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Thank You, and Stay Tuned

by lizard

Before launching into another post, I would like to thank everyone who reads and contributes to 4&20 Blackbirds. I’ve recently read a few posts from the glory days, and it’s bittersweet seeing the names of people who used to be fixtures here.

I always jump to read a post from a byline other than mine, because it’s rare these days, and I’m not altogether comfortable with being the driving voice of a blog that boasts an impressive roll call of past contributors.

Lately, I’ve hit a ridiculous stride with posting, possibly a bit obsessive/compulsive. I blame Twitter and my lack of self control. There is simply too much happening, but I doubt daily posts is a pace I will keep up.

For now I’m going strong, because even in moments of trying to just watch a silly movie, I find inspiration.

For example, I watched Olympus Has Fallen tonight, and boy howdy, there was some serious carnage.

I’m a bit hazy on the plot, but it has something to do with an elite North Korean special ops kinda deal breaching the White House and taking the president hostage. The antagonist wants to unify Korea and inflict nuclear armageddon on America. That’s the gist.

My favorite part of the movie is when the former secret service traitor has his moment of reveal with the president. The president asks this traitor how much money it takes to be a traitor, and the traitor responds by asking the president how much it takes for Wall Street to buy the presidency, or something to that effect. It’s hilarious.

Luckily, before being executed, this traitor is given the opportunity to repent. It’s very moving.

I’ll probably expound on this later, but if you want to get a head start, read Christmas Time on Wall Street, another frank dispatch from Mike Whitney.

I mean, goddamn.

Stay tuned.

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