Israel Commits War Crimes with Impunity

by lizard

I don’t expect honest coverage from corporate media regarding the war crimes Israel is committing right now, but ABC’s coverage was so terrible that they were forced to apologize:

Red-faced ABC News officials apologized early Thursday morning for misidentifying shell-shocked Palestinians as Israeli victims of a Hamas missile attack.

The gaffe came during an “ABC World News” report on Tuesday about the rapidly escalating crisis between Israel and the Palestinians. Anchor Diane Sawyer described an Associated Press photo as Israelis “trying to salvage what they can” after a Palestinian missile attack. The image, however, actually shows Palestinians walking through rubble with their belongings following an Israeli air strike.

The mistake was identified by pro-Palestinian journalist Rania Khalek late on Wednesday.

During Thursday’s predawn hours, “ABC World News” posted a statement to its Facebook page acknowledging the error: “On Tuesday night `World News’ aired a report on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, including attacks from both sides. In the introduction to the story, we mistakenly identified a family depicted in a still photo. They are Palestinian, not Israeli. We regret the error and will correct it.”

I guess ABC couldn’t find any images of destroyed Israeli homes, like the home that was intentionally targeted, resulting in the death of 5 children, all from the same family:

The exchange of Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket fire has continued to escalate into a third day, as health officials in Gaza reported that the deadliest pre-dawn bombardment yet has killed five children from the same family.

Israel also targeted a beach cafe, killing 9 people who were clearly plotting the demise of Israel while watching the World Cup.

How else should we expect the poor, victimized nation of Israel to act? Bomb shelter selfies?

Israel will continue committing war crimes with impunity. Because they can. The result of this barbarous behavior from the apartheid state of Israel ensures there will be new generations of traumatized Palestinians harboring acute hatred of the people inflicting collective punishment on them.

And the cycle continues…


  1. Big Swede

    Come on Liz, you can admit it.

    You’re wishing Israel’s Iron Dome defense system didn’t work.

    • lizard19

      is their evidence it’s working?

  2. Turner

    I suppose ABC’s error is understandable since all parties to the conflict are more or less identical genetically. Still, the treatment clearly demonstrates media bias.

  3. Pictures tell the story in news. Words matter, but far less. Showing the images, saying the victims were Israelis, was provably deliberate. Coming back later and saying the images was mislabeled has zero impact.

    Mission accomplished. Fox does this too.

  4. steve kelly

    Israel’s policy, however criminal, nowever brutal and deadly, is our policy too. We insist on it, and reward compliance with billions annually. There is no daylight in between.

  5. Eric

    You have to understand the mentality of the Jews – ‘Never Again’ isn’t just a slogan. What you consider war crimes they consider self-defense.

    • lizard19

      ‘Never Again’ obviously refers to the holocaust that predominantly (but not exclusively) targeted Jews during WWII, but what type of ideology did Nazi Germany employ? Fascism.

      so, as Israel works hard to maintain its historical victim status to justify every atrocity the apartheid state commits, fascism 2.0 is being used, by both Israel and the US.

      I said previously that Israel’s actions ensure a new generation of hate-filled Arabs seeking revenge, but I should add the inevitable re-surfacing of anti-semitism is also an outcome of Israel’s flagrant disregard for international law in its war against a civilian population that has been violently displaced and essentially imprisoned in the last few strips Israel has allowed them to inhabit under occupation.

  6. Eric

    I can’t disagree with you, but you must also consider that the Arabs have no need for excuses to hate Israel – they have and will hate Israel just for being Jewish.

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