HD 98 Candidate Thinks “nonprofits aren’t really worth much”

by lizard

It appears Greg Strandberg, a candidate for HD 98, has doubled-down on stupid with a guest post at Montana Cowgirl inquiring Are Nonprofits Good for Montana? This is how he begins his inquiry:

I’ve said repeatedly on this site that nonprofits aren’t really worth much. This angers a lot of people.

Why is that? Why is it that we think nonprofits are such a good thing?

Think about that for a moment. I’m willing to bet you have no idea what a nonprofit is, what it does, or why on earth it wouldn’t be trying to make a profit.

It’s that last point that really gets me. I mean, if there’s no profit incentive, what incentive is there to do anything? After all, this isn’t communist China, right?

Let’s take a look at nonprofits and why you might want to think twice about them and their role in our national economy, and right here in Montana.

I’m not sure if this is a serious position Strandberg is taking, or if it’s an extended piece of concern trolling. Strandberg is running as a Democrat.

Luckily there is a much better choice for HD 98, and her name is Heather Cahoon. You can read her bio here. Here is a part of it I found appealing:

After completing my undergraduate degree in Native American Studies and English, I enrolled in the University of Montana’s MFA in Poetry program where I was the recipient of the Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship. I later received the Merriam-Frontier Award for publication of my MFA thesis, a collection of poems titled, Elk Thirst.

After completing the MFA program I indulged in other interests and pursued an interdisciplinary PhD in History, Anthropology and Native American Studies. My PhD research explored the evolution of tribal sovereignty in the U.S. from its roots in international law and human rights to the current federal policies of Self-Determination and Self-Governance. A primary focus of my study was on how and why particular policies are conceived of and by whom (or for what purposes or goals), how those policies are structured and then implemented and the disparities between the expectations and reality.

Yeah, if I was voting for this House District, I’d vote for the poet and not the jackass who can’t fathom why an organization would even exist if not to make money.


  1. dg

    While agreeing with your choice of candidates, can we agree here that Cahoon should consult an editor before releasing to the press? (The “A primary focus of…” line is about as awkwardly written as they come..)

  2. JC

    Heather looks like a great candidate. I hope that if she gets elected, she doesn’t get chewed up and spit out by the sausage grinder in Helena… I used to live in HD 98. It can be a tough district for a young idealistic, progressive dem.

    Can you get your hands on her thesis and pop one of her poems up for your weekly? All thesis at the UofM are archived at the Mansfield, and can be viewed.

  3. The days of voting a ‘straight’ democratic or GOP ticket should be over. So many crossed and blurred lines. This example is why each voter should do their due diligence and learn about the candidates.

    And NO this isn’t China, and NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO MAKE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO THE RIGHT THING! Usually it seems making lots of money means you’re NOT doing the right thing and just being bought out by those with money.

    Greg Strandberg is is NOT the right choice for HD 98 or any district in Montana in my mind. While Heather is a nice gal I’d still vote for Willis Curdy who I personally know to have a sound mind and good decision making skills. (Even if neither of them have social media skills) Heather is young still and not sure she’s ready to tackle the Legislative process, but she’s a giant leap better than Strandberg.

  4. Stalwart

    I read Strandberg’s guest post on cowgirl. I’m pretty sure he hit the campaign self destruct button. For those of use that work with struggling populations, doing jobs that don’t yield a windfall of profit but need to be done his opinion was concerning to say the least. His claim that people working for non profits can’t do anything else is just about as insulting as it gets. Apparently Greg thinks my job working with low income kids who have a severe mental illness is a job for useless dummies and that these kids would be better served by for profit company shareholders. I will be voting for Willis Curdy.

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