Israel Continues Its Criminal Campaign of Terror Against Palestinians

by lizard

As a new week begins, America’s closest ally in the Middle East continues its disproportionate assault on 1.5 million Palestinians, an assault a handful of US citizens can’t seem to escape:

Mohammed is one of several hundred Palestinians with dual American citizenship who remained in Gaza Sunday night, unable to leave as fighting there entered its seventh day. The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that more than 174 people have been killed in the last week, as many as one-third of them children. While regional and western officials, including those from the U.S., have pressed both sides to agree to a cease-fire, Israel’s top leadership and Hamas officials abroad have said that the recent round of fighting could continue for days, or weeks to come. “I’m so worried, mostly for my children,” said Mohammed, who has been working as a freelance photographer in Gaza for years, and who recently became a TED fellow. “This isn’t easy for anyone, to be stuck here.” Mohammed said she has been trying to leave Gaza for weeks. She entered Gaza through its Rafah border crossing with Egypt last month to visit family, bringing her two young daughters, 3 years old and 18 months old, with her. Once inside, she discovered that to leave required a complex system of bribing Egyptian officials to be put on a “VIP list,” which, if she was lucky, would get them out. “I wrote the U.S. Embassy and they told me they couldn’t help. They said they couldn’t interfere to get me out,” Mohammed said. It was only after organizers from TED contacted the embassy directly that a consular officer got in touch with her, she said.

It’s not surprising the US government is worthless when it comes to actually protecting its citizens from Israel’s tyrannical slaughtering of (mostly) civilians. Just look at the disgusting deference to Israel exhibited by a Democrat Congresswoman over the vicious assault experienced by one of her own Florida constituents:

Tarek Abu Khdeir, a 15-year-old Palestinian-American high school student from Tampa, was brutally beaten in a videotaped July 3 incident in occupied East Jerusalem by Israeli border police. After being thrown in prison, he is now held under house arrest without charges, unable to receive adequate medical care for the extensive injuries he sustained during the beating. (Video of the alleged beating at the bottom of this article) Abu Khdeir’s family has beseeched their congressional representative, Castor, to publicly call for his release and immediate return to the United States. Though her staff has met repeatedly with the family, she has said and done nothing of substance to assist them. “If Tarek [Abu Khdeir] was a Jewish American teen, everybody and their mother would be howling for his release,” Hassan Shibly, chief director of CAIR-Florida and the Abu Khdeir family’s legal representative told me. “What we’re seeing here is a clear double standard.” While sources close to Abu Khdeir’s family say Castor’s staff has treated the family with respect even as they rebuffed their demands, a distant relative who visited Castor’s field office in Tampa to plead for help said she was “yelled out, intimidated, and insulted” by a staffer.

While US officials are servile to the apartheid state of Israel as it commits war crimes, like targeting water/sewer systems and using banned DIME weapons, some US musicians show what it’s like to still have a conscious. In a short article about a Neil Young concert being canceled (because of Palestinian rockets) there is a nice quote from Eddie Vedder:

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder on Friday denounced Israel in an expletive-laden tirade during a concert in England. “I swear to f***ing god, there are people out there who are looking for a reason to kill,” Vedder said. “They’re looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them. “They should get the f*** out, and mind their own f***ing business. We don’t want to give them our money. We don’t want to give them our taxes to drop bombs on children.”

Brian Eno has also gone on record with pointed criticism regarding how Israeli atrocities are being depicted by western media:

In an 11 July letter in the Guardian, Eno, formerly of the band Roxy Music, writes that he had been an “active and vocal supporter of the BBC for the whole of my adult life.” The reason he said was because of its “famous impartiality.” “But now that reputation [for impartiality] is being eroded,” the musician writes. “It’s a drift I started to notice a few years ago, and which I think has become very obvious.” Eno explains:

The most recent incident concerns the killing of three Israeli teenagers in Hebron. This admittedly disgusting crime has received an entirely disproportionate treatment: listening to the BBC one would be left with the impression that killing children had never happened in [the West Bank] before. But it has. And it happens with monotonous regularity. Not, by and large, to Israeli children, but to Palestinians. And not only killing, but imprisonment and torture and day-to-day harassment and brutality. This goes on all the time – and I see little reaction to it from the international media. Unfortunately, that increasingly includes the BBC, which now, like many others, seems to regard Palestinian lives as less valuable, less newsworthy.

