Liz’s Weekly Poetry Series: Anniversary

by lizard

In my book of poems (which you can buy here) I have a long poem titled ANNIVERSARY, because I wrote it last September while celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my wife.

While the poem doesn’t mention JFK, who was assassinated 50 years ago today, it touches on my generation’s Big Event—9/11—and wonders what the younger generations are going to see as they come of age.

To read the poem, click continue.



a generation slips yr grip
a generation runs
little ships with large life dreams
slowly rise from slumber
what comes next?
a generation shuns
the scooping net
and manipulated price
framed to lure, to entice
instead, kiss the open hand
it holds a world free of charge
but the work ahead
the reorientation
will be hard
what comes next
may be much worse
slips won’t be
curses violating decorum
slips will be rips
through which
lawlessness may come
and the told-you-so militias
have stockpiles of guns
children of the millennium
how shall you respond?
snap chat directions
to the last bonfire of the vanities?
will you meet Molly
or one of her designer friends
to cloud you out into space
for the grand opening
of MoonMart?
I know the field is littered
with broken hearts
I know pain rests in the space
lips once kissed
I also know
the politics of fear
intend to keep you hobbled
heads unclear
and gut full
of bad genetics
the path out
is riddled with pitfalls
from slumber to half-sleep
from half-sleep to shock
from there I found the door to chapel perilous
which is all that remained
after the towers fell
years inside the chapel wrecks minds
that is its function
we will never know the full extent
pursuit is crazy 8 inquiries leading nowhere
O generation of the fall
of the turning away
false threads weave together
the demented fabric of our day
respect sleep
and the motions of your
somnambulist peers
no matter the distance you think you have achieved
we still gallop with the herd
careening wildly through the aisles
toward something
we still can’t make out
something still undefined
on the hazy horizon line
I’m no longer young
no longer 19 pushing interstate ribbon west
from Kansas to Oregon
no longer trying
to leave her death behind
road tripping away
from the soul-sucking sprawl
of suburbia
the path out
everyone makes their choices
ten years ago
on September 27th
I made a damn good one
in the mountains
by a lake
in Montana
the binding of two lives
and the making of two others
two brothers
bound by love
watching what is happening
to this planet and its creatures
is too much
love is losing ground all around us
losing ground to greed
when should I tell my sons
about the hierarchy of violence
we subsist on?
tomorrow the Chinese coffee maker
will brew our fuel
we will pack the car
with locally picked fruit and Legos
and drive home
the generation who will see
the world unleash chaos
strapped safely (for now)
in their car seats

—William Skink

  1. lizard19

    there is a 10-part series at whowhatwhy looking at George H.W. Bush and the Kennedy hit.

    part 1 can be read here.

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