Rise of the Warrior Cop

by lizard

Radley Balko has a timely book titled Rise of the Warrior Cop: the Militarization of America’s Police Forces, percolating interest in curious directions.

Because I’ve been told sources matter, I must warn readers that the first link goes to http://www.dailypaul.com. I should also mention Radley is of Cato stock.

Luckily, there is a huffpost option and this Salon review, if that’s more your flavor.

I also like this post from A Lightning War for Liberty, which references the Salon article and highlights that the number of annual SWAT raids tops 50,000, up dramatically from its origins, which you can get quick overview of here.

None of this is to say good policing is not needed, or possible. But the trends of militarization are disturbing, and the concern, according to the sources, appear to transcend the R/D charade.

  1. Dave Budge

    Balko used to be a blogger who was picked up by Reason.com. Yeah, he’s a libertarian, but his interests have always been 4th Amendment, 14th Amendment re: due process such as in RICO confiscation abuse, and corruption of police power. I have never read anything from him with which I think you disagree – and I’ve been reading him for years. His new book is in my pile and the reviews are great. I think this is another example of where left and libertarians meet.

    You really need to get over your “guilt by association” need to “warn” people of affiliations. Arguments do or don’t stand regardless of the author.

    • lizard19

      yeah, I’ll lay off taking jabs at the “progressive” source police. the different links do highlight the intersections that exist between the left and libertarians, though, and I find those intersections fascinating. thanks for reading and commenting, Dave.

  2. mike

    Doubt that will happen Dave.

  3. Big Johansson

    Well lookie here. No sooner than us easties get a fricking tank you westies get one too.


    Our is bigger, of course. Came with a gross of AR-15’s.

  1. 1 Sanjay Changes Mind on Weed, But Obama Still Bogarting Joints | 4&20 blackbirds

    […] I’m afraid we, as a nation, have gone too far down the police state path to turn back now. The drug war has been one of the main justifications for militarizing the police over the last few decades, and sucking up federal dollars has entrenched that disturbing trend, as exemplified by Radley Balko’s book, Rise of the Warrior Cop. […]

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