Here is another article about the obvious media distortion:

Since the beginning of the offensive, at least 174 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,090 injured, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. A handful of Israelis have been injured but none have died from a Hamas launched rocket. Yet despite the disproportionality of the brutality, the establishment media continues to distort the truth by painting Hamas as the sole aggressor. From FOX‘s ‘Gaza Rockets Aimed at Israel: What Would you Do with Just 15 Seconds?’ to liberal alt-news site VOX‘s ‘The Tragedy Never Ends, Palestinian Rockets Force Israeli Peace Conference to Evacuate’ to even Human Rights Watch, a human rights organization that is supposed to be unbiased in its criticism of atrocities, which leads with ‘Indiscriminate Palestinian Rocket Attacks’.

Over the weekend, Israel launched its first ground incursion. More are sure to follow. The media plays a critical role in shaping public opinion. For those in the states, the propaganda keeps Americans in the dark regarding the atrocities their taxes support. Readers of this blog won’t have the luxury of conditioned ignorance. As Israel continues imposing its murderous brutality on a captive population, I will continue compiling links and expounding on the consequences of US complicity in Israeli war crimes. Sadly, there will be more to come.

  1. Since there is no rational reason for this prolonged attack, I have been searching for anything else going on involving Israel for which this might serve as distraction. Not much luck, and it could be that Israel just needs to clear out some weaponry and keep its inventory fresh. We do need regular wars for that reason – weaponry has shelf life.

    The only thing I’ve come across in the region that might be so important as to need political cover is the establishment of the state of Kurdistan using Western/NATO/Saudi-backed ISIS. Redrawing the map in the Mideast was a Bush II objective, and Bush III is carrying it out. Israel is prepared to recognize the new state.

    • Big Swede

      Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. First comment in the thread blames Bush.

      Dennis Miller quote, “Muslims will want to go to the moon when the Jews set up Israel there”.

      • Just set aside your usual military mindset for one moment and consider, if only for sake of debate, two possibilities: One, that Palestinians are rational people, but militarily weak; and two that power is a corruptive force so that a country like Israel, which has vast weaponry and no restraints when it uses it on Palestinians, does so with impunity … because it can.

        • Big Swede

          Malor quote.

          “Hoo boy. No, I will not sympathize with the Palestinians simply because they’re worse at killing people than they want to be.”

  2. steve kelly

    A unified West Bank/Gaza government could end occupation by eventually forcing global acceptance of basic human rights for Palestinians.

    One problem, however.
    AIPAC gets 88 U.S. senators to throw a monkeywrench into the deal to keep Palestinians separated. Divide and conquer. And what is the U.S. “national interest” in that? Sell more arms at any cost. Of course, we’ll have to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits to “pay for it.” Guns or butter?

    • lizard19

      the terror experienced by Israelis was clearly expressed by those bunker selfies. also, that picture of Israelis cheering as Israeli bombs fell on mostly civilians also indicates how much fear Israel experiences as Hamas commits crimes against humanity—crimes that have yet to result in a fatality (due to rockets, not including the 3 murdered teens).

      • Big Swede

        Yeah, what’s a few rockets whizzing overhead.

        Don’t worry be happy.

        • “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King(s of Israel) is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

  3. Big Swede

    Sums it up.

  4. James Maxie

    “Israel uses weapons to safeguard civilians. Hamas uses civilians to safeguard weapons”. – Israeli military officer.

    • lizard19

      let’s add a little bit more context to that first quoted sentence by a “Israeli military officer”:

      Israel uses advanced weapons systems paid for by US tax dollars to safeguard civilians living on land taken by force.

      • James Maxie

        Everyone stands on land taken by force; including us.

        • lizard19

          so you support taking land by force? does that mean you don’t mind ISIS establishing a caliphate in the ME?

          • James Maxie

            Iraq has always been a fake country owned and operated by varying sects/tribes/etc. for as long as history has been recorded. I’m sure that ISIS is just taking by force land that was taken from them at some point after they had taken it by force from someone else.

