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by lizard

Below is today’s edition of Democracy Now. At 5:27 you can watch Elizabeth Warren utter one of the most forceful statements against a specific entity—Citibank—I have ever seen. Set aside that well-justified cynicism for just a moment so you may enjoy the pure catharsis of Warren delivering this direct hit:

“There’s a lot of talk lately about how the Dodd-Frank Act isn’t perfect, there’s a lot of talk coming from Citigroup about how the Dodd-Frank Act isn’t perfect. So let me say this to anyone who is listening at Citi: I agree with you. Dodd-Frank isn’t perfect. It should have broken you into pieces.”

Watch it below. I’ve found Warren’s tone enhances appreciation of her words.

Contrast Elizabeth Warren with Obama’s language, which you can watch at 6:47 in the clip:

This by definition was a compromise bill. This is what’s produced when we have the divided government that the American people voted for.

Obama sounds a little miffed that his party got roundly trounced last month. So I guess it’s your fault, American (Democrat) voters, that you will once again be responsible for providing public welfare when those Wall Street gambling addicts (who should have been thrown in jail the first go-around with their fraudulent derivative schemes) blow up markets one more time, because they can.

Man, things might get so bad that even conservatives will be forced to acknowledge their ideology appears incoherent when free market consequences can be suspended for big banks.

Things are really simmering beneath the surface right now. For those who don’t choose ignorance, America’s true nature is being exposed on a number of fronts; evidence of injustice is piling up faster than the mechanisms of social control can spin away.

Not even Darth Cheney invoking the terrorist death star of 9/11, on Meet the Press, has any real influence anymore, save fodder for snark and parody on social media.

Is there enough loosening to warrant another shock from the master class? I think it depends on how uppity the peasants get. We shall see.

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