Creating the Conditions for Violence Against Journalists

by lizard

I haven’t watched the war porn featuring journalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State, but I did watch the news break on Twitter and spread. My heart breaks for his family. The ghastly circumstances of his death by itself is hard to fathom, but the public/political manner in which Foley’s death is being processed may almost be worse.

Politically, the UK will now be scrambling to contain the virulent ISIS jihadi contagion. There have already been reports of ISIS supporters in London handing out leaflets. Now, there is speculation James Foley’s executioner is a British citizen:

The British government has started the hunt for the executioner of American reporter James Foley. Foley was killed by beheading and the video of the tragic act was publicly issued by ISIL-run media outlet AlFurqan. Today, the White House authenticated the video and confirmed Foley’s murder.

Prime Minister David Cameron cut his vacation short after just a day of rest to address the situation in Iraq following the discovery of the video, and the belief that the man responsible could be a British citizen. Cameron is working with foreign secretary Philip Hammond to investigate. The executioner in the video was identified as British by his distinct South East/Greater London accent.

The tall British executioner was clad in all black and is wearing a facemask, however, sources within Britain are already starting to identify him. He is the allegedly the leader of a group of British ISIL fighters in Syria. He is known, thus far, only as “John.” A former hostage of these fighters identified him to The Guardian as the head guard in Raqqa. One of his former hostages described him as “intelligent, educated and a devout believer in radical Islamic teachings.” He was born in the United Kingdom.

If Americans weren’t so insulated from their government’s complicity in creating the conditions for ISIS to thrive, Obama would be scrambling more than he is right now as his new Iraq war escalates.

He may even eschew golf, were America not so apathetic about how its tax dollars arm jihadis and militarizes police departments.

But the president does indeed continue to play golf as over a dozen journalists have been arrested by Ferguson police. One sociopath cop was even captured on camera shouting I’m going to fucking kill you.

Obama would have to really stretch his stage skills to portray any real concern for journalists. I mean, considering James Risen has, I think accurately, accused Obama of being the ‘greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation‘, why would anyone expect this administration to be responsive to the police state treatment of journalists in Ferguson (not to mention the institutional racism fueling the unrest in the first place).

ISIS claims to be holding and ready to execute another journalist, Steve Sotloff. There is a pretty good chance that is going to happen, because there is no way Obama would risk looking weak, especially considering a recently disclosed special op mission failed to free Foley and other hostages.

More troops will be heading to Iraq. Air strikes are ongoing. Congress doesn’t give a shit about it’s role so Obama is free to escalate his new Iraq war as he sees fit.

And if journalists want to report from the front lines of American-made chaos, they do so at their own risk.

  1. Smells like a setup to me – the journalist is really dead, not that part. That’s agitprop, and they’ve done it before. Back when Abu Ghraib was exposed, they did a snuff film of a behaving for the benefit of American audiences, and the hooded men looked strangely like Westerners. This is a remake of that.

    But ISIS is trained and funded by the US, Turkey, France, the Saudis, and has a large contingent of what they call “Al Qaeda” that was used as agents provocateur to bring down the government in Libya. They failed in their mission to bring down Syria, and were so turned on Iraq to bring about yet another regime change on that besieged country. ISIS is up to its eyeballs in “captured” weaponry. Iraq did have a brief respite from Western attack after booting American troops,in 2011, and this is the pretext for reoccupation, it appears.

    Obama is a stooge, a willing participant in this stage play, but does that even matter? The power berhind ISIS is of Western origin. That is the key to understanding this. These are our boys, these ISIS characters. We could stop them tomorrow, with a phone call.

    • Faked event. Like the moon landing.

      • “Staged” rather than faked, is my guess. I am confused that they are openly admitting that a Brit was involved – could be that it could not be concealed.

        But to be both the cause and solution of a crisis is as old as warfare itself. No war gets underway without the catalyzing event, and when it does not happen naturally, it has to be staged.

  2. steve kelly

    Were Kurds getting uppity? Were journalists going to tell some truth? Big oil field, Big Oil. Nobody gets in their way, nobody.

  3. steve kelly

    Attack them with ISIS, then “protect” them from ISIS. Sounds like a protection racket to me. War is a racket, right? Of course, you’re sitting on our oil, don’t you know.

    • Yeah, and the greenies are sitting on ours. Solution is obvious. Drill here/now, drop the price and laugh while the bastards slit each others throats.

      • JC

        Let’s see… oil production is up 50% since the last low in 2008 (guess them greenies haven’t done a very good job of “sitting on ours”). Gas prices are also up over 100% since they bottomed out in 2008.

        I guess your simple law of supply and demand doesn’t work very well with oil production and gasoline. Must be something else keeping the price of gas up… oh yeah, the petro wars!

        No matter how much gas and oil we drill for and produce, the prices are set by the oiligarchs. Too much production in the U.S.? Demonize Putin, shut off Russia’s oil & gas deliveries to Europe, and replace them with U.S.-produced petro.

