ISIS is a Tool; Are You a Tool Too?

by lizard

The Obama regime is not serious about attacking and degrading the capacity of ISIS. This may be difficult for Americans to wrap their heads around, but it’s the truth.

ISIS is a tool, and it turns those who buy into the propaganda are tools as well.

Amanda Curtis is a tool when she believes John Walsh regarding the threat ISIS allegedly poses to Americans. Here, again, is the quote:

Curtis says she doesn’t think Obama needs congressional authorization to implement his plan. Some critics wonder why the President is planning military strikes when ISIS hasn’t directly attacked the United States. Curtis says Senator John Walsh – a veteran who led over 700 troops in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 – has convinced her that these radicals present a clear threat:

“…and that some of the folks who are working with ISIS have the ability to enter into the United States and have made repeated threats that they will continue to kill Americans. I really trust Senator Walsh’s judgment on this and I think he knows what he’s talking about.”

The “bare-knuckled” blogger Douglas Ernst is a tool when he slams Obama from the predictable conservative standpoint of not doing enough while simultaneously downplaying the Bush regime’s contribution: creating the conditions for ISIS by destroying Iraq in a war of occupation based on lies.

ISIS is a swiss army knife of terror. They can help balkanize Iraq in line with the Yinon Plan. They can keep Assad busy as the Obama regime continues gunning for regime change. For Turkey, they can check the Kurds. Here is a great post by Moon of Alabama blogger, b, about the US finally reacting to the ISIS attack on Kobane. Here’s an excerpt:

After days of doing nothing while the Islamic State fighters encroached on Kobane the U.S. finally started air strikes against IS positions. Reporters near the locations said that several IS tanks were hit.

I assume that it was becoming too awkward to keep up all the rhetoric about the “evil” of the Islamic State while the world media were standing on a hill in south Turkey looking over the border at Kobane, counting the IS tanks surrounding the city and reporting exactly zero U.S. or Turkish attacks on them.

One wonders how the Turkish president Erdogan will feel about these attacks now. He tried to use the Islamic State advance to blackmail first the Kurds in Kobane and then the United States.

His demands to the Kurdish leader of the YPG forces holding the city in exchange for some help were: 1) Cut ties with Assad 2) Join the Free Syrian Army and fight Assad 3) Accept a Turkish buffer zone in Syria on your grounds 4) Stop any striving for independence 5) Do not threaten Turkey. The Kurds rejected these conditions.

Towards the United States Erdogan demanded that the U.S. should set the priority on destroying the Syrian government if it wants any Turkish help in its fight against the Islamic State. It should also install a no-fly-zone over Syria acting, like in Libya, as the insurgent’s air force and it should support a Turkish buffer zone within Syria.

Especially after the recent spat between Erdogan and Biden I find it unlikely that Obama agreed to Erdogan’s and believe that the air attacks today were ordered against Turkey’s wishes.

ISIS is a tool, another brand of terror to scare Americans into supporting perpetual war while the weapons industry profits and the agendas of countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushed forward.

But you don’t have to be tools, dear readers. The choice is yours!

  1. steve kelly

    Nicely done. Each “tool” is a Judas goat used to round up strays and lead them back to the barn where they’re kept on a diet of horse manure and darkness. Whether it’s a “boutique” propaganda outfit, or one of the global giants like Cato, Heritage, Center for American Progress or Council on Foreign Relations, the message is meticulously designed and delivered for the same purpose: control.

    Kudos to you and JC for opening the curtains to let the light in day in, day out.

    • Just a guy

      I was at first surprised to see that the Cato Institute had made Steve’s list of tools. After all, they have generally tended to favor a non-interventionist foreign policy and defend civil liberties as more valuable than the empty promises of the security state.

      Then I realized that I have never heard them say that 9/11 was an inside job, so of course they’re complicit in All That Is Wrong With The World.

      Unrelated: What is the equivalent of black helicopters for the emoprog set?

