Why John Walsh is My Guy

by lizard

I’m tired of doing the dirty work for Republicans by poking holes in strong, honorable candidates like John Walsh. Montana Democrats have shown how wise they are by throwing tradition out the window and backing Walsh in the primary. Control of the senate is up for grabs, so Democrats will understandably pull out all the stops to promote the guy who has the best chance of getting the necessary campaign cash to be viable.

Some people on the lonely left may be tempted to support Dirk Adams in the primary race. They are fools. Don’t think that just because Democrat blogger Don Pogreba is vacationing in Iceland that he can’t lay down a political smack-job. Heed his wisdom, or tempt his wrath. The choice is yours.

Listen people, the Keystone XL pipeline is inevitable, so why oppose it? Opposing job creation doesn’t poll well outside the emoprog echo chamber. I guess those on the left can hold tight to their cherished principles as Daines helps Republicans snatch control of the Senate and impose their radical tea party agenda. And if that happens, we know who to blame.

The best bet for improving America’s future prospects of maintaining our role of providing positive global leadership is to set aside those burdensome principles and support hand-picked establishment candidates, regardless of any misgivings one may have.

Not convinced? Neither am I.

April fools.

  1. Big Swede

    Sweet. Had me going.

    Mark’s over at POM is better.

  2. Craig Moore

    When I started reading your post, I thought that new Ruger had changed your persona. How’s it shootin’?

    As to Walsh et al., the WP has a stunner. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2014/04/01/the-8-senate-seats-most-likely-to-flip-to-the-gop/ Look for the lefty Dem blogs to ramp up the scream machine to excite the base to turn out.

    BTW, isn’t it worth a post how the MCV has endorsed Walsh who is pro coal, oil, and XL pipeline while overlooking Adams? http://www.greatfallstribune.com/article/20140330/OPINION/303300020/Montana-Soap-Box-Adams-defends-status-Democrat

    • lizard19

      I didn’t have a chance to take out the Ruger before leaving on vacation.

      as for writing about Adams, I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually. I will more than likely be voting for him in the primary.

      I do see the problem of a primary fight for MT Dems because it will weaken Walsh. I’m simply too disgusted with the two party system in general to really care about the outcome.

      if Dems lose the senate, it’s their own damn fault. a party that can only define itself by being less terrible than Republicants won’t motivate the millions of Americans who don’t even bother to vote. and why should they? it won’t effect the bipartisan protection of Wall St, the insanity if our foreign policy, or the damage we are doing to the planet.

      • petetalbot

        Dirk Adams seems to advance the most progressive environmental platform, at least publicly, but as an outlier, he doesn’t have a lot to lose by doing so. One has to wonder, if he were to survive the primary, would he tack right for the general?

        You mention Wall Street in your comment, liz. Adams is Wall Street all the way, just on a smaller scale. From Politico and the Treasury Department’s Inspector General: “his last bank failed two years ago based on adjustable-rate mortgages and poor risk management practices, among other ‘questionable activities by the management.’”

        He, obviously, didn’t get burned in the Great Recession or he wouldn’t be living on a 12000-acre cattle ranch near Wilsall. But I guess people make mistakes … and they can always change, right?

        Same is true with John Bohlinger (the “making mistakes … can always change” part). He was a Republican for many years, he’s been in-and-out of the Senate race, he has a questionable campaign strategy, and he’ll be 78 in three weeks (he is a sharp dresser, though).

        Seriously and pragmatically, I’m sure Walsh has a plethora of advisors taking polls and mapping a strategy. Bloggers may be outraged by the insider politics that got him appointed to the Senate and then endorsed by the Dems before the primary, but that’s how the game is played.

        There’s a lot at stake in this election — like the balance of power in the Senate — and party leadership will do what it takes to get (what it believes) is the most viable candidate on the general election ballot.

        No ringing endorsements here, and since no truly progressive, Native American woman (hint, hint) will be on the ballot, I’m going to wait and see how things shake out in the next couple of months. But I will vote for the Democratic candidate who has the best chance to beat that scum-sucking dog, Steve Daines.

        • lizard19

          I know about Adams’ banking background. I wrote about it here.

          Pete, you say there’s a lot at stake in this election, but I’m wondering what kind of specific fallout would come from Democrats losing the Senate. I’m honestly asking.

