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One of the motivating factors that keeps me writing is how poorly the perspective I gravitate toward is represented by the official organs of the corporate state’s message machine. I’ll use the common pejorative to describe that perspective: conspiracy theorist.

My perspective is an amalgamation of a variety of sources. I’ve highlighted the blog Moon of Alabama a number of times because time continues proving bernhard’s perspective is worth taking into consideration. On more than a few occasions b has beat those official organs “reporting” the news. In this post b is extra salty toward the fact, now being reported by AP, that U.S. mercenaries are working with Al-Qaeda.

The following quote is from this piece b posted on September 15th:

There are serious active preparations for a new attack on Damascus. Anti-government forces, including the Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, have been trained and equipped in Jordan and are now moving into their starting position in Quneitra governate in south-west Syria.

The rather empty Quneitra area makes little sense to conquer except to be used as a launching pad for an attack from the south towards Damascus. The distance to the capital is only some 40 miles (60km). While two Syrian army divisions are stationed between Quneitra governate and Damascus coordinated air attacks against them could open and secure a route from Quneitra governate into the capital. Recent truce agreements between the U.S. supported Syrian Revolutionary Front and ISIS in the area south of Damascus may have been concluded with these attack plans in mind.

And here is the excerpt b highlights from the AP article:

Syrian rebels backed by the United States are making their biggest gains yet south of the capital Damascus, capturing a string of towns from government forces and aiming to carve out a swath of territory leading to the doorstep of President Bashar Assad’s seat of power.

The rebel forces are believed to include fighters who graduated from a nearly 2-year-old CIA training program based in Syria’s southern neighbor Jordan.

Notably, in the south, the rebels are working together with fighters from al-Qaida’s Syria branch, whose battle-hardened militants have helped them gain the momentum against government forces. The cooperation points to the difficulty in American efforts to build up “moderate” factions while isolating militants.

As a German, it’s obviously difficult for b to understand how this isn’t a bigger story in America. A blogger can credibly discuss something as seemingly scandalous as a branch of Al-Qaeda working with U.S. mercenaries and ten weeks later it oozes out the AP spigot and gets little traction? Yep. Here is more from b’s post:

The people accused of bringing down the world trade center on 9/11 are openly working with U.S. (proxy) forces. And what does AP make of this? The cooperation points to the difficulty in American efforts to build up “moderate” factions while isolating militants. (b’s emphasis)

Ah – no. This is no difficulty in the effort. It is a huge scandal. The U.S. could simply tell its mercenaries (many of whom I believe are disguised al-Nusra followers) to stop cooperating with al-Nusra. It has all the leverage over these guys than one can possibly have. It provides them with money, weapons and ammunition. Their families are cared for in Jordan and anyone wounded during fighting will be taken to a hospital in Jordan or Israel. If the U.S. did not want these guys to partner with al-Nusra it would not provide for them.

I find it quite astonishing that there is not any critical reporting in the Main Stream Media about this quite direct U.S. cooperation with al-Qaeda. It is nearly certain that this cooperation with al-Qaeda will, in two, five or ten years, come back to bite the U.S. in its ass. It will hurt U.S. people.

But that by now seems to be not a bug but a feature. The “fear business” James Risen talks about is now driving billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars per year into a few private hands. Another 9/11 like event every few years will keep that business going. Letting al-Nusra get experience with U.S. tactics and weapons can only help to further that.

But that’s just another “conspiracy theory” featured on MoA.

The frustration is palpable for good reason. After the terrorist attack on 9/11 al-Qaeda was the embodiment of evil America had to launch preemptive wars of choice to vanquish, wars we are still fighting, wars Obama will be escalating next year. I understand why non-Americans would have a hard time understanding why U.S. collaboration with al-Qaeda isn’t a bigger deal.

The James Risen link in b’s post in reference to the “fear business” goes to an Intercept piece by Glenn Greenwald. On December 15th, 2013, I wrote a post titled Is Glenn Greenwald Cashing In? I went looking for that post after reading Pando Daily’s latest report on how a billionaire’s adversarial journalism start-up now stands in the shadow of that billionaire’s nasty business practices:

For months, Pando has been reporting on signs of trouble at First Look Media, the quarter billion dollar journalism outfit founded by Omidyar in 2013. Then, in October, after months of denials by First Look staffers, all hell finally broke loose at the startup with high profile resignations, layoffs and confirmation of widespread mismanagement and newsroom interference by Omidyar and his lieutenants.

But while everyone was focused on First Look’s October implosion, Omidyar was facing a far more serious threat to his image as technology’s most “civic minded” billionaire. In August, attorneys for classified site Craigslist filed their latest complaint in a years-long legal fight in which Craigslist claims Omidyar and other eBay executives plotted to steal trade secrets in order to launch their own rival classifieds sites.

The ongoing civil suit outlines fourteen separate allegations against the company including accusing eBay, Omidyar and senior eBay executive Josh Silverman of committing fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and a host of other violations.

For those who have appreciated Greenwald’s adversarial journalism, the implications of this start-up blowup may be hard to accept. For me, it’s a vindication of remaining suspicious of any big moneyed media operation.

The state media of other countries doesn’t just illicit suspicion, but outright dismissal from most reasonable Americans. One of the strongest reactions I’ve received centered on questioning the shoot-down of flight MH17. For that I was labeled an anti-American with black bile in my heart.

Hopefully this RT propaganda piece is just made up stuff with no bearing on reality:

The country that owned the shot down MH17 jet, which was carrying a number of Malaysian citizens and was flown by a Malaysian crew, has been excluded from the criminal investigation due to its political neutrality, the nation’s media reported.

Malaysia has been left out of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which has been tasked with learning more about the details of the tragedy which took place over Ukraine in July. This is despite the Dutch prime minister stating the importance of Malaysia’s cooperation during a visit to the country this month. The JIT includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia.

While it may provide short-term comfort to exclude perspectives that challenge the tidy narratives packaged for general consumption by our corporate media, the long-term consequences are dire, as succinctly articulated in Michael Whitney’s latest article titled Defending Dollar Imperialism:

The Obama team managed to persuade our good buddies the Saudis to flood the market with oil, drive down prices, and put the Russian economy into a nosedive. At the same time, the US has intensified its economic sanctions, done everything in its power to sabotage Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline (that would bypass Ukraine and deliver natural gas to Europe via a southern route), and cajole the Ukrainian parliament into auctioning off 49 percent of the leasing rights and underground storage facilities to privately-owned foreign corporations.

How do you like that? So the US has launched a full-blown economic war against Russia that’s been completely omitted in the western media. Are you surprised?

Washington is determined to block further Russo-EU economic integration in order to collapse the Russian economy and put foreign capital in control of regional energy distribution. It’s all about the pivot. The big money guys figure the US has to pivot to Asia to be a player in the next century. All of these unprovoked attacks on Moscow are based on that one lunatic strategy.

Accurately describing the lunacy is easily relegated to the conspiratorial trash-bin. Too bad that won’t stop the blowback.

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