Peggy Cain, Candidate for Mayor, Launches Movement to Reclaim City from Backyard Transients; Announces Plans in Comment Thread of Online Letter-to-Editor

by lizard

I’ve never run for an elected office, but if I did, I’m sure I would make plenty of mistakes.

John Engen is facing three candidates who would like to take his office: Michael Hyde, Dean McCollom, and Peggy Cain.

The Missoulian article gives brief accounts of pet issues and experiences. Take Peggy Cain:

Cain, who has recently been active in the effort to preserve the golf course at the University of Montana’s South Campus site, decided to run against the mayor because she wants to see discussions about city matters such as finances and traffic flows this campaign season.

“I thought it was so important that he (Engen) would be challenged this time and engaged in a dialogue that it was worth it to file,” Cain said.

She enters politics by way of her work to save the golf course and her five years as a volunteer at the Poverello Center. Cain also traveled with Missoula Medical Aid on its trips to help impoverished communities in Honduras in 1998 and 2000.

“I want to give back to Missoula because this town has given so much to me,” said Cain, who has lived here since 1958. “I love my town.”

Using media is a conventional way for a candidate to get their message out there. But new media, that’s a different creature, and for a candidate, the ease in which a comment can be made is tempting.

Peggy Cain apparently couldn’t resist using the comment thread of this Missoulian letter to the editor to declare her intentions to take this city back from, well, if you want to read her political calculations, misspelling and all, click continue. It’s not front page material.


the west side is one of the olderst and nicest neighborhood in Missoula. You have received absolutely no respect from our city.There poor zoning has put your citizens and children in jepardy.
I hope city hall is full to overflowing out to the street. It is time to take our town back. They work for us, not rule us.

See you all at city hall Monday. We are mad as heck, and not going to take it anymore. Time to take back our town.

Peggy Cain
Mayoral Candidate
Lives in the south hills


Go walk the real west side. It is not Broadway. There are great homes, families, parks, playgrounds, etc, If you had a little girl, or boy, how would you fell about that amount of transient population living in your back yard. I have a working knowledge of this population both as a retired nurse, and as a citizen that volunteered 2-3 days a week for 5 years at the pov. Most of these guys are great, but trust me, there are some real bad boys in the mix.
Peggy Cain (aka Zena)
Hoping to be Missoulas 2nd female mayor

Don’t worry, westsiders, Peggy Cain has binoculars and she can see the transients living in your backyard from the South Hills. Totally vote for her.

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