Pogie Gets Spanked by Dirk Adams


It was just a matter of time until General Walsh’s campaign website blog supporter, Intelligent Discontent, got caught with its pants down trying to further its case against dem primary opponents Dirk Adams and John Bohlinger. Seems that Pogie, in his vacation retreat, didn’t bother to find the facts, instead he relied on unverified second hand reports about Dirk Adams’ stances.

Here’s what Adams had to say about Pogreba and Intelligent Discontent:

“This is the stuff of Fox News and worse. 

I have to get back to reality now.” 

I only bring this information up because Don is so concerned with truthiness and all. Oh, and he attempted to bad mouth us here at 4&20 in his post. Or maybe this is Pogie’s idea of a good April Fool’s joke?

Full transcript of his blog post and Dirk’s response after the jump.


Dirk Adams and His Amazing Progressive Rebirth


There’s been a lot of debate online recently on Twitter and in the more enlightened circles of the Left  about the progressive nature of the Dirk Adams campaign for the US Senate. Adams has positioned himself squarely on the left, focusing on his opposition to Keystone XL and coal development to make him the “progressive” alternative to John Walsh and former Republican John Bohlinger.

A closer look at what Adams has said in the last year and done in the last twenty call into question just how sincere those progressive values really are.

A profile by the Missoula Independent’s Alex Sakriassen back in September helps paint Adams in a somewhat different light than how Adams is presenting himself today. Back then, it seems, he planned to run from the right:

It’s not just the resume that gives Democrats pause. Bond says he was shocked to hear Adams tell the Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee recently that “no Democrat would be able to fall to the right of him” in 2014.

He’s also won favor in some Democratic circles for his opposition to coal development. When Adams met with Gallatin County Democrats back in September, though, he expressed both support for Montana coal development and hydraulic fracking:

He also sees no problems with fracking. Asked about coal he told us three major coal mining companies in Appalachia have declared bankruptcy.  But never fear, it is to MT’s advantage that those reserves have dwindled.

These are important contradictions. While Adams now wants Democratic voters to believe that he comes with strong credentials as a progressive, as little as a year ago he was defending the very environmental practices he now decries and was planning to run as a conservative Democrat.

That tendency to speak one way and act another has characterized Adams from the outset of his campaign. Rather than acknowledging the fact that was in senior leadership of a number of banks that failed before, during, and after the crisis of the 2008 recession, Adams has suggested he was some sort of lone voice of reason, predicting the collapse and advocating reform before anyone else. Two or three closed banks paint a somewhat different picture.

Back in September, James Conner detailed some of the problems with Adams’s past as a banker, calling his story “Adventures in SubPrimeville.”

Politico explained that Adams directed a bank closed because for “questionable activities” by its directors:

In fact, his last bank failed only 18 months ago: the Controller of the Currency closed Home Savings of America of Little Falls, Minnesota in February 2012 when Adams was chairman and CEO of the holding company.

The Treasury Department’s Inspector General chalked the failure up to “an aggressive growth strategy” based on adjustable-rate mortgages and poor risk management practices, among other “questionable activities by the management.”

It seems Adams’s last job in banking came as president of Guaranteed Home Mortgage Co., a job he took in July 2012, before being fired eight months later. This video from 2010 suggests that GHM was anything but a responsible, mature lender when Adams joined the company:

My take on Adams is that he’s a smart guy who made an excellent living for himself by finding needs in markets and exploiting them. Initially, when he announced his intention to run for the Senate, he perceived the market needed a conservative candidate, but as the political winds have shifted, so has his position.

Seeing Senator Walsh as the moderate, mainstream candidate, Adams has shifted left, but it’s hard to the candidate who has expressed opposition to increasing the minimum wage, support for the Citizens United decision, and support for fracking seriously as the “progressive choice,” no matter how hard he tries to sell himself that way or no matter how much some Democratic voters want to be able to vote for a more liberal candidate.

I understand the impulse to support progressive Democrats. It’s just important to make sure that the progressive we support actually is one.


Dirk Adams’ response:


— Posted by Dirk Adams on April 02, 2014

I’ll briefly break from dealing with the reality of what Montanans need from their representative to the U.S. Senate to address some errors in a post on the blog “Intelligent Discontent”.

The post asserts that in September I claimed to be running as a conservative when meeting with the Gallatin County Democrats. This is not the case. I’ve been apologized to twice by the referenced sources of that article in describing my remarks that evening. In the meeting in Gallatin County, I was referring to the fact the Democrats are the real “conservatives” in their commitment to conserving our human resources, environment  and historical systems of social support.

In regards to what the blog post says regarding fracking and coal, it is accurate that I am not opposed to hydro fracking. But I expect it be done with proper safeguards and that clean up must happen as they go. In regards to coal, what the post states is consistent with my position that coal is dead. The industry is dying, and we need to make changes to the infrastructure of our economy now. Read a part of my plan here.

