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by lizard

Hey Gary!

I thought about writing you a letter today, because I think there might be an exciting opportunity for you. I know some people think you are a terrible, horrible, gun-crazed fanatic who would exploit the violent death of children to further your agenda, but I think that’s an unfair characterization.

These tragedies get consumed and spit back at us in all sorts of awful ways by the media and those obscene carneys referred to as “politicians”. Your zealous advocacy is a convenient target for those on the other side of the political gridiron, people who need people like you, so they don’t have to think about their guy blowing up children in Yemen.

The opportunity I envision is an op-ed where you remain steadfast in your vigorous defense of the right to take down the federal government through force of arms own guns, but, and this is just a suggestion, make one small acknowledgement: saying shit like this is unacceptable:

“When the top AP Nazis end up floating face down in the river, they will think twice about f***ing with real Americans.”

“We need to track down and publish the names and addresses of AP executives, photographs of their children and the routes they take to school.”

I get being frustrated with media (like allowing an intern a front page story where she can’t even get basic facts right and conflates two unrelated stories), but these reported threats against AP reporters for attempting to access what use to be public information about concealed carry permit holders, threats that reference innocent children, that is clearly over the line.

So take a stand, Gary, and show your detractors that you possess a smidgen of reasonable awareness that some things are just wrong.


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