NSA Lying and Spying While Google Builds Secret Barges

by lizard

When Eric Schmidt arrived at Google, he thought the motto ‘Don’t Be Evil’ was “the stupidest rule ever“. That quote comes from an NPR interview Schmidt did with Peter Sagal. At the conclusion of the interview Sagal jokingly stated that NOT being evil will “never work in American business.”

I agree Peter. Also, not being evil will never work in American government, where continued disclosures about NSA spying expose a level of criminality only the most paranoid citizen speculated on before Edward Snowden began confirming that paranoia was justified last June.

The latest: The NSA’s Invasion of Google and Yahoo Servers.

What a week! Shortly after Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that maybe our government had gone “too far” in its surveillance programs, the Washington Post dropped another Edward Snowden bombshell demonstrating that it is going a whole lot farther than we knew.

If Kerry’s ersatz admission — couched in a defense of National Security Agency surveillance — provoked a collective yawn from many who follow these developments, the latest Snowden stuff snapped us to attention. The Post published an article detailing the NSA’s interception of information coming in and out of Google and Yahoo servers over non-public, internal network fibre optic lines. In December, 2012 alone, the program (revealingly called “MUSCULAR”) processed 181,280,466 Google and Yahoo records that included email, searches, videos and photos.

Up to now, the NSA has defended its actions by telling us it is combatting terrorism through the capture of data in a public space, the Internet, after obtaining court orders. This shows they were lying. MUSCULAR is the theft of about 25 percent of all Internet data from two of the most popular data handling companies with no court orders or advisories in complete defiance of the law and our rights. It is, quite simply, government gangsterism.

And it brings into focus the most important question: why? Because this isn’t about counter-terrorism, not with that many records and their surreptitious capture. This is about surveillance and analysis of the daily communications of an entire country and much of the world.

Maybe this invasion by the NSA is why Google is developing some secretive project that includes two huge barges parked off the west and east coast.

Speculation on what this project could be is rampant. Personally, I’m hoping Google is building a force field to protect America from nuclear fallout if the Fukushima rod-removal goes bad. Or maybe the west coast barge houses a giant laser that will vaporize the island of Fukushima debris the size of Texas heading for the west coast.

Hope springs eternal, right? Just don’t be evil, Google.

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