Ukrainian Crisis Deepens

by lizard

If you think Eastern Ukraine has been invaded by Russia the propaganda is working. This post from b @ Moon of Alabama does a great job of getting down to the nitty gritty of it. Read it or don’t. It ain’t the New York Times.

Speaking of the NYT, that’s the rag that featured the spurious “reporting” of Michael Gordon, the propagandist who teamed up with Judith Miller to sell the Iraq war. This article at Counterpunch examines Gordon’s complicity in selling war:

Those in the U.S. who are enthralled by relentless reports of the most demonic acts attributed to President Vladimir Putin and the rebel Eastern Ukrainian federalists a in the NYT (New York Times), NPR, ETC. would do well to look at the track record of the “reporters” dishing out this stuff. What they will find is a trail of deception that is piled with corpses of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

Principle among the purveyors of these bloodletting falsehoods is Michael R. Gordon, chief military correspondent for the NYT, serving over the decades as a trusty pipeline from the Pentagon to you. Although his name should be in profound disrepute, many opposed to war are unaware of his ignoble career or may have forgotten it. Most notoriously he is the co-author with Judith Miller of the front page NYT article planted by Dick Cheney’s minions, which claimed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), relying on the idea that aluminum tubing being purchased by Iraq was to be used for purifying uranium.

If you go to the first link you will discover the “invasion” of Ukraine got walked back as a mistaken translation of Poroshenko. You can also check out Zerohedge for some perspective.

So what is actually happening in Ukraine? According to Michael Whitney, Kiev is getting its ass kicked bad:

Donetsk and Lugansk have formed militias and taken the war to the enemy. They’ve engaged Obama’s proxy-army on the battlefield and pounded it into mincemeat. That’s why Obama deployed his propagandists to lie about the fictitious “Russian invasion”. The administration needs a diversion because the Novorussia forces (aka-the “pro Russia separatists”) are kicking the holy crap out of Obama’s legions. That’s why Washington and Kiev are in full panic-mode, because none of this was supposed to happen. Obama figured the army would put down the insurrection, crush the resistance, and move him one step closer to his goal of establishing NATO bases and missile defense systems on Russia’s western flank.

The insanity of re-starting the cold war with Russia will have all kinds of unintended consequences. Europe, for example, will be negatively impacted by the sanctions the US is pushing. This article wonders if we’re on the precipice of a global recession:

Last week, initial government released data for the 2nd Quarter 2014 showed the Eurozone economy coming to a complete halt. Germany’s economy—which represents a third of the Eurozone’s total GDP—declined by 0.2%, the first such contraction since 2012. So did Italy’s, while France recorded no growth at all for a second consecutive quarter.

The zero growth for the combined 17 Eurozone economies follows a near stagnation 0.2% growth in January-March. The January-June trend therefore strongly suggests a recession is now emerging in the core European economies—the third such in the past five years.

Europe’s first recession occurred in 2008-09 as it collapsed with the rest of the global economy. It then experienced a historically weak 0.5% economic recovery in 2009-10, only to fall back into another second recession in the subsequent 18 months that wiped out the prior meager 0.5% gains. 2013-14 thereafter saw an even weaker recovery of only 0.2%, and for an even shorter period, which is now being reversed once again.

The Eurozone arguably has never really recovered from the recession of 2008-09. The short, shallow recoveries of 0.5% and 0.2%, which have become progressively shorter and weaker, do not represent a true recovery. Europe has simply been ”bouncing along the bottom” economically now for five years—stagnant at best and slipping in and out of recession.

An important new trend in the Eurozone’s now emerging 3rd recession is that the economic contraction is driven by the Eurozone’s key economic engines—Germany, France, and Italy—and not just its weaker economies on its southern and eastern periphery, as was the case in Europe’s second recession of 2010-12.

The world is going off the rails. Where this madness will take us, no one really knows.


  1. I was listening to NPR yesterday and it’s correspondent said matter-of-factly that Russian forces had invaded Ukraine and were trying to establish norton from Eastern Ukraine down to Crimea.

    You’re probably right that this indicates a panic mode, as the lies are usually more subtle. NPR dropped all pretenses of honesty and laid some whoppers on us.

    But don’t count our Empire of Lies out – as with the airliner shot down, they have ways of pulling rabbits out of their hats. There is much suffering ahead for those beleaguered souls who dared diss the US-backed putsch in power in Kiev.

    • JC

      I inadvertently listened to the David Brooks/E.J. Dionne prattle about Ukraine last night on NPR as I was driving. Disgusting. NPR has become no better than the VOA on foreign policy.

      NPR is brainwashing liberals and “progressives” like Fox brainwashes the right. The only problem is, is that it’s the same message. With this kind of propaganda megaphonic disinformation campaign, war is inevitable.

  2. steve kelly

    The fuzzy photos from space used as “evidence” is so much like the WMD/”Yellowcake” fraud, it’s sickening. Space cameras can identify what brand of cigarette someone is smoking. That’s the best they can come up with? Pathetic.

  3. JC

    What did it take to get the world out of the doldrums of the Great Depression? WWII. Does history ever repeat itself…???!!!

    One just needs to read the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014 (RAPA). Basically, all of the propaganda is directed to get this bill passed asap. It is sitting in the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations. Won’t take much to push it out and get Obama to sign it at this point.

    I’ll leave it up to any that really care about our country’s war-mongering to go and read, if nothing else, the Summary. Basically it’s a blueprint for war with Russia. If one is paying attention to the Russian side of things, they’d realize that we have no leverage over Putin anymore on Russian border state issues, as Obama and team have destroyed any credibility they may have had for diplomacy. The spiral of violence will inevitable take our country over the brink, as Putin will not blink.

    NATO can’t easily bring Ukraine into the Alliance, as Crimea is still in dispute. The RAPA dictates that if Russia doesn’t give Crimea back to Ukraine, then the war proceedings will continue to its inevitable conclusion: using Ukraine as a sacrifice zone for a proxy war with Russia. Either Ukraine retrieves Crimea and joins NATO, or here’s the alternative via RAPA:

    “Provides major non-NATO ally status for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova (during the period in which each of such countries meets specified criteria) for purposes of the transfer or possible transfer of defense articles or defense services.

    Directs the President to increase: (1) U.S. Armed Forces interactions with the armed forces of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia; and (2) U.S and NATO security assistance to such states.”

    Basically, we move Ukraine right up into the list of vassal states with the likes of Israel. RAPA is the new Patriot Act. It has far-reaching consequences that everybody needs to understand and work to defeat.

  4. steve kelly

    A few thoughts for Labor Day revelers (and campaign slogan for nobody currently running): “More art, less war.”!/2014/04/www-iii-was-checked-and-mated-and-not.html

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