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by lizard

Democracy is something we Americans are allegedly in possession of, and it’s such a great form of political participation that some people argue America can improve the world by exporting this amazing thing called Democracy to other countries.

As reports of Gaddafi bombing his own people came in during March of 2011, The Polish Wolf mentioned America’s commitment to Democracy in a brief post titled On the table?:

Apparently that’s where we are keeping all our options currently. There is talk of a no-fly zone, because it is known that Gaddafi has bombed the opposition and will probably do so increasingly as things become more dire for him. The US has moved assets into the area, but it’s unknown whether we’ll have to use them.

I can see both sides – on the one hand, we certainly don’t want foreign intervention to undermine the populism of the revolt and taint any future regime with the scent of imperialism.

However, the West has clearly thrown their collective hats in with the opposition. If they are crushed, there is no reconciliation possible with Libya for years, probably decades. Moreover, Libya is neither Egypt nor Tunisia – the forces arrayed against the opposition are not an army of the people but a network of secret forces and mercenaries. More people have already died in Libya than in Tunisia and Egypt combined. What would it say about our commitment to Democracy if we watch from our aircraft carriers, loaded up with jet planes, as pro-Democracy forces are bombed and massacred?

This is interesting to bring up in the context of Ukraine, a country where the West has clearly thrown their collective hats in with Neo-Nazi Fascists who exploited a sniper turkey shoot to enact a coup in Kiev.

I’ll transpose the same logic PW uses above for Ukraine: if the Federalists in Eastern Ukraine are crushed, then there will be no reconciliation possible with Ukraine for years, probably decades. I will also point out that the forces arrayed against the opposition are not an army of the people but a network of secret forces and mercenaries.

There were votes cast yesterday in Eastern Ukraine. Of course they won’t be taken seriously, but there are some actual mainstream news reports that there is wide support for more autonomy from Kiev expressed by Eastern Ukrainians.

Moon of Alabama has another great post with links, titled Ukraine: Serious Media Confirm Donetsk Poll Results (if the post appears in an awkward format, try the main page).

If these reports are true, then it sounds like some primo Democracy is happening in Eastern Ukraine. I have no idea the necessary contortions it will take for someone like the Polish Wolf to justify continued violence from fascist thugs against Eastern Ukrainians who want more autonomy in how their lives are governed. Maybe PW can take a break from Facebook and write up something at Intelligent Discontent to enlighten us.

by lizard

It appears Greg Strandberg, a candidate for HD 98, has doubled-down on stupid with a guest post at Montana Cowgirl inquiring Are Nonprofits Good for Montana? This is how he begins his inquiry:

I’ve said repeatedly on this site that nonprofits aren’t really worth much. This angers a lot of people.

Why is that? Why is it that we think nonprofits are such a good thing?

Think about that for a moment. I’m willing to bet you have no idea what a nonprofit is, what it does, or why on earth it wouldn’t be trying to make a profit.

It’s that last point that really gets me. I mean, if there’s no profit incentive, what incentive is there to do anything? After all, this isn’t communist China, right?

Let’s take a look at nonprofits and why you might want to think twice about them and their role in our national economy, and right here in Montana.

I’m not sure if this is a serious position Strandberg is taking, or if it’s an extended piece of concern trolling. Strandberg is running as a Democrat.

Luckily there is a much better choice for HD 98, and her name is Heather Cahoon. You can read her bio here. Here is a part of it I found appealing:

After completing my undergraduate degree in Native American Studies and English, I enrolled in the University of Montana’s MFA in Poetry program where I was the recipient of the Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship. I later received the Merriam-Frontier Award for publication of my MFA thesis, a collection of poems titled, Elk Thirst.

After completing the MFA program I indulged in other interests and pursued an interdisciplinary PhD in History, Anthropology and Native American Studies. My PhD research explored the evolution of tribal sovereignty in the U.S. from its roots in international law and human rights to the current federal policies of Self-Determination and Self-Governance. A primary focus of my study was on how and why particular policies are conceived of and by whom (or for what purposes or goals), how those policies are structured and then implemented and the disparities between the expectations and reality.

Yeah, if I was voting for this House District, I’d vote for the poet and not the jackass who can’t fathom why an organization would even exist if not to make money.

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