            • lizard19

              I know, those heathens will never be able to govern themselves, right James? I’m just glad I live in a real country instead of one of those fake ones arbitrarily drawn up by colonial powers.

              • James Maxie

                They are governing themselves. Perhaps not the way we would like, but they are determining there own future. America is also a fake country carved up arbitrarily. That was my original point.

              • lizard19

                I suggest you check out this article on American/Israeli exceptionalism.

              • James, the only takeaway from what you’ve written here is that there is no such thing as a “real” country. I was always under the impression that ‘countries’ were organized by ruling political systems, be they theocracies, monarchies, chartered or constitutioned. Who knew? Still, the Gaza, currently under bombardment is neither a country nor is it free. It is an interment camp.

                It is not a country. It’s people do not have political voice, or allies or treaties or any way to defend themselves from aggression. People is all they really have, save the Hamas militia. For anyone to claim that Israel is “defending” it’s people with indiscriminate air strikes using the most advanced of weapons against the people it has pushed into a Gulag is nonsense. To further claim that Hamas is ‘defending it’s weapons’ by putting people in the general area of those air strikes (you now, the areas they are forced to live in,) is rather sickening nonsense.

      • Try looking at evidence. It tells a different story than feel-good apparatchik quotes.

      • You need to get out more. But beyond that, what on God’s earth allows you, knowing nothing about these matters, to decide that the Israelis are innocent because even though they bombs neighborhoods and children, they are really chasing bad guys.

        You are so hopelessly morally bankrupt. Morally bankrupt. End of story. Wanna puke.

      • Big Swede

        Here’s some moralistic non-bombing.

        • Good grief. This was most likely done in a studio in the US. Stop and think, wait. Never mind.

          You’re setting new lows for yourself

        • OK. Stop and think : if they announce that bombs are on the way, you assumption is that good guys flee, bad guys stay. Fly in the ointment.

          I’ve known this for decades, but the hold that the Israelis/good guys Palestinians/bad guys meme has on the American public is a product of American TV. Americans are no more stupid than anyone on the planet, but live in a low-information environment, and the narrative for that conflict is given by news and reinforced by entertainment, including movies. (They’ve been re-running Arnold’s True Lies, where Palestinians are terrorists, every night on HBO this past week.)

          The object, Swede, to keep you in your state of fear, hatred and ignorance. So far, so good.

        • The video above is trust -based, by the way. You are asked to trust the Israelis that it is real, but more to the point, that the arrows describing what you are seeing is real. They are saying “watch now as we bomb a building. It is going to explode more than once. That means there are weapons inside.”

          Questions : what evidence do we have that the building is what they say it is and where? If they know it is full of weapons, how? Do they have evidence beyond their words? Are we to trust without verification? Do we even know it is a real video and not a simulation, like the supposed bomb going down a chimney during the first attack on Iraq in 1991? Since Gaza is a prison compound, Israelis have free run, and could easily merely surround the building and destroy it, but for the sake of the non-American viewing audience that does not believe their true lies, film what is inside.

          It’s low-quality war propaganda. I could say it’s an image of an American bombing of a dress factory in Libya and you would have nothing, no way, no reason to believe or disbelieve me any more than them.

          Such a sad state of affairs, such low information given to a population that has no background, no critical thinking skills, and no basic guile in dealing with lies and lying liars.

  5. steve kelly

    And for a bit of context, we should not forget the 2007? Israeli blockade, which essentially locks in everyone with no way to rebuild roads, schools, medical facilities and other infrastructure. The blockade makes it nearly impossible to provide adequate food and other basic human necessities.

    I don’t see (“weapons”) Hamas rockets as an effective means to kill Israelis, but more as an expression of resistance by people wanting to be free of foreign occupation and oppression. One would think an American or two might be able to relate to that in some way, rather than accept Orwellian MSM propaganda every single time it’s spoon fed to average sumnabulist critters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • I find it rather gut-wrenching that no good Amurkin has seen fit to challenge the current application of the above quote from the Declaration of Independence. And so very shortly after our day of rockets, BBQ and beer …

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