          • petetalbot

            Since Obama has the veto pen, not a lot of really bad stuff will happen. Not much good will happen either as the Dems will spend all their capital rebuffing inane Republican bills. And if the Republicans hold the majority in both houses and we get a Republican President in 2016, look out.

            Have you seen Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget? Slashing food stamps and Medicaid, Pell Grants and pensions, repealing Obamacare (I know it’s not great but the old way was better?).

            I’ll be accused of political triangulation, I’m sure. The difference between the two parties can be measured by degrees, but there is a difference. Do I want more progressive candidates that I can be passionate about and can win? Shit yeah. Are they on the ballot? No.

            P.S. Enjoy your vacation, liz. It might be almost Spring-like, in a Montana fashion, when you get back.

            • lizard19

              Walsh comes off as an empty suit being moved around by insider handlers. at some point he’s going to have to, you know, actually campaign.

              as to the difference between parties, I liken it to the difference between methods of suicide. Republicans are a gun shot to the head while Democrats are a more comfortable overdose of painkillers.

              I know that’s incredibly cynical, but with the next economic crisis guaranteed, climate change moving beyond the point of no return, and the insanity of our foreign policy, it’s very hard not to be extremely cynical.

              ok, back to vacation :)

        • Craig Moore

          Walsh also receives significant Wall Street money. It’s just put through the washing machine of Charles Schumer’s IMPACT leadership fund. http://politicalmoneyline.com/tr/tr_mg_cand.aspx?&sCandID=S4MT00118&sCycle=2014

          Schumer has been very cozy to Wall Street. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/chuck-schumer-wall-street-senate-banking-committee-new-york-city-104868.html

          To tar Adams with the Wall Street brush is disingenuous with the effort to hide Walsh’s source of funds.

    • JC

      An MCV endorsement means little to other than “conservationists”. What is it to be a “conservationist?” Supporting middle-of-the-road greenwash pablum masquerading as having any real approach to the environmental problems affecting us today. The sort advanced by Jon Tester’s Forest Jobs bill, and Keystone XL/coal/oil & gas apologists like Walsh, et. al.

      Dems have lost what it means to be a dem. As old Jed would say, if he were still coming around, them Reagan dems just keep shooting themselves in the foot trying to look like republicans to the center of the populace. No wonder they’re going to lose big this time around.

  3. JC

    Looks like Montana Dems are bringing back the 21st century version of the “white primary.” Can’t let them leftists have a voice in the primary like they did with Jon Tester, forcing him to agree to terms that he knew he wouldn’t be able to follow through with down the road… hate to think that leftist radical environmentalists might play a part in the primary if Bohlinger and Walsh are neck-to-neck come primary voting day, and Dirk Adams and NREPA given them a bargaining chip to sway their support one way or the other.

    Actually, maybe it is better this way, that the Dem party jettison the left now so that dems can safely lurch to the right some more with Walsh to accommodate the “center.” That way when they lose, they only have themselves to blame. Besides, I can’t see myself, or any of the lefties that swung from Paul Richards to Tester in the 2006 primary actually supporting the Dem’s choice with “the General.” Maybe we’ll get a good third party candidate coming out of the woodwork for the fall elections.

    And no, this ain’t no april fool’s joke!

  4. Turner

    I worry that if the R’s take the Senate, they’ll block appointments. Especially if a SC Justice dies.

  5. steve kelly

    I am a little surprised none of the Dem candidates have come out yet for single-payer health care or expanded Medicare since Walsh can’t speak of such a thing.

  6. steve kelly

    If the entire political system is managed, do elections matter? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverted_totalitarianism

  7. Great. Dems come out swinging with another bout of more fear of losing….
    one good strong Montana woman candidate proposing single payer HC would have won by a landslide. instead we get a roomful of men in Helena who find us the cowardly lion dabbing at tears with his tail.
    any idiot can see that the unknown candidate crated up and shipped to Max’s office is a hollow figurehead. Walsh or whatever he is called is failing to charm anyone….
    is this really the best Dems can come up with?
    God Almighty.

    no good women candidates?



  8. Lynn

    Since the Walsh Campaign can’t be bothered to reply to any of my requests for clarification on where John Walsh stands on issues, I’m supposting Adams

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