John Kerry Forced to Apologize for Using the “A” word

by lizard

Let’s not kid ourselves, Donald Sterling received a lifetime ban from the NBA for his racist remarks because the league would have been significantly impacted, economically, had Adam Silver not taken a strong stand. Because the threat of a player boycott was very real, and could have derailed the playoffs, a wealthy racist has been punished for his racism.

Punishing an individual racist may feel good, but it doesn’t address institutional racism. Institutional racism is much more difficult to punish, especially when there is an economic interest in ignoring or downplaying systemic racism.

Take the apartheid state of Israel, for example. Politicians are so terrified of institutions like the Anti-Defemation League that exist to squash any hint of criticism against Israel that to even be caught using the “A” word is a major transgression, something John Kerry found out recently:

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, has apologised for warning that Israel risked becoming an “apartheid state” if it did not reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, following a barrage of criticism in America.

In a statement, Kerry hit back at what he described as “partisan political” attacks against him, while stating that in retrospect he would have chosen a different word.

He said that apartheid was “a word best left out of the debate [in the US]” despite the fact that there have been similar warnings from senior Israeli politicians.

Israel’s stranglehold on US politicians is sad. The peace process is a joke and Israel absolutely is an apartheid state. From the link:

Facing hysterical outrage from apologists of the Middle East’s only state to have never joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Kerry quickly cowered and walked back his statement, saying he chose the “wrong wording”. His retraction echoed Obama’s own statements on the issue, when he came out against “injecting a term like apartheid” that is “historically inaccurate.”

Of course, Israel has been an apartheid state since 1967. How else to describe a socioeconomic system in the occupied territories under Israeli sovereignty where residents of one ethnicity are subject to military law while residents of another to civilian law? Where there is complete separation of land and roads, which a principal architect of the settler colonies in the occupied territories (and admirer of South Africa’s racist segregation) modeled after the Bantustans he saw in that country?

Inside the Green Line, Israel can make the dubious claim that it’s discriminatory laws like the Prevention of Infiltration Law, Citizenship and Entry Law and Acceptance to Communities Law, as well as institutions such as the Jewish National Fund, do not actually constitute the crime of apartheid, but merely legalized discrimination and racial supremacy.

It would be nice if US politicians weren’t such slobbering lapdogs of a racist nation like Israel. The Israel/Palestine conflict is the epicenter of unrest in the Middle East, and if the peace process remains the joke that it is, the inherent violence of Israel’s institutional racism will continue to ripple out from the Holy Land.


  1. d.g.

    Thank you for your research and for writing and posting this. It needs to be heard. I remember (as a young person) in the early ’70’s, I think, when actress Vanessa Redgrave spoke out regarding the sublimation of Palestinians by Israel. She was nearly blacklisted from Hollywood.

    • A friend of mine only two nights ago said that her mother still wouldn’t watch a movie with Vanessa Redgrave in it. Her husband, my friend’s father” was career Navy. Fierce.

  2. Big Swede

    I agree the peace process is a joke.

    The bigger joke is Kerry and his feeble mind thinking he can solve 3000 years of perpetual warring.

    • Steve W

      While I don’t disagree with Kerry that Israel is an Apartheid state, for one with such a feeble mind as yourself to be accusing anyone else of that deficit is paradoxically funny!

      I also agree with Kerry on Oswald, I don’t think he was acting alone either, and I would add, whatever Oswald’s part.

      Kerry is a vetted empire/oligarchy player and is much smarter than you. Unequivocally. I hope i didn’t pop your bubble, Swede.

      • Big Swede

        Hey Steve, Palestinians can vote in Israel, they can be elected politicians, they can work and own a business, they are free to move about.

        In 2012 Israeli hospitals treated over 200K Palestinian patients.

        Does this sound like apartheid to you? None of these things are available to Israelis in Palestine.

        • Steve W

          Hey Swede, I said you have a feeble mind, and then you go and prove it to be so.

          Kerry is a far more intelligent human than you are, were, or ever will be.

          Israel is an apartheid state which acts outside the mandate of United Nations resolutions and outside the Geneva conventions.

          They own weapons of mass destruction and refuse inspections. They kill civilians routinely.

          You are naive. Your mind is feeble.

  3. larry kurtz

    hope you cced Lame Deer your post, liz. kill the powder river training complex, montana.

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