  2. Carla Augustad

    The question of ISIS was thrown at her about fifteen minutes after she won the nomination.The way I see view it, defaulting to Walsh’s opinion was a polite and convenient deer in the headlights response. I haven’t seen anything in Amanda Curtis’ past decisions that indicate she would defend that position when push comes to shove.

    The problem appears to be that the marketing of ISIS as our right now problem has been so overwhelming and so effective. Remember, that all be-headings are not treated equally in the press or by our government.

    Tell us about the be-heading near Powell Wyoming, if you can. Meanwhile…

    “… Another sizable fraction of the cartridges matched ammunition that the United States supplied to Iraq’s military and police units for nearly a decade during the occupation after the American-led invasion in 2003.

    The ammunition is the standard cartridge for American M-4 and M-16 rifles, which, along with these classes of rifles, was widely distributed by the United States to Iraqi security forces during the latter years of the occupation.

    The sample also included 147 cartridges bearing the distinctive WOLF stamp used by Sporting Supplies International, an American company that sells Russian-manufactured ammunition under its own brand.

    The company has provided bulk military ammunition to the United States government for distribution to security forces under its training, raising the possibility that an additional 8.5 percent of the ammunition documented in the Islamic State‘s possession was sent into the region by the United States.”

  3. Here’s a bigger collections of “tools”.

  4. Eric

    Yes, we are all tools, as long as there’s foreign oil in our gas tank. I’ve done a lot of thinking about our foreign policy as of late, and I wish we were zero-dependent on foreign energy, so we could take Ron Paul’s stance and let them all kill each other.

    Or, if we’re going to go have to re-take IRAQ, we might as well start practicing colonialism, and make them a US Territory by force. We could get them dependent on food stamps, put a liquor store on every corner, lots of abortion clinics, slap Obamacare on them, give then bread and circuses, and all would be well – LOL

    • JC

      Zero dependence on foreign energy? So you’re ready to initiate some major national programs to improve energy efficiency and diversify sources? Alter our foreign policy into a more isolationist one? Breakup the military-industrial-energy-compex?

      Who’d a thunk it? You go, guy!

      • Eric

        Why not JC ?

        As soon as Al Gore gives up his jet, I’ll be willing to give up my V8 pickup for a V6 !

        • JC

          What does any of this have to do with Gore? He’s a washed up has-been.

          • Eric

            Just that he’s a good example, as the High Priest in the religion of global warming, which has been re-named climate change.

            I saw an article yesterday, that the Antarctic Ice cap is bigger than it’s ever been, and a few die-hard global warming scientists, who want to keep their funding claim the million miles of new ice came from warming – Ha Ha –

            I see zero vital national interest in the middle east, other than we print dollars, and buy oil. I’d rather see a new refinery by every major city in the State that have to go re-fight the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. Call me selfish if you want –

            • Steve W

              Insane is more like it, Eric. You would be the last to know, though.

            • JC

              Here’s easy explainer for you about how increasing sea ice in the Antarctic is explained by climate change.

              Think about it this way: which cup of water would freeze faster in your freezer. 1) a cup of cold water (representing fresh melt water off of the Antarctic ice cap; or 2) a cup of relatively warm salt water (representing ocean water)?

              I know science isn’t your forte Eric, but you might want to check the sources you read for accuracy.

              • Eric

                You think NASA is wrong?


                So, you’re explanation is that it’s warming up, melting the ice, causing the fresh water to re-freeze and push the ice to record size? Are you aware that it takes cold temperatures to freeze ice?

              • JC

                Eric, you do realize that the sea water unfrozen, off the shelf of Antarctica is subfreezing? Like down to -2C (28 degrees F). Thats because sea water contains salt, and salt water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water.

                You do use salt on your sidewalk to melt snow, right?

                So what happens when 33 degree fresh glacier melt water hits 28 degree sea water? It freezes on top, because salt water is heavier and the fresh water runs over the top.

                I guess basic chemistry wasn’t your forte, either.

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