need him, because he’s one of the few real commenters they have over there –

    Rob Kailey had a problem on this blog years ago, and he put up a post about who the troll was under his bridge. However, he was able to do some simple, and some clever detective work on his blog, and he pulled his troll out into the public eye.

    The same way, when the ‘Cowgirl’ first appeared, and they got ratted out for being Dem staffers using the States internet, there were four (4) different MAC addresses, and the logon times matched up with ‘Cowgirl’ posts, and guess what – 90% of the comments too.

    I haven’t been camped out in Helena with an aircracker program going, but I suspect nothing has changed over there – so if you are going to owe an apology to a ‘Cowgirl’ you might start by finding out which ‘Cowgirl’ was offended.

  8. Jack Ruby

    You guys know larry and norma are batshit crazy right?

  9. The response were crazy, I enjoyed reading your blog!

  10. JC

    The intrigue gets deeper Liz. WMD has a story that links Schweitzer’s meddling with the bankruptcy proceedings over Credit Suisse and the Yellowstone Club, and how that ties in with the money that got funneled into Brian’s dark money machine. WMD goes as far as saying that a bankruptcy court’s decision July 10th reversing the Schweitzer-finagled bankruptcy decision (that allowed the Yellowstone Club to be taken from Tim Blixseth and given to his ex-wife) contributed to Schweitzer’s decision to not run:

    “Though seemingly unrelated, the bankruptcy decision appears to have prompted former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer to announce Saturday that he does not intend to pursue a bid to run in 2014 for the U.S. Senate.”

    The story implicates Schweitzer for being corrupt and having the DOJ interfere with the bankruptcy proceedings in a way that benefitted democrats, who then funneled money to Schweitzer through his 2 dark money corps.

    If any of this is remotely true (granted, the story is written by Jerome Corsi, noted Dem conspirator), then it would be a huge hit against Brian once the Senate race heated up. And of course, the knowledge of this could lead to some other dem senators privately putting pressure on Brian (read what this blogger whined about to hear his attempt to whitewash any potential Schweitzer improprieties) to step aside before he really embarrassed montana dems, the DNC, and Holder & Co. In any case, Corsi’s narrative deserves to have its facts verified, and the story fleshed out.

    From WMD:

    “Blixseth and Flynn have repeatedly charged that Kirscher’s bankruptcy decision was fraudulently influenced in a 2009 meeting with Montana’s governor at the time, Schweitzer. The meeting resulted in a decision to allow Blixseth’s ex-wife and Sam Byrne, a Boston real estate investor with ties to the Democratic Party, to buy the Yellowstone Club at a price substantially below market value after the bankruptcy had been declared.

    Flynn further alleged in a letter shared with WND, addressed to the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, that Burkle, Byrne and Schweitzer funneled more than $1.2 million through the Democratic Governor’s Association in 2008 to the Montana Democratic Party for the benefit of Schwitzer’s re-election campaign.

    Flynn asserts in the letter to the DOJ that the “money laundering scheme – having Burkle and Byrne with their friends donate to the Democratic Governor’s Association and then to the Montana Democratic Party, for the benefit of Schweitzer – appears designed to conceal Burkle and Byrne’s financial relationship with Schweitzer while at the same time Burkle and Byrne were taking over the Yellowstone Club and using their relationship and ‘political capital’ and ‘political favors’ with Schweitzer to do it.” ”

    Ya just gotta how corrupt politics can get, and politicians still think that they can run a campaign in the midst of all that kind of murky darkness…

  11. draftmama

    I like Cowgirl’s blog, but that Larry who posts incessantly, and more and more off topic, with the posts getting more incoherent as the day goes on (probably with his alcohol consumption) really spoils it for those of us who would like to join in the discussion. I commend you for banning him from your blog. He’s a pita.

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