Eric Cantor Loses Primary

by lizard

We probably won’t hear much about the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook for two reasons. The first, only two were killed, and one of those was the shooter. The second, Eric Cantor.

It seems, if you watch the pundits salivating over this story, that immigration is the reason for this surprising political upset. Inner City Press has a different take worth considering:

In US politics, the upset of Eric Cantor by Dave Brat on June 10 has pundits like bond rating agency downgrading the chanced of Marco Rubio and pumping up those of Hillary Clinton, whose book (event) Inner City Press reviewed on June 10, here.

But there are other ways to view Brat’s win. On the US’ spying programs, Cantor defended them while Brat said, “the NSA’s indiscriminate collection of data on all Americans is a disturbing violation of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy.” On his website, Brat said he favors “the end of bulk phone and email data collection by the NSA.”

Also on his campaign website, Brat bashed Cantor for supporting “Wall Street bailouts.” A review of Cantor’s largest campaign contributors finds Goldman Sachs, Scoggin Capital Management and the Blackstone Group, now big in rental-backed securities. More on bad banks here.

Brat said, “”All the investment banks up in DC, New York, those guys should’ve gone to jail”

Jailing bankers and stopping the NSA from systematically violating the constitution? Sounds good to me.

Are you listening Democrats?

  1. Big Swede

    In Brat’s first interview last night he mentioned free market economics several times.

    Which would tie into his disdain of banks, the Fed, and moneychangers in general.

  2. Are you listening Democrats?

    “When addressing the issue of immigration, we must start by securing our border. An open border is both a national security threat and an economic threat that our country cannot ignore. I reject any proposal that grants amnesty ”

    (even to children of immigrants)

    “Human life is sacred, as proclaimed by our founding documents, and I will always support laws that protect life”

    (Abortion = Evil)

    “Our Rights come from God and not from Government”

    (False. Rights are a social convention.)

    “the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice”

    ( Capitalism = The answer to “human needs” and “economic justice”. Should we laugh or cry?)

    “faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation”

    (Atheists,Pantheists, Pagans,Polytheists, and any hippy claiming to be “spiritual” are idiots. This is a Christian Nation)

    All from Brat’s Campaign website, and there’s more.

    Cantor was bad, this guy is no different. I’m not a democrat, but if they are listening, I hope their hearing is selective.

  3. JC

    Cooter gets his revenge:

    Former congressman Ben Jones (D-Ga.), better known as “Cooter” from Dukes of Hazzard, [had] a plan to knock Eric Cantor out of the House. He’s urging his fellow Democrats to cross over and vote for a tea party-backed candidate in Virginia’s primary election.

    Cooter, who ran against Cantor in 2002, has penned an open letter calling upon Democrats in his former Virginia district to vote in the open primary next Tuesday for tea party opponent Dave Brat in order to defeat U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor.

    Crossing party lines to vote in an open primary has a long tradition in the solidly one-party South, Cooter argues in his letter:

    … “by voting for David Brat in the Seventh District Republican primary, we Democrats, independents, and Libertarians can make a big difference in American politics. It is your right to cast that vote. It is an “open” primary and it doesn’t preclude anyone from voting anyway they wish in November. It may be the only way to empower those who want to make a statement about the dysfunctional Congress and ‘politics as usual.'”

    Seems like the southern dems are fighting back.

    And while all the pundits and media whores do their thing, there’s a time honored tradition for what just happened called: “THROW THE BUMS OUT!” Of course, that means most of Congress, but a quickly revolving door between Congress and Main Street is preferable to a slow one between Congress and Wall Street and corporate America.

    • In a short post on Flathead Memo last night I raised the possibility that crossover votes might have contributed to Cantor’s loss. Perhaps a statistical analysis of the election will confirm or disprove that hypothesis. But I have my doubts. Determining whether significant crossover voting occurred is much easier than determining whether it changed the outcome.

      I think we’ll find that Cantor lost touch with his district, which is a much deeper red district than the district he represented before the 2010 Census based reapportionment. Tip O’Neill’s maxim that all politics is local holds here. Cantor got crosswise with his constituents, became too much of an accommodationist in the eyes of his district’s teabaggers, and in a low turnout election, ran afoul of an aggrieved and aroused teabagger electorate. And having hired who may be the least competent pollster in history, he apparently didn’t know he was in trouble until it was too late to escape the flames.

  4. dg

    Refusing to believe the vote distribution was based on something as logical as issue stances; guessing Cantor has a creepy face and too much hair gell, right? (*But we’ll take a win where we can get it.)

  5. dg

    okay, taking journalistic self-research responsibility, I can report that Cantor indeed: Looks like the spooky Christian orthodontist who tightened our braces beyond endurance when we were ten. This, Dear Readers, is the reason for his defeat. If he simply: gained ten pounds and sought out Al Gore’s hair stylist, he would have put his million-dollar investment in the bag! (And lose that pall-bearer suit on the way to the hair cut, Eric!)

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