Liz’s Weekly Poetry Series: A Poem by Ryan Zinke

by lizard

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I can’t match the Ryan Zinke coverage coming from Intelligent Discontent, because Don really has produced some great coverage of Zinke and the Neil Livingstone, a candidate Mother Jones described as The Most Interesting Gubernatorial Candidate in the World.

That said, I do have some BREAKING NEWS! to share with our readers. Ryan Zinke is a poet! I wasn’t sure at first, but after several glasses of wine at a Missoula fern bar (h/t LK), I realized Ryan Zinke’s ode Restore truth, justice to America, printed as an op-ed in the Missoulian, contained a poem inside it.  And here it is.




America in crisis
our enormous debt
danger of losing trust
faith and trust

truth, intent
and purpose do matter
Hillary Clinton exclaimed
it does not matter

killed in Benghazi
a cover-up story
brutal rape and torture
our ambassador

Susan Rice quietly rewarded
what are we thinking?
is the sun setting on America?

lies…strength and resolve
American people take action
I remain an optimist

the best days of America
are not behind us
our democracy exceptional in honesty

liberty and justice for all
truth does matter
the Republic for which it stands

  1. I have a problem with as disgusting and stupid a creature as conspiracy theorist Ryan Zinke being given a platform for his filthy ravings.

    Zinke claimed he was a “moderate” when running for governor last year. Such a description can’t legitimately be applied to anyone who deliberately spreads such garbage.

    Still holding out to hang the Behghazi deaths on Hillary Clinton, Zinke repeats the calumny that Ambassador Chris Stevens was “raped” and “tortured.”

    In fact, Stevens died ultimately as the result of massive inhalation of smoke and soot while in a safe room at the burning consulate. He displayed no signs of physical trauma other than ash particles in his mouth.

    Rescuers attempted to save him by removing him from the burning consulate and took him to a hospital. Despite a doctor spending 90 minutes trying heroically to revive him, he eventually succumbed.

    However ostensible “Christians,” religious fanatics like Bryan Fischer of the Family “Research” Council, have tried to blame his death on Clinton at the same time they were portraying Stevens as gay (implying in their homophobic minds that he was getting his just desserts) and that Muslims, however homicidal, are guilty of their rape fantasies in the absence of any proof for their contentions.

    Here’s a few quotes from Fischer:

    “Someone with a Muslim BACKGROUND who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island.”

    “Homosexuality…is going to be responsible for the collapse of the Western economy.”

    Most interesting of all, perhaps, from a core member of the transvaginal ultrasound party, he contended, “On the right, conservatives believe in honoring and respecting women. The left does not.”

    Lastly, Fischer’s narrative omits mention of the local community rising up In massive anger over the death of someone who was seen as a champion of the Libyan people. They actually attacked the headquarters of the militias they believed to have been involved in the consulate attack, driving them from the city.

    I’m even more sorry that the Missoulian would give an opportunity to this consummate bigot to display his odious rants.

    The emergency room doctor said that Stevens’ body had “no bruises, no injuries,” as you can see in the video interview.

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