The Parents Behind Safe Community Safe Kids are Lying to their Children

by lizard

Cherrie Brady, Laura Lee and Susan Smith have some important things to say about Obama’s reckless marijuana comments, but first they want you to know how effective their crusade was in Montana against medical cannabis:

Safe Community Safe Kids was formed by a group of parents out of concern for the unbridled spread of medical marijuana in Montana and its effect on our children, families and community. With the help from parents and others across the state, we were instrumental in passing legislation on this issue.

In 2011, the Montana Legislature passed a bill to repeal the 2004 voters’ initiative on medical marijuana. When Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed this repeal bill, the Legislature unanimously passed another bill, Senate Bill 423. The governor refused to sign or veto this bill and because of his inaction the bill automatically became law.

Senate Bill 423 was designed to eliminate the growing medical marijuana industry and turn back to what the voters thought they were voting for, which was allowing patients with debilitating medical conditions to grow and consume marijuana for their own limited use under medical supervision. This was confirmed when the voters would not support a ballot initiative created by the medical marijuana industry proponents to overturn the legislative action. Montana has been the only state that we are aware of whose legislature passed a law to stop the industry that drives medical marijuana.

Good job ladies. You have kept Montana communities safe from the societal destruction of marijuana. I’m sure the people who claim to have “chronic pain” are much better off with oxycodone pills or alcohol, substances that are never abused and/or destroy lives.

It was terrifying to see actual storefronts spring up across the state. Thankfully, SB 423 seems to have produced the desired outcome: eliminate growth of businesses involved with medical cannabis. Now all that illicit drug money can stay in the black market, where I’m sure it never mingles with illegal guns, or other, more dangerous drugs, like meth. Or Heroin.

But these crusading moms aren’t done. No sir, they are OUTRAGED at president Obama’s recent “cavalier” comments regarding weed:

As parents we feel outraged with President Barack Obama’s recent cavalier statement in regard to marijuana. Obama stated, “As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

Obama’s dismissive approach to marijuana, alcohol and tobacco is sending out approval to our youth to make choices that are detrimental to their health, safety and welfare. We feel it is harmful and confusing to our youth for the leader of our country to suggest that the use of marijuana, alcohol or tobacco is just a bad habit or vice. His action undermines our ability to teach responsible and healthy behavior to our children.

These moms seem like they’re on top of it. They know how dangerously confusing mixed messages can be. Obviously they would never dream of consuming an alcoholic beverage in front of their kids, because then they might have to have a nuanced conversation about excessive consumption versus moderate consumption. And they better not let their kids hang out with kids who have parents that drink or smoke cigarettes. To be extra careful, probably no movies, TV, or music.

Finishing strong, these three courageous parents speak about responsibility, government accountability, and leadership:

As parents, we are the ones who have the responsibility to determine and teach what is best for our children. It is a poor decision for the president to undercut what parents across the nation are trying to teach children. Children should be able to look up to the leader of our country for inspiration. Obama’s example is frightening. He is performing very poorly as the leader of our nation on this issue.

It is our duty as citizens to hold the government accountable for their actions. Therefore we ask that Obama swiftly retract this statement and apologize to parents and children across the nation.

I like how these women seem to think they’re speaking for “parents across the nation” who feel “undercut” by some innocuous and—more importantly—ACCURATE statement by the president about cannabis.

As a parent, I can say quite emphatically that they DO NOT speak for me. The president hasn’t said anything I wouldn’t tell my kids, and I feel sad these women feel like their parenting ability has been compromised by a throwaway presidential quip.

The confusing reality is a MUCH LESS harmful substance—cannabis—is absurdly defined as a schedule I drug by the federal government while MUCH MORE harmful substances, like alcohol and cigarettes, are legally produced, marketed and sold to tens of millions of Americans.

If these parents are telling their kids marijuana is more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, then they are lying, and lying to your kids is NOT good parenting. Once kids realize their parents haven’t been as forthright as they trusted them to be, then why believe them or any other authority figures when it comes to really dangerous drugs, like meth?

I would like to invite these parents to join the rest of us in reality, where the cost of enforcing cannabis prohibition is pointless, considering it has had no discernible impact on supply or demand.

The misguided, misinformed parents behind Safe Community Safe Kids may have won a little cultural skirmish with SB 423, but the end of cannabis prohibition is inevitable. Who knows, maybe some of the tax money can go toward treatment for those suffering from substance abuse.

That would actually make our community safer.

  1. I was disappointed to hear the Legalize Marijuana folks chose to wait until 2016 to get an initiative on the ballot, and not this year.

    The legislature could act swiftly and ensure we’ll have millions more tax dollars. After all, legalization is just an inevitability, and one we should wholeheartedly accept as a way to fund the future of our state.

    Boy, I bet Royce Engstrom would love some of that $70 million tax revenue Colorado is about to get. It might have eased some of those angry comments at his institutions lack of funds today on the Missoulian’s website.

    I sure hope there are some smart legislators that will draft legislation modeled after Colorado and Washington, and also our own Coal Tax Trust Fund. We can tax the hell out of pot and ensure we’ll have another source of income for years after these fossil fuel resources just don’t cut it anymore.

    We want to attract marijuana professionals to the state to set up world-class businesses and production facilities early, places that the rest of the nation can use as models. With correct industry regulation in place they’ll me no more conspicuous than those liquor stores here and there.

    I sure hope we don’t let the policies of fear guide our decisions in this matter, not when there’s so much benefit to be had for all.

    I’m still a big proponent of doing a property tax rebate check with that marijuana tax money, although I’d much rather wait until the account that money is going into is solvent and earning a fair amount of interest first.

    There’s so much in this for everyone in all corners of the state, and the time to act swiftly is now while the iron is hot.

  2. Steve W

    As a parent, I concur with you liz.

    Thanks for writing about this and doing your part to counter the propaganda and to instead suggest positive action forward.

    That the Missoulian gives free space to anti-science ideologues living in the superstitious past is quite understandable. What else do they got?

  3. warren

    America has gone Commi. It was made illegal 80 years ago for DuPont and standard oil , after several thousand years of many uses. Fuck this weak shit hole we have become. 6 in wealth in the world , 15 in standard of living and yes the big one, 25 in education which is fake anyway. 225,000 Americans die from properly prescribed medications every year. Drs are glorified drug dealers and murderers. U divided States of corp America.
    Food you feed your kids is poison and killing them, but we are ok with that ? Junk food is more addictive then cocaine dumb asses. It’s about freedom , not murder for profits as the world see us today. Fuck all the fakes and all 52,state that are Commi fed laws. Being fake and dishonest makes you weak and you can see the results. God gave us plants, humans make poison called food and medicine.

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