        • Iraqi oil does not even flow to US, but rather China, Western Europe. This resource game is about much more than oil. One step up is control of oil, which is, from a geopolitical standpoint, critical leverage. (Wall Street/London axis views all of Europe and China alike as potential enemies. Controlling oil supplies is key, just as Russian gas is key to understanding the Ukraine war.)

          But the much, much bigger game is BRICS, a counterbalance to Western imperialist power, which wants to supplant IMF as a development bank, removing a key lever from the Wall Street/London tool box, the ability to force privatization of assets on weaker countries for exploitation by Western corporations. That is a dangerous game.

          So what we are seeing with these wars of choice is a flailing US empire, and a power vacuum. it is incredibly dangerous. These smaller wars in the Mideast, Central Asia, and now Ukraine, are harbingers of a major war. Russia seems to understand this, as her restrictions on food imports are merely a way to boost domestic food production in preparation for yet another western imperialist war. Putin said recently that Russia would be as big and powerful as the US had it merely sat out the last couple of wars, indicating that Russia intends to sit out the next one. US keeps baiting Russia into Ukraine, no bites.

          • JC

            Ukraine’s parliament, just last week, approved selling off 49% of the state-owned Naftogaz to the highest bidder. Once the west has purchased its minority stake in the pil & gas industry there, the impetus to “protect” it will increase dramatically.

  4. Psychos on steroids.

    “It is true that the Nazis tried to hide their acts. But it’s not so much that the Nazis weren’t psychopaths; they were just playing to a different audience. As I wrote here, ISIS is appealing to would-be jihadis who are thrilled at the prospect of the most barbaric bloodshed. The ordinary citizens of Germany were a lot more easily shocked than that, although the Nazis were aware that they could get away with a lot if they took care to keep it mostly out of sight.

    …Lastly, although on the whole the terrorists of ISIS would probably rather live than die, they are not especially upset at the prospect of unleashing a violent backlash, because they figure it will lead to martyrdom and more martyrdom, and rewards in the world to come. At times the Germans of WWII talked about Gotterdammerung-but unlike ISIS, they were not especially eager for it.”-Ace.

    • Always the Nazis, always. C’mon, Godwin, you gotta bring a better game than that. If you’re looking for psychopaths, merely look around you. The home population is running circles around us while you’re out nazi/jihadist hunting.

      • Name me another race that gassed millions.

        • So it is the manner of killing that determines the evil party? Death by gassing, bad. Death by B52 or atomic bomb, good.

          What about the “race” that starved 500,000 children in Iraq in the 1990’s? That’s a horrid way to die. What about that race? Eh Swede? What about that race? (Anticipate response: Swede will project that evil deed on Saddam Hussein.)

        • JC

          Gassed? Well, we nuked a couple hundred thousand Japanese.

          And Manifest Destiny impelled whites to reduce Native American populations from multi-millions (estimates range from 2-18 million) at the time of first encounter to a quarter million at the end of the 19th century. Weapons of choice? Biological warfare (smallpox and other diseases) and destruction of food sources (bison extermination from 60 million to a handful at the end of the 19th century).

          Keep playing loose and free with the facts Swedie. Your showing your colors.

          • I think that current Americans can rightly claim some distance from the genocide that took place circa 1500 forward. It was a tragedy, but I don’t feel guilt about it as it happened generations before me, my parents and grandparents. My only question ever is how do we make life better for people now alive. Health care, nourishment, and a solid education seem to be wanting not just for native Americans, but all of us.

            It’s interesting to watch Israel/Palestine in this regard, however, as Israel is a seeded colony and seems to be repeating the displacement nightmare, the only thing missing being cholera and typhoid. (Cholera was indeed deliberately visited on Iraqis by the US in the 1990’s.) I hear that lion singing about the circle of life in the background.

  5. steve kelly

    “Yeah, and the greenies are sitting on ours. Solution is obvious. Drill here/now, drop the price and laugh while the bastards slit each others throats.”

    Swede, I thought you knew something about global supply, demand and price. Demand growth is slowing while supply is increasing. Your “solution” will make oil an unprofitable capital investment — not likely in our lifetimes. That, of course, doesn’t account for the impact of market speculation and manipulation.

    Your American political objectives expressed above are irrelevant to producers, market traders, commodity brokers, refiners, and others who want to make a profit. These players “distort” the oil market at every turn to maximize profit, not to sock it to “greenies” or suppliers in the Middle East. They don’t give a crap that you, or I, or American consumers think. Never have, never will.

  6. James Maxie

    If only Bill Clinton didn’t blow up that pill factory in Affhanistan then 9/11 wouldn’t have happened and the Taliban would’ve let girls go to school. It’s such a damn shame what America does.

  7. James Maxie

    “And if journalists want to report from the front lines of American-made chaos, they do so at their own risk.”….

    If she wants to a short skirt…..well….she does that her own risk.

    • lizard19

      if the Obama regime wanted to protect US journalists abroad, then not aggressively going after them at home would be a good place to start. agree or disagree James Maxie?

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