Bad Lip Service and a Song by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

by lizard

The day we pay lip service to veterans is today, the 11th of November. This is the day we go through the motions of acknowledging there are people who sacrifice their bodies, minds and families to fighting America’s wars.

So thank, American Veterans.

We should also give a special thanks to the President and the political party he leads for showing Americans how tomorrow’s wars can be fought without as much human cost (on our side, of course) because let’s be honest, after today we’ll return to the status quo of 22 Veterans committing suicide EVERY DAY.

It is my hope that with strong, Democratic leadership, we can reduce the tragic impact on American Vets through the technological innovation of killing poor brown people with robots, and not just by air, like with drones, but by land and sea as well. Not only will we be removing soldiers from the mortal risks of boots on the ground combat, but we will also save a lot of money.

Let’s face it, injured Veterans are expensive to take care of. The ones who don’t save our taxpayer money by committing suicide often have post-traumatic stress and brain injuries that can lead to all kinds of pricey afflictions, like addiction, and addiction can transform proud soldiers into homeless transients begging for handouts on the streets of noble cities like our beloved Missoula, which deters people from expressing their freedom to buy stuff, which hurts business and, by extension, hurts America.

Let’s keep tomorrow’s soldiers from coming home and hurting America!

Of course America will still require some of its citizens to operate these robots, so I think we civilians can go a step further to help tomorrow’s Veterans by supporting a bill to reduce the age of service from 18 to 10, that way we can utilize children’s underdeveloped sense of morality to achieve the battlefield victories our American lifestyle necessitates.

Now, to counter the awful tone of this post, here is Godspeed You! Black Emperor doing THE DEAD FLAG BLUES:

  1. Billings Dad

    You have committed the blasphemous and daring act of openly criticizing Dear Leader, it is obligatory that you now purify your spirit by praying to Obama for forgiveness !!

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