Sex and Violence, Teen Edition

by lizard

Youth gone wild!!!

Young men want to fight and young women want to fuck!!

It’s in the papers, folks, and on the television. You’ve been warned!

If you watch Fox news or know people who watch Fox news, then you’ve probably heard about the knock-out game where vicious youth test their youthful vigor by trying to drop unsuspecting victims with a single punch.

I suggest keeping a close, discerning eye on any young males stalking the sidewalks of America, especially if they’re of the colored skin variety, and/or traveling in packs.

When it comes to young women, adult men, you must be alert. They will coyly pose for your cameras, then submit to sexting pictures of their girl parts, and when you don’t acquiesce to their lustful sexual urges, they will exploit illogical sex laws to punish you.

Just ask Dax Cody Kuehn.

Dax is like a totally talented photographer in Missoula, and there are people who want to let you know, anonymously of course, that Dax is unfairly getting snowed by Lolita. From the comments:


Age of consent, sexual texting, and the whole ball of wax is just ridiculous. These “little girls” as everyone likes to portray them, are engaging in risky behaviors that they end up regretting later. Do you honestly think that at 21 she’s going to make better decisions? At 30? At 45? Probably not.

Her actions, as a result of her own low self-esteem, are the cause of something that was NOT predatory, but voluntary – FOR MONTHS! She is “old enough to know.” Hell, kids are old enough to know at 10 these days! Bottom line: She dropped her drawers and hit the “send” button, and then decided to ruin the guy’s life. You can bet she played on the fact that her grandfather is a retired detective, crying crocodile tears over it and saying “I didn’t want him to get in trouble – really.” Boo hoo. So glad he was smart enough to not have any images on his phone. These teens are 16 and 17 going on 34 and 35. Anyone who thinks differently is protecting the wrong group. Girls today are trashy, promiscuous, aggressive and taking the lead of soulless dirtbag losers like Miley Cyrus. I hope her mother’s proud of raising not only a girl with a rockbottom self-esteem (and never knew it???), but one that now knows it’s okay to blow the whistle anytime and somehow wrangle out of the emotional consequences. Atta girl, mom!

Is the dude a dirtbag? Yeah. But he wasn’t preying on a 12 year old, he was flirting with a woman old enough to have sex and virtually on the brink of 30. C’mon! Good job Jason Marks understands this fact.


Not saying this guy is not a creep because clearly he is. But I think this girl is every bit at fault. In fact, I would conclude she ran off to get him in trouble after being rejected. If this would have happened a couple months from now (when she is 18) it wouldn’t even be an article. At 17 (almost 18) I’m pretty sure she knew exactly what she was engaging in. And if her or her mom did 1 second of research on this guy before they hired him or before mom decided to leave her alone and secluded with him they would have seen exactly what type of photo’s this guy does.The whole “I’ve never been told I was sexy so I’m going to send nude photo’s” argument just doesn’t hold a lot of water. With that said…C’mon dude..what the heck man???

Youth, man. I mean, what are we going to do with these crazy kids?

Both of these stories are great opportunities to have awful, general conversations about the worst parts of coming of age: sex and violence.

Cue Jane’s Addiction, Natural Born Killers edition:

  1. I understand that the knock out game is frequently over hyped and racialized, but having worked with teen boys I do find it disturbing how many of the them feel that their worthiness of respect depends on their capacity to inflict harm on others, and publicly attempt to make other people see them as frightening and unpredictable. And an unfortunate number don’t seem to understand that the danger of fist fighting is greatly multiplied when you factor in alcohol and pavement. My guess is that they feel that society does not respect them no matter what they do – and if one can’t have respect, fear is a pretty common second choice.

    As to young women – they will make choices that in hindsight seem absurdly bad. In that way they are like essentially all other human beings. The law is there to give them at least some protection from those choices until they are older and either less likely to make those choices or better equipped to deal with the consequences. Grown men who get tangled up in these legal situations love to claim that the girl was totally into it, that she seduced him, as if the fact that teenage girls are sometimes attracted to older men is a revelation known only to them, and the rest of us can’t understand what they went through. This argument rests on the assumption that these men are completely incapable of declining sexual contact, regardless of the consequences. That such an argument can gain any defenders, anonymous or otherwise, says much worse things about adult culture than youth culture.

    • JC

      “the assumption that these men are completely incapable of declining sexual contact”

      I think that for men who fit this assumption, that we need to deal with them by eliminating their means of testosterone production.

  2. lizard19

    Jezebel picked up the Dax story, including screenshots of his Facebook apology and subsequent comments, which he later took down.

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