Missoula Ebola Bed Count: One, Maybe Three

by lizard

Rachel Maddow tonight reported on the bed capacity for Ebola treatment in America: nine. Of those nine beds, St. Pats in Missoula has one. Our bed count in Missoula could be increased to three, with more staff, reports Rachel Maddow.

I’m worried. The pressure to shutdown travel will increase, and shut down means accelerating the spread in Africa as people go to non-travel-banned countries to flee while slowing aid workers from going in. Because incredibly brave people are willing to do that and being reactionary now for midterm elections is absolutely reckless.

I’m also obviously worried that our national response puts Missoula at direct risk.

So what’s the plan here?

  1. lizard19

    take note, Bob Brigham, of this reporting by the Missoulian:

    “This is not the first national public health emergency Rocky Mountain Labs has been involved in,” Bloom said. “We started with Rocky Mountain spotted fever more than 100 years ago. We did extensive work on yellow fever in World War II, which had huge implications for global public health. In the 1980s, we were working on what came to be known as the HIV-AIDS virus, before we knew what it was. Also in the ’80s we were instrumental in figuring out mad-cow disease and chronic wasting disease. We have a long tradition of commitment to global, national and international public health.”

    And its researchers have been doing so in a part of the world where in an hour’s drive, Bloom said he could turn up samples of Hantavirus, bubonic plague, anthrax, Q fever and other extremely dangerous diseases from the local landscape. Research into those pathogens drew federal attention to western Montana after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

    “After that, President Bush expanded facilities for basic and applied research on infectious diseases like anthrax and tuberculosis,” Bloom said. “That started in 2002, and Rocky Mountain Labs was selected because of the high concentration of infectious disease specialists working here.”

    To build a Level-4 biohazard research facility, RML had to complete a National Environmental Policy Act review detailing how it would handle safety concerns. One of the outcomes was an NIH-funded contract for a local hospital to set up a Level-4 medical care unit.

    Level 4 is the highest hazard level rating a facility can get. It handles exotic agents that may or may not have cures available, or appear in highly concentrated or modified forms from a research institution. Level 3 spaces can handle infectious diseases spread by air, like influenza, bubonic plague or yellow fever – that have known cures. Level 2 is the safety margin of the standard hospital microbiology lab, where clinicians test for routine diseases like chicken pox or staph infections. Level 1 has protection against things generally not dangerous to healthy people.

    Providence-St. Patrick Hospital won the contract and modified a three-bed wing of its intensive care unit to receive a wide variety of infectious diseases. The rooms have special chambers where staff can put on and take off their protective gear, shower and decontaminate. The hospital also had to commit to maintaining a regular training and drill schedule for the staff involved.

    That has put St. Pat’s on a list of four hospitals nationwide where the U.S. State Department might send an Ebola patient in need of care in the United States. The other three locations are in Atlanta, Georgia, Bethesda Maryland, and Omaha, Nebraska. Montana state health officials have stated they would give advance public notice if an Ebola patient was on the way to Missoula.

  2. If Ebola had originated in Israel Europe and this administration would have shut down the flights upon the deaths of the first 50.

    • lizard19

      you are an idiot.

      • Did we or did we not shut down flights for political reasons just recently?

        • Steve W

          Which right wing propaganda talking point are you trying to illuminate and catapult today, Swede?

          What are you talking about?

          This is a discussion about Missoula/Western MT and ebola. Please keep it focused, dude.

          My microbiologist friend who works at the lab says a group have been studying ebola a long time. The lab already sent a team to Africa to aid primarily in diagnostics.

          • This statement is what I’m concerned with SW.

            “The pressure to shutdown travel will increase, and shut down means accelerating the spread in Africa as people go to non-travel-banned countries to flee”.

            Am I permitted to address falsehoods?

            • Steve W

              Swede,You may or may not be permitted to address falsehoods, including yourself. How would I know your situation? You want to address yourself? Is that like circular verbal masturbation?

              Just translate it first from the unrelated talking points. Two birds with one stone often results in no birds with one stone.

