Israel’s “Pinpoint Operation” to Destroy “Tunnels”

by lizard

IDF soldiers have been unleashed on Gaza, and they are going on a murderous rampage, killing over sixty Palestinians in one neighborhood:

Israeli forces heavily shelled the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shuja’iyeh last night killing 63 Palestinians, including at least 17 children, and causing thousands to seek shelter in United Nations facilities. This latest attack brings the total number of Palestinians killed since Operation Protective Edge began on July 8, 2014 to more than 350. Over 63,173 are now living in UNRWA shelters across Gaza, nearly 10,000 more than the number of Palestinians made refugees after Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09.

That link is to Mondoweiss, a must read blog for following Israeli atrocities and US political servitude, which was on full display as John Kerry did the Sunday propaganda news shows. There was one slight problem: a hot mic caught a candid expression of criticism from Kerry:

Today, John Kerry made the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows following the Israeli massacre in the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shuja’iyeh which killed 63 Palestinians. Although Kerry defended Israel’s actions on air, he was caught with a hot mic off air telling an aide, ‘It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.” Fox host Chris Wallace asks Kerry about the apparent criticism of the Israeli onslaught, but Kerry sticks to the talking points. The difference between what Kerry says on air and off is mind numbing.

During the off air moment Kerry also says he should leave for the region right away and that he thinks “it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

I’m not sure why Kerry thinks he should go to the Middle East. Does he want to get a closer look at the flechette rounds Israel is using?

The Israeli military is using flechette shells, which spray out thousands of tiny and potentially lethal metal darts, in its military operation in Gaza.

Six flechette shells were fired towards the village of Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, on 17 July, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. Nahla Khalil Najjar, 37, suffered injuries to her chest, it said. PCHR provided a picture of flechettes taken by a fieldworker last week.

Or does Kerry want to get a closer look at those tunnels that this whole ground invasion is supposedly targeting? I guess one of those tunnels must have been under Othman Hussein’s Gaza home:

The ongoing Israeli onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza has already hit its cultural life with the demolition of the home of artist Raed Issa by an air strike on Tuesday.

This has been followed by the destruction of the house of poet Othman Hussein and his family in Rafah in southern Gaza. According to family friends in the UK who spoke to The Electronic Intifada, the house, located in Shuka, an agricultural town east of Rafah, was hit by tank shells on Thursday, 17 July. The home was completely destroyed, although Hussein and his relations were able to escape harm.

And I’m sure there were probably tunnels under the el-Wafa hospital:

The Israeli army targeted and destroyed the Gaza strip’s only rehabilitation hospital even though Israeli authorities said they did not believe weapons were inside of the facility. El-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital, which treats long-term injuries and physical disabilities, was heavily shelled Thursday evening causing an emergency evacuation of all staff and patients. El-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital treats long-term injuries and physical disabilities. All of the patients have some degree of paralysis, require around the clock care and many are on oxygen support and feeding tubes.

Clearly this is just another case of Hamas using paralyzed hospital patients as human shields. Also, Israel is warning journalists as well about how Hamas is putting their lives at mortal risk. Here is the actual announcement featuring this excerpt:

As part of Hamas’ strategy of hiding behind the civilian population it has frequently exploited journalists as human shields, deliberately putting them at risk of injury or death.

Israel is not in any way responsible for injury or damage that may occur as a result of field reporting.

Man, that Hamas is wicked. Did you know they even use telegenically dead Palestinians to further their terrorist cause?

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Netanyahu accused Hamas of a cynical disregard for human life.

“These people are the worst terrorists — genocidal terrorists,” he said. “They call for the destruction of Israel and they call for the killing of every Jew, wherever they can find them.”

“They want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can,” the prime minister continued. “They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause. They want the more dead, the better.”

Hamas wants more dead? I’m sure Israel will oblige. After all, this incremental genocide has multiple purposes, and total expulsion from Gaza appears to be one of them:

Israel must attack Gaza even more mercilessly, expel the population and resettle the territory with Jews, the deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, has said.

Moshe Feiglin, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, makes the call in an article for the Israeli news website Arutz Sheva.

Feiglin demands that Israel launch attacks “throughout Gaza with the IDF’s [Israeli army’s] maximum force (and not a tiny fraction of it) with all the conventional means at its disposal.”

Like John Kerry said: “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation“.


  1. Turner

    I know that not all Israelis support these apparently criminal acts. But I haven’t heard anything from these dissenters. I wonder if they’re allowed to protest.

    • lizard19

      the few protests that have occurred have been met with right wing violence:

      Several dozen right-wingers interrupted a leftist demonstration against the Israeli operation in Gaza, beating and threatening several demonstrators on Saturday evening in central Tel Aviv.

      One man was rushed to Ichilov Hospital after he was beaten by the rightists. According to the police, no arrests were made.

      Haifa’s deputy mayor and his son were also beaten during a protest. here’s the link (but you have to be a subscriber to get the full article)

  2. Big Swede

    I like this plan.

    For every rocket one acre of Gaza.

  3. The big picture is, and has been since 1967, how Israel can mask ethnic cleansing as national defense and appear civilized on the world stage. They are lousy at PR!

    I suspect the problem would have (more or less – people fight everywhere all the time) peacefully resolved itself over time had not the US decided that the USS Israel was a vital strategic asset, and armed it to the teeth. It is the arms imbalance between Israel and the Palestinians that allows Israel to behave as it does and with impunity. The US could end this conflict this afternoon with a mere phone call.

    • petetalbot

      Israel is a hell of a lot better at PR than the Palestinians, or the Arab world in general. Arabs (read Muslims) equal terrorists. Israelis (read Jews), well they’re not exactly like us but more so than the Arabs. At least that’s how the Christian, Western World views the situation, IMHO.

      • JC

        Well, Yasser Arafat was a great communicator for the PLO. Remember how he, Peres and Rabin got the ’94 Nobel Peace prize? People and the press listened to Arafat. Actually, Israel and the U.S. resented all the attention Arafat got.

        Mahmoud Abbas, his successor? Not so much. Israel, the U.S. and the west do not want someone in the role of head of Palestinians who can lead and speak artfully and effectively for them. And that is why Abbas remains in power. The more we can agitate among the different factions, the more we can oppress them

  4. steve kelly

    But, sadly, we know in our heart that Empire is unsustainable, and cannot persist without perpetual conflict, land-grab, enclosure, resource exploitation and enslavement of indigeneous people. Constant criminality and constant cover-up sustains the system.

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