Guilty: Justice Prevails in Diren Dede’s Muder

“Long live justice. Es lebe die Gerechtigkeit”
— Diren’s father Celal


At approximately 1:15pm today, the jury found Markus Kaarma guilty of deliberate homicide in the murder of Diren Dede.

Open thread for discussion. Keep it clean.

  1. The embargo on “garage hopping” has just been lifted.

    • Matt

      The embargo on baiting your garage with a plan to kill someone hasn’t. Turns out, that’s worse than “garage hopping”.

    • JC

      Trespassing and burglary are still illegal, Swede. As is killing an unarmed kid who was not threatening the homeowner.

      Even the guilty murderer professed his sorrow in court today, and apologized to the family of Diren, saying if he had to do it over again, he would not have done what he did. That he did not intend to kill him.

      Of course, this may all just be pre-sentencing posturing. But at least he said it directly to the Dede’s and the court, while he could have just continued to keep his mouth shut.

      • My question would be how do you know, in the dark, that he’s a kid or he’s unarmed?

        As I’ve stated previously Kaarma is guilty of continuing fire. One shot, fatal or wounding, he’d be a free man.

        • JC

          You don’t get to shoot first, ask questions later. That wasn’t what the trial turned on. It turned on the fact Kaarma had premeditated shooting somebody… anybody. It could have been a pizza delivery boy at the wrong address.

          Kaarma is guilty of murder. What you think of his guilt/innocence is irrelevant here. You were not on the jury.

          • Multiple shots confirm the vendetta motive. You are aware there’s home and property armed invasions? There’s also cases where intruders were the first to shoot.

            Trespass onto my property under the cover on darkness and expect to be shot. I’m not asking anyone their age or if they’re armed beforehand.

  2. Eric

    I’ll bet that ‘garage hopping’ isn’t a popular sport in Missoula anymore.

    Justice was done here.

    • Steve W

      I’ll bet baiting your garage so you can shoot a human isn’t a popular sport in Montana anymore, either.

      • JC

        My fear here is that those whackos who believe the castle doctrine justifies vigilante justice will just take notice of what Kaarma’s weaknesses were in the case, and adjust their tactics accordingly.

      • Eric

        As it should not be a sport Steve W.

        Like I’ve said before, if somebody steals something out of my garage, be it a beer, a lawn mower, or whatever, I’m going to secure the garage and call it a day.

        I won’t make and discuss plans to murder whomever I find there.

        I hope Kaarma never walks the streets a free man again.

        • Steve W

          i hope Kaarma uses his time to create something beautiful or compassionate, or inspiring.

          We need to value consciousness. it’s fragile and very special and very rare in the big picture.

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