It is true, too, that I was fired from Guaranteed Home Mortgage Co. I was asked to do something I thought was wrong (knew was wrong) and refused to do. I stood my ground and this was the outcome. I stood up for my principles and will continue to do so, and hope also to do so for the principles of the people of Montana.

I will never sell out my own character or people I represent to keep a job. I’ve already proved it.

In regards to the minimum wage, you can read my position here (see Income Inequality). I’ve said that raising the minimum wage is a band-aid to a structural problem that exists in our economic paradigm. I am not opposed to raising the minimum wage. It often serves as a temporary fix to a larger problem. I’ve also said that the best time to raise the minimum wage is when employment numbers are up, and there are fewer workers willing to take unfair, insufficient wages. Once in place, workers are better positioned in times of higher unemployment.

The blog post asserts I was involved in the failure of several financial institutions. Again, flat out wrong. I had the unfortunate experience of being involved with one. It was a community bank, one of a thousand, that didn’t get bailed out when the housing market crashed.

I’ll point our here, too, another way in which Intelligent Discontent hasn’t done their homework. The post refers to the “failure” of Golden West Bank which I left in 2000. It was then sold to Wachovia in 2010. Golden West never failed. Wachovia did, ten years after I was gone. It is also interesting to note that the CEO of Golden West at the time of its sale was Herb Sandler who founded the Center for American Progress and Pro Publica. He also donated 2 million to MoveOn.org. He’s a huge supporter of Democrats.

The video posted in the blog is completely unrelated to any business I’ve been associated with. The logo, even, is different (see www.ghmc.com).

This is the stuff of Fox News and worse.

I have to get back to reality now.

  1. Your continued, infantile attacks on me are only revealing how detached from reality you are.

    You’ve twisted yourself so badly that you’re taking the unverified word of a Democratic candidate who spent his career as a mortgage banker at face value, without so much as looking at one claim to see if it’s true.

    I think you should probably stick posting discredited conspiracy theories. Those are less sad and actually kind of amusing. This, though?

    Just pathetic.

    • Craig Moore

      Don, what’s pathetic is that you didn’t check your facts or corroborate your sources before launching your attack. Appears to be just standard SOP for a party apparatchik that doesn’t care about substance. Attack, attack, but never defend.

      • Craig,

        You’re just repeating nonsense. Running over here to do it because you won’t respond to the threat at my blog doesn’t make you right; it just shows you can’t win the argument.

        I’ll repeat it here. I’ve responded to Adams. Given your deep interest in facts, explain where I’m wrong. Defend his position on any of the issues in which Adams and I disagree.

        Can you do that for a change? Actually engage in an argument about evidence and reason? Or is the extent of your argumentative ability throwing out words like apparatchik? Pick your forum, here or there, but please actually argue the substance of the claims.

        Any chance you could do that?

        • Craig Moore

          Don, more huffing and puffing. Here’s a clue, it’s not about me. You made accusations that Adams refuted with specifics. Now prove your claims or apologize for your nonsense. It’s that simple.

  2. steve kelly

    Rather than admit that picking Walsh to replace Baucus was a mistake, Democrats with the most power and influence in Washington, D.C. are doing what corrupt cowards always do: Change the subject, deny their obvious error, find a scapegoat and counter-attack.

    Challengers with better ideas are a threat to Walsh because he has not presented his ideas well in the political marketplace. This raises even more questions about Walsh’s ability to lead and represent constituents effectively.

    What I like most about Adams is that he can articulate his position clearly, and doesn’t run from a debate about issues.

    Personally, I like that he is raising his voice in support of strong environmental protection and single-payer health care. We need a champion in these two areas of vital interest to Montana’s future.

    Ironically, (debate coach) Pogie and other party apparatchiks are there to stifle open, public debate. Don’t be distracted. Don’t let them discourage you from voting.

    Let’s have a public debate in every major city in Montana before the June primary election. Then, let the people decide for a change.

    • I’m so confused about the real progressive position. Am I allowed to speak in the “open, public debate” or is that limited to you and candidates you’ve naively decided to support? I’d argue part of the “public debate” is exactly what’s happening on the blogs.

      I’d also welcome you to substantively engage on the issues raised in my post. Your silence on those is telling.

  3. Turner

    Yes, let’s have a real Democratic primary process. That means suspending judgment until we see our potential senatorial candidates going face-to-face with one another. Walsh may be better than Adams. Or he might not be.

    On April 11 in Dillon we Beaverhead Democrats are having a dinner where Walsh, Adams, Bohlinger, Lewis, and maybe even Driscoll will be making their cases.

    Contact me at frozenrope62@yahoo.com to find out more.


  4. Billings Dad

    Thanks for the post JC – the funny thing is that POGIE fancies himself a debater – IMO – anybody on my HS debate team would have mopped up the canvas with him, just as Dirk Adams did.

    • Any subject, any time, any format, any audience, Coobs.Given your penchant for wildly inaccurate analysis, it makes sense that you’ve chosen to hide under a pseudonym on the blogs.

  5. Billings Dad

    Too funny – POGIE – take your lumps – whimpering doesn’t become you !

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