Save Yourselves from the Black Bile of 4&20 Blackbird’s Anti-Americanism Before It’s Too Late!!!

by lizard

If readers of this blog want to check out Intelligent Discontent, or Montana Cowgirl, or the Flathead Memo, they can simply click the link on the blog roll. But if you want to do the same from any of the three mentioned sites, you can’t because links to this blog have been purposely removed by the respective site moderators.

James Conner at the Flathead Memo was the latest, and he offers his reasoning with this post:

Well, I’ve had it with 4and20blackbirds. It used to be Missoula’s best blog, and one of Montana’s best. But the people who made it the best are no longer blogging on a regular basis — maybe not even blogging on an irregular basis — and the prime replacement, William Skink, who writes under the nom de plume Lizard, while prolific, and passionate about his beliefs, doesn’t begin to fill their shoes.

For me, the last straw is the set of posts and comments on the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the separatist held Ukrainian areas that abut Russia. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Boeing 777 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile, very little to no reasonable doubt that the launch button was pushed by the separatists, possible with Russian help, and every reason to believe that the shootdown was an accident (but still a war crime).

Lizard and JC disagree, which is their right — and a right that I’ll defend. But their arguments verge on hysteria. They don’t trust the mainstream media, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Guardian. They seem to see a conspiracy behind every sunflower. They hate the United States and its government with a black bile that corrodes their judgment.

Black bile? Sounds like a medical condition. I wonder if there is some kind of treatment available to allow my hatred of America and distrust of mainstream media to transform into the noble bloom of patriotism I am currently deprived of. Something like this:

Here is how James Conner ends his piece justifying his expulsion:

4and20blackbirds has become an alternate reality blog, a realm of conspiracy theories and rants by angry leftists driven by hatred of their nation and soured on humanity. Once an oasis of fact and reason, it’s now a well poisoned by fury and anti-Americanism. I can no longer in good conscience keep it on Flathead Memo’s blogroll.

I’m wondering, should I be listening for the sound of a drone overhead? James Conner is essentially calling JC and myself traitors, and we know what the Obama regime does to traitors. If they are whistleblower traitors, it’s prison. If they are American-born Muslim clerics preaching anti-Americanism, then it’s a drone strike. And if you’re a teenage child of an American-born Muslim cleric preaching anti-Americanism, that’s also punishable by death without due process.

It’s really unfortunate that otherwise smart, perceptive people can’t accept the reality of what is happening in this country. The slide toward fascism is paved by “good” Americans who label our sociopath leaders as patriots and critics like myself as America-hating traitors.

So take us off your blog roll, James. Hopefully that protects your conscience from the poisonous black bile we spew.

  1. Turner

    I find myself often at odds with 4 & 20’s main writers. I think they depend too heavily on “alternative” sources, which are not necessarily reliable, and are too quick to dismiss any and all government or mainstream media accounts.

    Still, these writers are worth listening to. Often they’re right. Or, if not entirely right, they’re at least offering a different and often well-argued way of interpreting events.

    We need people who challenge conventional views, especially those views that are in the service of those in power. It’s not un-American to criticize our government or the powerful corporations that virtually run our government. It’s what the mainstream media should be doing but aren’t.

    Their seething anger sometimes makes them rude, but I can tolerate a little rudeness. I think good manners are overrated.

    • lizard19

      thank you, Turner.

    • Skeptical means eyebrows always raised about all news, everywhere, especially the homeland.

      I had a debate with a friend who pretty much said “Gotcha!” when he learned that I read Russian news sources. He said that those sources are not trustworthy! Nice fellow, and very typical of Americans, who only know to be skeptical of outside news sources, and not their own. That’s the definition of thought control.

  2. James Maxie

    A blogger removes a link to this site because he thinks you’ve gone off the deep end. You respond by complaining that the consequence is a possible drone strike. Well-played sir.

    • lizard19

      true or false, James: have American citizens been killed with drone strikes without due process?

      • James Maxie

        OFFS. I can play that game too. True or False…..Have American citizens been killed with drone strikes because Flathead Memo removed them from their blog roll?

        • lizard19

          why was the cleric killed, James?

          • James Maxie

            Sigh. The reason given by the Obama Administration is that he was a senior recruiter for al-Qaeda. If you want to have a debate about whether or not we should engage in that activity that’s a perfectly reasonable discussion to have. I might even agree with you. But to say that you might suffer the same fate for blogging disagreements with the government is absurd. And you know that.

            • lizard19

              a bit of hyperbole, yes. but if the trend of state-sanctioned executions without due process continues, not unthinkable. have a nice day James.

  3. steve kelly

    Birds of a feather……

    …..and you birds are on fire. Firebirds. Keep it coming, the establishment sounds rattled and is reacting publicly in ways few ever have the opportunity to witness first-hand.

  4. steve kelly

    Stern is totally establishment for his particular audience. How do you think “The Nation” got a seat at the talking-heads table on the Sunday morning talk shows? They all know the rules, and where the lines are. No different than Hannity and Limbaugh for their respective target audiences. When they all sing the same hymn with perfect pitch and harmony you know the Emerald City isn’t far off.

  5. Abe Froman

    I love a good blog fight. Its been a while.

  6. Steve W

    James Conner jumps the shark. I lost a lot of respect for the guy today upon reading here at 4&20 about his conspiracy panic and then reading it for myself over at his blog.

    I suggest people follow the link up in Liz’s piece and read it for yourself. It’s sad.

    Then come back here and discuss it since James is too fragile to endure other peoples opinions, which is why he works in a vacuum of zero feed back up in his hermetically sealed blog.

    James offers no evidence for his strongly held views, just the rigid certainty that he is right.

    He trusts his government’s propaganda. It’s his whole basis of defining reality.

    James comes off as a sad and bitter and scared old man clinging to his lifelong nurtured misconceptions, lashing out at anyone who would challenge them.

    So now he’s kicked the kids off his lawn.

    I found his column boring, mundane, and sad. And wrong.

    Except about enjoying Pete’s writing. And xzygirl. i enjoy it too.

    His main accusation against JC is that JC won’t jump on the blame bandwagon before he’s seen some evidence. His main accusation against lizard is that lizard readily and openly accepts the possibility that persons in our government might commit crimes.

    While there is ample evidence that some people in our government are committing crimes on a regular ongoing basis, and the few government crimes we are privey to are never really prosecuted and the perps don’t end up in jail, James sees no evil nor hears any.

    And most laughably, his defense of John Kerry fails to mention that John Kerry expounds the conspiracy theory that Oswald didn’t act alone and he shares that with us in this video.

    James’ conspiracy panic seems a tad selective, if you ask me. And James didn’t ask me or any one. He’s the lone wolf with the one and only reality.

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