Amanda Curtis Should Attack Obama and Daines Over the Trans-Pacific Partnership

by lizard

The Daines campaign will predictably try to tie Amanda Curtis to the Obama regime. Knowing this, I have a wild suggestion for the Curtis campaign: tie Steve Daines to Obama.


Start talking about Obama’s support for the corporate Pandora’s Box known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

For a union gal like Curtis, this should be an easy position to take. The link is an interview with Adam Weissman and lays out quite succinctly the serious global threat of corporate control this partnership poses. Curtis can both distinguish herself from the Obama regime and talk about the damage to American labor past trade agreements like NAFTA have already caused.

I don’t think Steve Daines has taken a position on the TPP yet, but the Curtis campaign should try to get Daines to say if he supports fast-tracking legislation. If he won’t respond to take a position, emphasize the secrecy involved in all the negotiations that have thus far taken place. Tie Daines to Obama that way; say both men want to please their corporate overlords in secret because if people knew what was being planned with this quiet corporate coup, they would be up in arms over it.

This is a critical issue for what remains of our democratic process in this country. Amanda Curtis can take this issue and aggressively separate herself from the corporate neoliberal Democrats that helped spawn NAFTA while associating the corporate empty suit of Steve Daines with the Obama regime.

Just a thought.

  1. steve kelly

    Overarching all trade agreements from NAFTA to the proposed TPP is this: Working people need to stop worrying about growth. Wealth distribution is the issue, not the abundance of wealth. The elites are well aware that concentration of wealth and power is detrimental to economic growth.

    The MSM, Fed, Congress, and President are all working overtime to distract the vast majority from what is actually happening: Rising prices (inflation) in an environment of increased productivity. Concentration makes high prices hurt more the lower it “trickles down” the economic ladder.

    This is how the looting continues. The Fed, State Dept. and Dep. of Commerce are not concerned one little bit about the looting that’s going on, they are the enablers.

  2. Great idea. Good luck! It’s quite an esoteric topic. But if she channels her inner Perot , she’d have a shot. “That sucking sound has turned into a category 5 storm.” Or “that sucking sound is coming from kissing your ass and your job goodbye.” (Channeling your inner Schweitzer is also good.)
    If people had better paying jobs, they’d have more time with their kids.

    • Carla

      It might not be necessary or possible for Amanda to do that now- because she is a candidate running her first big campaign. a candidate, particularly an impromptu one is pretty intense. Everyone wants something from you, and they all want it now. What Amanda has going for her-and what we have going for us is that we have a pretty good idea who she is and we don’t need her to bring it up.

      NAFTA on steroids is simple enough that most people will at least have a feel for it. There is also an Atlantic free trade agreement oozing in through all the noise.

      A lesson from Montana Women Vote -“all our issues are connected” con be really useful if we can learn how to relate them to the people they know.

      A final bit of information here, is that Speaker of the House and senate candidate is a supported of the TPP there is a lovely picture of Him in selling something to the government of Taiwan. I couldn’t find any press on that.

      Look for the connections in the 2013 Legislative session. That includes the ones that are no longer there.

      • The only way a candidate succeeds statewide is through TV advertising, and that takes money, lots of it.

        I don’t think there is enough time to brand her via a sophisticated ad campaign, which takes months of’ planning and production. Those ads are psychological manipulation, and work because they are multi-leveled messages, conscious and sublime. They are expensive to plan and produce.

        She would have to rely on the usual suspects, corporate executives, wealthy individuals, PAC’s and hopefully get some dark cash to run “independent” ad campaigns for her. But that requires selling out.

        Some people have success in politics without expensive TV advertising, like Wellstone in Minnesota, for instance. But she’s got no time. I do hope that if she is a genuine progressive, she is focused forward, and has no illusions about current prospects.

  3. Regarding corporate overlords.

    Corporate America – wicked, greedy Corporate America. Corporations are evil. They should not be allowed to exist. Sound familiar?

    “Corporate America”-bashing has become a popular pastime. Imagine that corporations no longer existed. How would it go?

    OK, time to go to work. Oops, there is no work, maybe just a small business that once sold equipment to a corporation. No corporation, no small company, no job.

    Besides, no corporation, no automobile or gasoline. No problem – let’s eat. Oops. There are no farming corporations to raise and process food and no trucking corporations to deliver to markets.

    There are no markets; they were once run by corporations. What remains are truck farms, with ugly rutabaga, wilted carrots and moldy tomatoes.

    OK, lock the door and let’s go. Oh, wait, there is no lock. There is no lock-manufacturing corporation.

    Well then, tie an old log on the door and turn out the light. Oh, no need to turn out the light; there is no electricity. There is no electric corporation. So, no electricity – no need to purchase that cheap Chinese-made electrical device. Go solar. Oh, no solar panel manufacturing corporation, either.

    What are we to do for food? Plant corn and tomatoes? Oh, here we go again – no corporation to provide water. Hunt? Fish? No – rifles and rods and tackle were manufactured by corporations. Make your own gun?

    That doesn’t matter anyway. There’s no money. Since corporations don’t exist, there is no corporate stockholding. No stocks, no investment, no returns. No investment, no profits, no 401(k), no profit-sharing, no pensions and no retirement plan.

    OK, Social Security will do. Really? One cannot exist on the meager payout from Social Security. Besides, no jobs, no FICA deduction to support those payouts.

    Why are American manufacturing corporations moving to foreign countries? Over-regulation, high taxation and costly unionization.

    Corporations help make this country great and strong, provide income to millions and millions of middle-class families, help keep the economy running and provide financial stability. Without corporations, the USA would be just another Bangladesh.

    D.B. Mitchell

  4. steve kelly

    Senior moment.

  5. Ms. Curtis is going to have trouble attacking anyone.

    Senior moment?

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