              I see you are anti-freedom and advocating to restrict the movement of people.

              That’s the way you always come down on every issue. You call for the most draconian and unworkable solution possible, and then whine about liberals when it fails.

              You are both stupid and insane if you imagine you can go seal boarders in the bush. Fear makes people stupid and it drives them insane. Pull yourself together, man!

      • And I’m the idiot?

        Your statement that shutting down travel will accelerate the spread of Ebola is false.

        Africa itself is closing it’s borders and confining the outbreak.


        Apology not needed or expected.

        • lizard19

          I’m not going to apologize for expressing the accurate description of you being an idiot.

          so you think African countries can successfully close down their borders? what, with a fence? will they be as good as America is at keeping immigrants from coming across our border (note the sarcasm).

          travel bans, closing borders, that won’t stop people from moving around. what it will do is provide incentive for people to lie and do other desperate things to escape hot spots. so yeah, travel bans and closing borders might appear at first glance to be necessary, but for those who actually try to use their brains to think, the reality is it won’t stop anything, it will just make it more difficult to get the resources to the areas that need it most.

          • Travel ban would have stopped Duncan and all the turmoil that he has created.

            But hey, lets invite them all here. One of the first stops is Mizzo.

            Maybe one of those nurses kids will sneeze in your boys cheerios at daycare.

            • JC

              How would it have stopped Duncan if he had first flown to, say France first and then entered the U.S.? Or given a flight ban out of the affected countries, took a bus or train to a non-affected country and then flew out?

              And with a travel ban, how would U.S. citizens get out of those countries, accept in the same roundabout ways? Or how would it affect outside help — like from the U.S. military — wanting to go there to assist, but not being assured of how they’d legally leave?

              Unfortunately, during the dumb season (lead up to the elections) everybody looks at it through a political lens, including those that want to dump some more on the administration just to help republican candidates.

              There’s more than enough criticism due the administration without having to resort to peddling bad ideas: like the proposed trail “bans” which are unenforceable, have unintended consequences, and which hide real problems in this country which include lack of appropriate protocols, failure to follow good protocols, lack of training, lack of equipment, etc…

            • JC

              Oh, and I hear sheep can carry ebola, too. So you should be careful when you head out to the pasture with your velcro gloves and sheep cuffs to exchange bodily fluids.

          • Craig Moore

            IMHO, for you or anyone to resort to name calling rather than critical thinking is idiotic behavior. I’m surprise that JC, working in the IT arena with compute viruses and such didn’t bring up the “layered defense” approach. BTW, there are many countries that require per-approved visas to travel to their jurisdictions. Passport control tends to be a checkpoint. As to aid workers returning from the “hot zone,” having them in quarantine for 21 days doesn’t seem to be overly burdensome. Ohio already has 7 people in quarantine. http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2014/10/16/health-official-on-ebola-7-quarantined-in-ohio/

  3. Travel bans are inevitable. Either as a last minute “save” to at risk Dem incumbents or the threat of multiple lawsuits and costs incurred by Ebola laden air travelers.

    Privately or by Governmental decree a couple more Duncans combined with chasing down of numerous passenger lists the flights will stop.

    • JC

      Yep, once the travel bans have been instituted, Homeland Security will have a lock grip on travel of citizens. Marshall law will have been fully deployed, and the people will be fully subjugated.

      And here I thought you desired freedom!

      • Actually I’m more worried about this Adm. forcing private carriers to go pick them up.

        • The hits just keep coming.

          “Washington, DC – Judicial Watch has learned that the Obama administration is actively formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. Specifically, the goal of the administration is to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis.

          It is unclear who would bear the high costs of transporting and treating non-citizen Ebola patients. The plans include special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease as dangerous as Ebola.”-Judicial Watch.

  4. By the way JC, Chris Greene brings up homeland security in his rant along with fake beheadings, Africon, and our intents of world wide domination and population cleansing.

    Mark T. basically offline so I’m filling in.

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