“America cannot continue to play cowboy”

by lizard

As I drove to my parents house today, I couldn’t help notice the balloons and ribbons at the entrance of their subdivision featuring the colors of the German flag. Most of the homes also have ribbons on their mailboxes with the same colors because this is the neighborhood where Diren Dede, the 17 year old German exchange student, was killed in a deliberate trap set by homeowner Markus Kaarma.

After dinner my mom told me about an alleged road-rage incident that happened the day of the shooting between a woman and Markus Kaarma. According to this KPAX report a woman described driving behind a van in the Prospect neighborhood when the driver of the van suddenly reduced speed to below 10 mph. When the woman tried passing, the van veered left, cutting her off. A man then allegedly got out and began shouting profanities at her. This woman later called police and reported her encounter once she saw the picture of Markus Kaarma on the news.

Because the victim was a German exchange student, this shooting is getting international media attention. The BBC covers it here and Al Jazeera interviewed state Rep. Ellie Hill regarding her legislative crusade to take on the Castle Doctrine.

When it comes to the spirit of the laws that have percolated across the states, I agree with Rep. Hill. When you extend the justifiable use of lethal force to the protection of “occupied structures” a culture of assholes who assume vigilante justice is permissible becomes inevitable.

I also agree with the grieving father:

The father of a 17-year-old exchange student shot dead in Montana departed the U.S. on Thursday after criticizing the nation’s gun culture and arranging for his son’s body to be flown back to Germany.

Celal Dede flew out of Missoula after securing the release of Diren Dede’s body, which was transported from Montana on Wednesday afternoon, German consulate spokeswoman Julia Reinhardt said.

Before he departed, Celal Dede told the German news agency dpa that he had never imagined his son could be shot for simply entering somebody’s property.

“America cannot continue to play cowboy,” Celal Dede said.

Those words reverberate far beyond the tragedy of a dude who appears to have totally lost his shit and murdered a teenager in his garage.

This week, Merkel stopped by the White House to try and get the Obama administration to stop spying on Germany. No agreement happened. The official line went something like this:

The leaders of the US and Germany have admitted that the two governments have failed to reach a no-spying agreement.

US President Barack Obama met with German chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, months after Edward Snowden, a former US surveillence agency contractor, revealed that Washington was spying on German officials, including Merkel.

Efforts to reach a deal preventing Washington from gathering intelligence on German soil have faltered.

Merkel said on Friday in a joint news conference with Obama at the White House that they had “a few difficulties yet to overcome”.

Obama pledged to have “cyber-dialogue” on the issue, but said the US did not have a blanket “no spy” agreement with any country and that was not accurate to say Washington offered and withdrew a deal with Germany.

German relations with the US are very rocky right now. In Ukraine, the US has gone total cowboy, and early on edged out Germany’s preferred political puppet, Vitali Klitschko. Regular Counterpunch contributor, Michael Whitney, sees US fingerprints all over the mess in Ukraine, including this veiled threat by the IMF. His latest, Obama’s New Ukraine, pulls no punches. Here is a particularly potent dose of anti-propaganda most people here in the states half-watching this crisis escalate will never be exposed to. It’s a response to this editorializing from the New York Times.

Putin didn’t topple the Ukrainian government. The US State Department did. (Victoria Nuland’s hacked phone calls prove it.) And Putin didn’t violate the Geneva agreement less than 24 hours after the deal was signed by launching a crackdown on civilian protestors in the east. That was US-puppet Yatsenyuk. Nor did Putin deploy the military to surround cities, cut off their water supplies and deploy helicopter gunships to fire missiles at civilian infrastructure and terrorize the local population. That was the work of Obama’s fascist junta in Kiev. Putin had nothing to do with any of the trouble in Ukraine. It’s all part of the US “pivot to Asia” strategy to encircle and (eventually) dismember Russia in order to seize vital resources and control the flow of energy to China. Washington wants to reduce Ukraine to Mad Max-type pandemonium to justify establishing NATO bases on Russia’s perimeter. It’s all part of the plan to control Central Asia and rule the world.


What will this insane imperial overreach mean here at home? When will the Mad Maximizing of chaos start ramping up domestically?

It’s sad my cynicism has, in part, informed my decision to buy a gun. I’m reminded of the justification Democrats use for swimming in the dark waters of dark money: we can’t unilaterally disarm ourselves. Same reasoning that led Obama to reject public financing during his 2008 campaign.

Taking corporate money came up in the only debate either party will have in the closely scrutinized Senate race here in Montana. I’m more than likely voting for Dirk Adams in the primary despite his banker background. I’ll leave it to the more astute observers of state politics to tell me why I should vote for the guy mulling over Social Security privatization schemes.

I vote as a way of keeping the light on against total nihilism. But the choices we have make it difficult. If there is seriously another showdown in 2016 between a Bush and a Clinton, will there really be anything left to say?

The answer is yes. The question is, will they listen?

  1. evdebs

    The road rage incident is interesting, but I don’t think it will affect the Kaarma prosecution, though it shows how out of control he was before the homicide.

    I guess you know that the mouthbreathing gun nuts all over the country have posted feedback rationalizing the killing and supporting Kaarma. They’re driven to sites such as CNN and the NY Times by loopy websites like FreeRepubic, Drudge, Breaitbart, etc.

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