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Two Items of Interest

by jhwygirl

There’s a petition out there demanding that Missoula County stop trivializing rape cases. Signatures are up to 6,878 as I type this, and they come from all over the world.

So there’s that. And yea, go ahead and say that 99.99% of these people have no business interjecting into our business. Whatever. But there’s our entry onto the world’s stage people. Keep cheering on Van Valkenburg’s lawsuit. Just keep going.

Secondly, Eric Hines – a University of Montana adjunct professor of political science – has tackled the question of whether the USDOJ has jurisdiction over Fred Van Valkenburg’s office. I recommend everyone read it. It’s titled, interestingly enough: Does the DOJ have the right to investigate the Missoula County Attorney? Yes, or Why Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg is wrong.

by lizard

Blogs and whether they are dying or not has been a subject touched on here and other virtual spaces as online chatter shifted from blog spaces to Twitter and other platforms.

In the last few weeks I’ve seen content I’ve written popping up in other places, which is mostly a good thing, and I’d say proof that proclamations of death for the blogosphere have been premature.

The post I wrote about accountability for bar owners was excerpted at Daily Kos in a post featuring progressive bloggers in different states writing about local issues. While I’m flattered, I feel compelled to point out that post was one of the few I’ve written about the panhandling ordinances that didn’t include the fact those ordinances were enhanced thanks to progressives like Dave Strohmaier and Caitlin Copple.

The Great Falls Tribune featured an excerpt from the post I wrote about heroin and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Again, it’s flattering to have content acknowledged by more official sources of media, but I can’t help being a little miffed that an unpaid blogger like myself is producing content that newspapers are using as they shrink newsrooms and squeeze everything they can from their remaining employees. Free content must be nice for the failing business model of newspapers.

Finally, the piece I did riffing off Martin Kidston’s “Missoula Time” article got picked up by Aaron Flint at The Flint Report. The juxtaposition of Kidston’s Missoula Time piece with the closure of a local Missoula restaurant, Food for Thought, reminded me of Dave Budge’s Montana Regulation Project. Oh, and Aaron, if you’re reading this, how dare you refer to 4&20 Blackbirds as liberal ;)

Seeing jhwygirl’s byline again is fantastic, and I hope JC and others continue using this forum to assemble and opine on the various issues that concern and inspire.

Stay tuned…

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